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Lucy Speller Lucy Oct 16, 2017 07:10AM
Stephen KingHi,

I'm interested in reading my first Stephen King novel but would like some recommendations on which one to start with?

I don't really want something too scary to begin with as i've not read that many horror books and am a bit apprehensive as to whether ill like them or not, but I don't mind a bit of horror.

So any recommendations would be welcome!

Thank you :)

Maybe go for Misery?! It's not horror in the same way his others are, but it's still scary and a brilliant read.

He has written books that are not horror. hearts in Atlantis is a great book. 11/22/63 is another about trying to prevent JKF's assassination. I haven't read then yet (but I have watched the movies) but Misery and Deloris Clairborne are what I would classify as thrillers. I read The Shining in high school a few years ago. The Green Mile is another great story with no horror. I have copies of Under the Dome and The Stand that I'm going to read soon. I also have Misery and Deloris Clairborne that I want to read too.

You could start with classics like The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. I'd highly recommend 11/22/63, one of my favourite King books. Also check out Duma Key, Lisey's Story and Needful Things.

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LCA Seconding the Duma Key recommendation- and it's a perfect read for summer, so atmospheric. An often overlooked gem IMO ...more
Jul 24, 2018 04:22AM

The Dark Tower would be a good jumping off point-it's closer to fantasy than horror, and is 8 books long! As you may have guessed, I am a huge fan of the series. If, however you're looking for a standalone novel, The Shining, or The Green Mile were also great. You can't really go wrong with King-whichever you choose he's going to treat you right.

Carrie was great! It's not as scary as his other novels (or at least, in my opinion).

If you’re looking to get into Stephen King and don’t want to start on something scary I would reccomend Different Seasons.

This is a novella collection containing Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, The Body (Which became the movie “Stand By Me”, and the Breathing Method.

None of these are horror so these should be fine to start of with.

The Shining is the scariest book I've ever read. It's much scarier than the movie. Yikes!!

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You might want to try The Mist, which is a novella. It's about people who get caught unexpectedly in a grocery store by bad weather. And it is excellent.

The Langoliers is another good novella.

If i were you i'd start with a collection like Skeleton Crew, Roadwork, Needful Things, or Four Past Midnight. Read the summary of each story on the jacket cover than choose which story you'd like to read.
I hope that helps.

Joe Sanders

I'd say "The Shining" would be a good one to start with, though there are certainly some I would never recommend, namely "Cujo" - it was the first King I read, and I thought it terrible. Nothing scary about it, and all takes place in one spot, with not a lot going on.

The Stand, The Shining, and IT are my 3 favorites by King. The Stand is the least "scary" though none of them gave me nightmares or anything like that. The thing about Stephen King is, people classify him as "Horror" but his books are so much more than that. he offers extremely rich and detailed characters that feel very real. I recommend giving him a shot. My first King book was The Stand about 8 months ago and now i have like 12 Stephen King books on my shelf.

Might a swell start with what many consider his masterpiece. the Stand. A great book but very long. If you read that you will end up reading all of his books.

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