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Concert Hall

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury entered the concert hall, holding his guitar case as he began setting it up with the help of Pluto.

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus entered and walked to Mercury.

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Kyoko walked inside and smiled. "This looks really nice. I've never been outside the joint base."

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus said, "I have, but only to this place. Mercury is allowed to roam free all the time since he is pretty famous." Mercury looked at Kyoko with his dark brown, nearly black eyes and smiled, flashing of his clean white fangs in a friendly way "Hey." He said.

((How would Kyoko feel if a random guy began to flirt with Uranus XD))

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((She'd get very jealous))

Kyoko smiled, showing her new fangs. "Hi there."

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus face palmed Lets hope he thinks she's a normal vampire. She thought. Mercury looked at Kyoko and said, "You're a vampire?"

((We should do it XD))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Also do you wanna make one of Uranus' siblings?)

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Kyoko nodded happily. "Yup."

((Who should I make?))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Hmmmmmm you can choose. Look at the welcome thread I listed the characters that need making))

"Cool. There's not really a lot of vampires I met thats not related to me and my siblings." Mercury said. Pluto looked at Kyoko and said, "Hello miss." Uranus smiled "Meet my two brothers, Pluto and Mercury."

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She smiled and reached out to shake Pluto, and Mercury's hands.

Phoenix~They/Them Pluto shook Kyoko's hand. Mercury shook Kyoko's hand.

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((Ima make mars))

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She smiled and giggled.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Ok Ive got an idea for Neptune anyways, now to think of a gender for Neptune XD))

Phoenix~They/Them "Oh hey. Ive got a concert tonight so Im just getting ready." Mercury said, flashing off a fanged grin.

Phoenix~They/Them "I can play any songs but I stick with rock. Oh and my names Mercury, does that ring a bell." He said.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury rolled his eyes and took out his guitar and began to tune it. Uranus yawned and looked at Jeremy "Who are you?" She asked.

Phoenix~They/Them "Uranus, daughter of vampires." She said. "This blonde vampire is Pluto." She added. "Hi mister." Pluto said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Well Im already pretty famous which surprises me that you've never heard of me." He said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Alright." Mercury said. "But we best be done before my concert."

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Phoenix~They/Them Mercury finished tuning his guitar and strummed some chords.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury nodded. "Yeah." He said.

Phoenix~They/Them ((What is a guitar battle BTW))

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury played a bit on his guitar.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury did the same thing matching the beat but making it sound stronger.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury followed behind, this time he began to hum along to the tune as he nodded his head, letting the music control his movements.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury continued to play which ended up in Mercury singing made up lyrics that he thought of when playing.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury finished and smiled.

Phoenix~They/Them "You did well too." He said with a smile.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury smelt the blood and as a reaction his fangs came out. He covered his mouth so he wouldn't get tempted.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah, you should be careful, Im a vampire and drinking blood is our thing." He said.

Phoenix~They/Them "Pffft, movies are just stereotyping us as monsters." Uranus said.

Phoenix~They/Them ((Did you see my new character Venus))

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus stretched a bit.

((Go ahead :D))

Phoenix~They/Them Venus walked into the concert hall quietly, she only came here to watch her brother perform, nothing else.

Phoenix~They/Them Mercury smiled "Glad you could show Venus. Too bad some of our siblings where separated from us....." He paused and silently looked down, remembering something. Venus smiled and nodded and said, "Of course I would come." She noticed his downhearted look and said, "You're thinking about Neptune aren't you?" Mercury nodded.

Phoenix~They/Them "Yeah. There's Mercury, Me, Earth aka Gaia, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto." Venus explain. "Im Venus by the way." she said.

Phoenix~They/Them Venus yawned and looked around.

Phoenix~They/Them Venus said, "Already knew that. And no you weren't boring me, I'm just tired."

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Kyoko held her stomach. "I feel hungry."

Phoenix~They/Them "There are blood bags in the room next door, usually stacked up for me and my siblings, you can have one." Mercury said.

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She nodded and ran to the other room.

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus followed behind to keep an eye on her.

Phoenix~They/Them Venus looked at him and shrugged.

Phoenix~They/Them Venus sighed and stretched, "I don't really listen to music, I'm only here to support Mercury." She said as Gaia ran in, "I am so sorry I was late." she said bowing.

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Kyoko started drinking a blood bag.

Phoenix~They/Them Uranus smiled at Kyoko.

Phoenix~They/Them Venus said, "Why do you ask."

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She grinned and hugged Uranus. "Do you like me?"

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