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A Disciple and Discipline
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A Disciple and Discipline

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Bharath Dhanasekaran | 2 comments Has anyone read this book.."A Disciple and Discipline"
Like to have feedbacks over this work

Narendrāditya Nalwa (902c) | 4 comments Is there a book by that name?

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Bharath Dhanasekaran | 2 comments Yes,
Please see the link below


In 1952, four years after Indian Independence; two youngsters are searching for knowledge. No Major technical and engineering advancement got found in those days.
They get to know about a guru, where they get clarified many of their doubts over life.
The Ashram of the Guru is in a forest and looks like their home for Nethran and team.
They feel an eternal peace while staying in the forest ashram.

An attachment gets created between them and the Guru. Nethran falls in love with one of his friend’s neighborhood lady. Nethran wants to get married to her. The process of life depends on the choices people make in all stages of life.Some of Nethran’s decisions bring trouble to him and his friends.There occurs a battle between the minds of aged people and young people. The thoughts of one person are not the same as the other's. Nethran’s freedom over his choices is getting arrested by the thoughts of some elder people.

There is always a solution to any kind of problem. Nethran tries to solve his problems. The after events are the rest part of the story. The name “Nethran” has a meaning that he has the ability to have a right perception on any concept. A student gets to know about discipline in school level by means of definition. Many people are not disciplined even after getting good education and wealth.After accepting a Guru in his life, what kind of self-discipline he frames for him is also an aspect of this story.

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