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A wonderful space that holds numerous types of plants, many growing wild in a maze-like structure. It's a lovely place that few have access to. it's a kingdom of plants with a fountain in the center and benches on the grass path.
There is a large greenhouse attached that the doctors use for herbal remedies and medicines. It holds various plants and has someone maintaining them daily.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko giggled softly at what the lily beside her said, covering her mouth to keep her voice quiet. Though she thought she was responding in her mind, she ended up whispering to the plant aloud. She seemed to do this more when she was in this garden than anywhere else. This garden was her safe haven. The one place so little people visited, the one place where she felt almost as safe as she did in Tsubasa's, or Hana's arms. She frequented the garden, so much so that it became a part of her daily routine. Due to her intense fear of blood, Ila and Tsubasa kept her away from the infirmary as much as possible, often training her in their offices. This meant that she had quite a bit of free time during the day, most of which she spent in this very garden. Most, if not all, of the plants had taken to her and she greatly enjoyed listening to their sarcastic remarks and clever puns.

Emi was so at peace in the garden, as she always was whenever she was in the plants' presence, that she jumped hard upon hearing the door open, her gaze whipping around to see who had come into her space. Seeing Honoka, Saiyaku, and more importantly Hana, walk into the garden both made her blush and smile brightly. "Iyuki-chan!" she squealed, leaping to her feet and running over to the woman. She slowed as she neared, noticing how Honoka leaned on her twin, but she bounced on the balls of her feet, obviously eager to give the woman a hug. "Is Noka-nee alright?" she asked softly, frowning. She brightened once more when she realized that Saiyaku was standing to her right, turning toward the boy with those sparkling eyes of hers. "Sai-nii! Oh, oh, guess what? Lili-san told me a really funny joke just now! Oh, Iyuki-chan, do you wanna hear the joke too?" Her tail wagged frantically, her ears perked as she turned her attention back to Hana.

Honoka had calmed a bit by the time she and her siblings reached the garden. Unfortunately, Emiko's excited voice split through her ears, making her flinch. She offered the barest of smiles toward the girl, as she knew full well that she meant no harm. Taking another deep breath to ease her heart, she softly asked for Hana to guide her to somewhere she could sit. It took a moment to locate such a place, but once Honoka was sitting, she allowed herself to relax. The sun was gentle on her painfully pale skin, just warm enough to keep her not too chilled but not too hot. She sighed softly, tilting her head back so she could feel the sunlight on her face. Then she did something she rarely ever did when not alone or with only Hana—she reached behind her and undid her visor. She held it in place for a moment as she made sure that no one other than her siblings and Emiko were in or near the garden before removing it.

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Hana heard her name when they entered the Gardens her attention previously focused on her sister. She looked over to see Emi running over. She would have greeted the adorable girl with a big hug as she usually did but she had her sister leaning on her. She was very concerned. "Hello, Emiko," she greeted with a small smile and glanced at her sister. "She will," she assured the sweet girl while leading her sister over to the nearest bench, softly instructing herself when she could lower and sit down. Saiyaku followed them up until Emi noticed him. He released Honoka's hand then and looked at Emi with wide eyes. It took him a moment before he smiled and tilted his head curiously and then glanced at his sister. He was curious to know what the joke was.

Iyuki was sitting beside her sister on the bench, still holding her hand before turning to look at Emi. "What is it?" she asked. Hana's tone wasn't ice but it wasn't entirely warm either. It was something akin to for her. She never did sound sweet like her sister did.
Saiyaku noticed what Honoka was doing and tensed. That was one thing he didn't know if he could face. He glanced away and down at the ground, trying to hide the frown on his lips.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko bit her lip in anticipation for Hana's response. While she cared for all of the Kiyomi siblings and was worried about Honoka, she'd gotten used to the woman's sensitivity. Hence why she glanced at the woman several times but kept her mouth shut about her condition. Though only the fact that Hana was Emiko's hardcore crush was why the girl focused mainly, if not only, on the icy woman before her. She followed the twins to the bench, peeking at Honoka but looking away politely when she saw the woman remove her blindfold. Rocking on her small, bare feet, Emi bit her bottom lip anxiously as she waited for Hana to acknowledge her, practically glowing once she got a response. "Okay! So, Lili-san, and all the other plants really like puns. So, Lili-san told me, what's the name of the tree that grows out of your hand?" She gave a dramatic pause, not long enough for Hana to answer, but just so that she could start guessing before Emi finished, "A palm tree!" Her smile was brighter than the sun, those big eyes of hers filled with so much hope. How desperately she wanted to hear Hana laugh! She hadn't seen the woman in a while and had missed her.

Honoka removed her blindfold slowly, revealing the nasty scars over, around, and on her closed eyes. She sighed quietly at the delicious sun that gently warmed her seemingly perpetually chilled skin. It seemed that the last thing she needed to fully relax was to try. Every time she removed her visor, she tried. Though she knee that she would never see again, she couldn't help but...try. Slowly, carefully, she slid open her eyes. They would have been incredibly sensitive if the accident hadn't been so violent—her nerves were damaged too much for her to feel any amount of pain when baring her eyes to the elements. Another small piece of her chipped away as she met with darkness. Her blindness, the lost hope she had for ever seeing again, slowly ate away at her every day. Every time she opened her eyes when she didn't have her visor on, she hoped to see something, anything. And when she was met with the never ending blackness that had become her life...that small light of hope died, chipping away at her again. Those dead, pale blue irises lined with miniscule scars looked impossibly more gray than they had only seconds before.

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Iyuki glanced at the corner of her eyes when she noticed Emi casting a gaze to her. When noticing that her sister was removing her blindfold, she laid a hand on her sister's knee. Hana hated when she did this, she knew that each time she did and opened her eyes, the more she suffered from her unfair situation. She didn't understand why she tortured herself by doing this to herself. It broke Iyuki's heart more than it already hurt from what they endured.
However, not only did she worry about her sister, she glanced over at Saiyaku. He had never seen Honoka's wounds. They'd been bandaged when he saw her in the hospital and when they finally saw him again, she already wore the visor. She was tense, fearful for her little brother if he is to see the wounds he'd accidentally caused. He only recently began getting better from how depressed he had been. She feared that seeing them could cause him to take unfortunate steps back in his progress.

Iyuki then turned her attention back to Emi as she spoke to her, giving her Hana's attention but her hand tightly gripped her sister's leg. It was mainly to tell her that she was still here for her and to keep Iyuki herself from blocking Honoka from Saiyaku. He loved his sister so much and to see how damaged her eyes were could be a sudden shot to his heart.
Unfortunately, due to this negative feelings, she could not fully value the adorable joke Lilli-san had to share. She mused over the question she was given and gave the little girl a warm smile at the punchline. Iyuki ruffled Emi's hair affectionately, "very clever, those plants could be comedians," she complimented, her words not sounding earnest to anyone that didn't know the woman.

Saiyaku was scared, his heart pumping. He glared down at the ground, knowing what Honoka had done. He couldn't force himself to look at her, terrified to see what he'd done. It was cowardice and made him hate himself but he didn't know what would happen if he did. He wanted to go back to his room where he wouldn't hurt anyone. Where he would never hurt anyone again.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko beamed at the ruffle to her hair, her big eyes sparkling with happiness. "I'll go ask for more jokes!" she insisted, nodding eagerly. Before she left though, she turned toward Honoka, her small hand touching the woman's leg so softly that it made Honoka's flinch slight. Emi went up on her toes to whisper something in the woman's ear, quickly dashing away with a playful giggle after doing so. She raced over to her little corner of the garden, grabbing Saiyaku's hand as she ran away so she could bring him with her. "Sai-chan, Sai-chan! Melly-san said she likes when you come out," she informed the boy, referring to a pretty pink wildflower she had come to befriend. "Melly-san said she wishes she could talk to you, too! But I'm not gonna be telling you stuff for her."

Honoka smiled lightly at Hana's familiar touch, resting her own small, pale hand over her twin's. She leaned gently against Hana's arm only to flinch lightly and pull away at the sudden touch to her other, left knee. Before she could ask who was touching her, Emi whispered in her ear, "I think your eyes are very pretty, Noka-nee. And you're suuuper prettier when you smile." A blush heated the woman's pale cheeks, but the girl dashed out of reach just as she was about to respond. She smiled shyly, giggling softly. It was amazing how a few simple compliments made her glow.

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Iyuki nodded, "I look forward to hearing more," she told the little girl, internally gushing over how cute she was. Why were somethings so cute?! If Iyuki could, she would scoop her up and squeeze her for all her cute's worth. Unfortunately, she was too composed to do that and was scared of hurting them.
She watched Emi whisper into her sister's ear and the blush that grew on her cheeks causing the cold woman to smile. Children were precious, the ones that met hardships knew how much kindness meant. They were the only ones Iyuki was lenient on in this place. [Typing that made me realize that Emi and Lyly could get along splendidly- as long as she doesn't become a threat xD [she's very possessive over her brothers but I don't imagine it being an issue xD anywayy]]

Iyuki only spoke once Emi had left, fortunately bringing Saiyaku with her. She has been growing concerned about his mental state but knew that some socializing with her would be good for him. Iyuki murmured softly to Honoka, narrating her actions which were leaning more on her sister, her head against Honoka's. After a moment of this, Hana began describing to her sister exactly what she would be seeing now. Describing the sun in the sky, the plants that were around them, the door and the bench they were sitting on. She didn't leave a single thing out and described them to her so it would be like Honoka was seeing it herself, the picture so vivid. That was at least Iyuki's goal.

Saiyaku was jerked out of his thoughts when Emi took his hand and he found himself stumbling after her. He got out of his shock, the suddenness of it causing his heart to gradually slow. He began to keep pace with her, listening to her and smiled. "I like being out here too. Especially when I get to see Melly and you," he murmured softly. He thought about it. Her ability was beautiful, communicating with plants and being able to make them grow. It would be nice to have an ability that helped someone or something like that. "I have to tell her myself?" he voiced, looking at the younger girl.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka leaned her head against her sister's, keeping her useless eyes open if only because of Emiko's compliment. Her small smile grew as the descriptions of the garden around them slowly pieced together. "It must be beautiful, Nee-sama," she whispered. That smile on her face was now bright and warm despite how cold she looked. Her pale, scarred skin, her pure white hair. All of it made her look as if she remained purely a person of the night. And while there was no denying just how stunning she was in the moonlight, sitting here in the garden, with color bursting around her, she seemed to be a pristine painting. Especially with her twin leaning against her. The two made quite the image, and anyone who passed by the garden entrance/exit noticed it as well. A specific guard even paused to gape at them until his companion nudged him along.

Emiko giggled softly upon hearing Saiyaku's words, unable to help from blushing slightly. "Yup! Melly-san really likes you and wishes she could talk to you, but I told her that I'm not gonna talk for her..." She trailed off as they came to a stop in her corner of the garden. There was still a little ways to go, into the thick bushes at the back and into a secret hollow, but she waited patiently for the plants to move out of her way. "Thank you," she told them softly, brushing their leaves gently as she made her way through the little path that they had made. Once they had made it to her hollow, she helped Saiyaku find a comfortable place to sit. Then she leaned back against the tree root behind her, which was owned by the impressive cherry blossom tree that dominated the garden. "He hasn't been here in a while. You must be happy, Emi-chan," the beautiful beast told her in her mind. Emiko smiled brightly, nodding but not verbally responding, finding that she didn't care whether she confused Saiyaku or not.

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Iyuki was quiet after her sister spoke, taking in the environment in every detail that her eyes could see. It was a visual overload, the sun too bright and she could see the detail on each petal on every flower she glanced at. She was sure to many people that it did look beautiful and it was pretty in appeal but didn't know for sure. Iyuki closed her eyes, moving her hand up to clasp her sister's hand once more instead of her leg. Intertwining their fingers she exhaled softly. "I think it doesn't hold a candle to you," she admitted. She could never get tired of looking at her sister. She'd seen her every day of her life after all. After a bit, Iyuki opened her eyes and straightened up, "what do you want to do?" she asked her.

Saiyaku found himself smiling as well, a small shy smile but adorable on his androgynous face. He softly hummed, understanding why she didn't want to be the messenger in between that sort of conversation. It was unfortunate that he wouldn't be able to properly talk to the kind flower. A rare experience but Sai was never one to complain. He followed her through the moving plants, watching with his big blue eyes that were nearly white. He didn't get to see many different kinds of abilities but Emi's made him think of stories of fairy Queens. He would not be surprised if her parents had been royalty. Following her lead, he murmured a soft, almost inaudible thanks and with her help sat down. He stared up at the cherry blossom tree and felt at peace for the first time since coming out of his cell. He gazed up in fascination, a soft look of silent awe on his expression. He eventually looked at Emi, seeing her nod to a question he could not hear. He pulled his legs up to hug them, resting his chin on his knees. "Can I ask you something?" he asked, his tone revealing his curiosity.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka smiled as bright as she could these days, only making the rare sight better with a soft giggle. She opened her sightless eyes, her smile faltering but luckily not disappearing as darkness greeted her. Blinking awkwardly, she thought on Hana's question, humming lowly to herself. "In a moment, would you mind helping me touch a flower? Are there any trees around? I would love to touch one," she mumbled, her unseeing gaze remaining ahead of her, as she saw no need to look toward the sound of her sister's voice when she would not be able to see her anyway. She hadn't been outside for several months. The sun felt perfectly warm on her chilled skin, on her scarred eyes. It had been years since she had last seen nature, and even more so since she had stopped to appreciate it in it's fullest. How long had it been since she touched a tree's bark? Felt the roughness of it under her work-calloused palms? Noka nuzzled her head against her sister's shoulder gently, hoping that she would be willing to guide her in her request.

"What's he gaping at me for? Do I have something sticking to my bark?" the ancient blossom tree asked. Emiko laughed aloud, reassuring the tree, "No, you don't!" though it didn't much seem like she was trying to help, as she couldn't stop giggling. When Saiyaku's question reached her, the girl's sparkling eyes flicked to him, her ears perking. The boy was very much like a cousin to her, in a strange way. A person who she didn't see often, but still felt familiar with. Someone she still cared for deeply. Seeing him for the first time in so long both made her happy and a bit uncomfortable. It had only been around a year and a half since Tsubasa had adopted her, and she didn't feel particularly close to Honoka or Saiyaku. Even so, she declared in her mind that she would try her best to get closer to the both of them. "Yeah, sure!" Emi smiled brightly to seem more welcoming.

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Hana's expression turned a little sad with her answer. Something so trivial to anyone with sight but something that was significant to someone like her sister, someone who was blind. "Of course," she told her sister, gently rubbed the back of her hand. "Just tell me when Noka," she told her sister softly. She stayed put, patiently waiting till her sister was ready to move. After everything she had gone through, just today, she needed some time to just breath.
When Honoka nuzzled her, giving her the signal that she was ready, she told her sister she was getting up and gently guided her to her feet. Narrating the movement, she led her sister to a nice patch of flowers, telling just how far away the nearest flower was, describing the image. Flower first then the tree, that way they could stay by the tree afterward.

Saiyaku jumped when she suddenly spoke and giggled, looking at her confused. He didn't say anything though, suspecting she had been responding to a plant but was just startled by the noise.
Saiyaku nodded, biting his lip, hesitating for a moment with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks. It was such a silly question. "Can you hear voices from the plants that grow from Ila's body?" he asked. It was something that he was confused about since he wasn't sure how that worked but he wouldn't be surprised if she didn't want to answer. It would be weird if she could hear them, probably.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka stood and with her sister's guidance, made her way over to the flower that Hana had picked out. She knelt down in front of it, with Hana's help of course so she didn't scrape her knees on the planter. It took her a moment to find the flower, as she calmly refused to allow Hana to guide her hand. But once she found the petals, she rubbed them lightly between her fingertips. Surprisingly enough, tears pricked her eyes. She swallowed past the lump welling in her throat, blinking awkwardly as she had before. "Are there more here? I'd like to touch more," she asked her sister softly. It was so rare for her to be outside, so she felt as if she should treasure the occasion and ask more from her sister than usual. Never did she mean to take advantage of Hana's kindness, but in this moment Honoka wished to be a little selfish and indulge herself. Though even that made guilt swirl in her gut.

Emiko froze at Saiyaku's question, tightening her arms around her legs, which were pulled up to her chest, and looking away silently. "Those...plants... They're scary," she replied lowly. "They're definitely different from natural plants. Natural plants sprout from seeds, right? But...Ila-sensei is the seed when it comes to those plants... They...mutter when they haven't taken form yet. It's almost like a cloud around Ila-sensei. With each new plants she grows, another voice adds into the mix of those she's grown before. And even once she picks them from her hair...they...seem to...not be really dead. They still talk, but I mean, even the bodies of the plants... It's really scary..." She seemed uncomfortable talking about it, but not to the point where she would refuse his questions.

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Hana's icy gaze bore down on her sister. Icy but her features were soft and sad while she watched and directed her sister to where she needed to go. Otherwise, she was quiet by her side, there for her but she didn't want to interfere with the experience her sister wished for. Her hand did tighten when she saw a light glint from the sun hitting her glistening eyes. "Yes," she responded after a moment, flicking her gaze around briefly at the flowers they could visit. There was a lot of them here, too many to count. Ila tended this garden often and after spending time with that one prisoner, the garden had been thriving exponentially. "To your right, four shuffles over," she said, correcting her angle and telling her exactly when to stop so she could interact with the tulips.

Saiyaku watched her, his body stiffening when she reacted so horribly to his question. He wished he could take it back and not ask it. He never thought that it would be something like that, it made him wonder if being around Ila was too much for her despite how kind the nurse lady was. The way she described what she heard had him a bit frightened but equally confused and curious. He wanted to know why it was like that but knew it was something that would remain unanswered forever. It was an unsettling feeling, that realization but he was in no position to complain. Life was filled with mysteries and those that you could answer would only open up a new path of never-ending questions.
He wasn't sure how to comfort Emi, not comfortable around people, especially not after what he'd done. He could talk, spark up a conversation with people but there were a lot of people like him here. People who were troubled and had certain things that he couldn't talk about around and he never knew what could be said and what couldn't be.
"I'm sorry for asking," he said gently, desperately thinking of something to divert the topic...
"Do you read books about plants?"

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka followed Hana's directions slowly, flinching upon feeling a flower petal hit her hand unexpectedly. She giggled softly, rubbing the petal gently between her thumb and forefinger. "Nee-sama, what color are they..?" she asked softly. To be quite honest, she has found that, despite still dreaming in color, she has forgotten what a lot of colors look like. Bright colors in particular are lost to her. She would forget the words for specific colors and thus was unable to associate them with a color. Even so, she wanted to hear the colors of the things around her. It was fun to leave things to her imagination based off of what little she could remember. This was not something she would ever tell her sister though. She had learned by now to deal with her confusion silently, if only to keep Hana and Saiyaku from feeling even guiltier for her condition.

Emiko forced a smile, but it remained small. "I-it's fine," she muttered. "Emi-chan, are you really okay? We all know how much those plants scare you, sweetie," the cherry blossom said kindly, a flower to her right nodding slightly. Her smile grew as she thanked them in her mind, reassuring them that she was alright. With a flinch, her attention was again drawn to Saiyaku when the boy spoke, her sparkling eyes finding his. "Books...? Hmm... Nah. I don't really like plant books. I think it's better to learn about plants from talking to them. It's a bit rude to assume stuff about them when it's from a book. 'Cause, y'know, scientists and all those guys had to do really bad stuff to plants to get all that information. There's nothing wrong with learning from those books, like Rene-chan does. It's just...when you have an ability like mine, it's better to talk to the plants themselves instead of relying on a book. Some plants even get angry, so..."

(I just assumed that Rene and her would be "friends" because...plants lolol)

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((Rene doesn't befriend people easily, hence why I said it. Plus, he has been isolating himself from ppl. That, and he isn't allowed around plants or the infirmary (so unlikely they would have met yet)))

Hana silently watched her sister, content to simply just watch her while she examined the petals. Her expression iced over and she glanced at the flower she was touching. "A soft lilac colour, at the tips and darker in the centre, the rest of the petals are white," she described softly, brows furrowed a bit. "So, a light purple colour," she clarified softly, "there is a patch a meter away are yellows and reds," she added.

Saiyaku could see that it wasn't really fine and felt bad for bringing it up. He'd stay away from that topic from now on. It made him wonder how she was around Ila then if that was the case. It would be rough and unfortunate since Ila seemed to be a very nice lady. Saiyaku nodded, knowing books weren't for everyone. Books had taught him everything he knew since that was how he had been educated and still continued to educate himself.
"I see, it would be really nice to be able to learn everything from the things themselves," he mused and glanced around some more. "A pacifist route..." he drifted off, brows furrowing before he looked down at his feet. Her gift was so nice and peaceful. His killed without mercy. Why was he born with such an ability? He didn't want to hurt people. "How are your studies with brother coming?"

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka paused a bit, her entire body stilling in an eerie way what would seem odd to anyone other than her older brother and twin sister. "Nee-sama... Am I boring you, Nee-sama? Would you rather not be with me? We can do something else, if you would like?" she suggested softly. While her voice seemed calm enough to an outsider, her sister could tell well enough that she was worried about boring her sister. Her anxiety was clear in her voice to someone who knew her. As was the slight tremble in her long, slender fingers.

(Her brother??? Since when did she have a brother? And also, sorry about the Rene thing)

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Hana's hand tightened in Honoka's at the sound of her worried spitfire of questions. "Noka," she said, her voice sharp but clear to get her attention and stop her from this negative train of thoughts. She rested her head against Honoka's once again, making a soft sound to make her away from the distance closing so the touch wouldn't be all of a sudden. "I could never be bored of you," she told her sister, "if I did not wish to remain by your side, I wouldn't be," she stated firmly. They had stuck to each other's sides since birth. Now that Honoka needed her more than ever before, Hana would never abandon her. She then moved to press a kiss to her temple, "we can remain here or go where you want, I do not care," she told her gently. "As long as you are by my side."

((Tsubasa, not her brother, but in the context of his brother. No worries ^^))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka flinched softly at the touch of Hana's head to her own, though it was toned down thanks to her sister's gentle warning. "A..are you being truthful, Nee-sama? I...I don't doubt you, I'm just...scared. What if you suddenly get bored of me, or irritated with me, Nee-sama? What if you get tired of having to help me with daily tasks because of my b-blindness? Will you leave me? Will you walk away, if I annoy you? I cannot help fearful... I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she rambled, her opened, beautiful pale blue eyes shimmering with tears once she had reached the end of her spill.

Emiko pursed her lips upon hearing Saiyaku mention his older brother, and her guardian. "Tsubasa-nii still won't let me do too much... I mean... Ila-san was training me mostly, but she's busy with a prisoner right now... I think that's his name... Yeah, something happened with him and he's a special case or whatever, so Ila-san is busy with him. He even came over to Ila-san's office a few times, and Tsubasa-nii was real happy, 'cause he thinks that the boy's not so scared of him anymore.. But I can't go in the infirmary during the day. Tsubasa-nii doesn't like me in there, in general, 'cause my whole thing with b-blood, but yeah." She came to a pause, playing with her hair once she neared the uncomfortable topic of her fear of blood. Instead, she decided to change the subject. "What about you, Sai-nii? You got moved, right? Or you're getting moved...?"

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"Why would I lie to you?" Hana asked her sister, "do you doubt me?" She knew the question was unfair to the point of cruel but questioning her earnesty was similarly as hurtful. She wanted her twin to know that she can trust her with anything and everything no matter the time or situation. However, it was also Iyuki's fault for making her sister doubt her so much. She should have made her feelings and thoughts very clear to her. She could not rely on reading Hana from her expressions or body language anymore. "Everyone gets bored Noka," Hana said, "everyone feels irritation. I will feel those things from time to time, there is no controlling that," she stated truthfully, "But those times will be few and short. You will learn to live with your blindness, just like others have. You will become independent eventually but even at that point, I won't leave your side until you tell me to," Iyuki told her sister with a small smile. She turned to kiss her cheek. "I'll scold you for annoying me," she stated with a small chuckle, "then you'll know why I was annoyed so it likely won't happen again."

Saiyaku listened and nodded a bit, "I see," he murmured. It was unfortunate but it was nice to see that Ila was helping someone. From what he's heard and seen from the nurse, she really wanted to help everyone as much as she could.
He shuddered at the mention of blood and focused on looking at some of the plants around them to get his mind off the imagery.
He looked back at her when she changed the topic to discuss his move. He nodded, "a little while ago," he told her in a soft voice, brows furrowed for a moment. "Out of solitary," he didn't agree with the choice, the bunker he'd been in would have kept everyone here safe in case his power went off. However, he'd cried the first day he was put in the cell he currently was in. It was so much nicer and he could see people. He didn't feel as caged and closed off from the world. It was the worst feeling in the world. He gave her a smile then, "it's a very nice room... but it's a bit messy right now..." his smile turned a little sheepish as he blushed.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments "N-no! I could n-never...!" Honoka gasped after Hana's accusatory question. She blushed deeply in shame, bowing her head slightly while being careful not to make it seem as if she were pulling away from her sister. The tears in her eyes grew larger, and were present in her throat when she choked out a soft laugh. "I... I understand. I'm sorry, Nee-sama... I...guess I was just... I don't know... With Nii-sama, he never grew close to Saicchi as we did, and after what happened, he seems to have lost most, if not all, of his trust in him. I am just scared that...that Nii-sama, will lose your trust in me... I don't know. I'm sorry, Nee-sama. I don't doubt you."

Emiko could tell that Saiyaku had grown uncomfortable. "Um... Should we go back to Noka-nee and Iyuki-chan...? You don't get lots of time out, right? So we can go hang out with them! S'there anywhere you wanna go, Sai-nii?" she asked with a bright smile. She giggled at something a plant nearby said to her, then responding in her mind as to not disturb Saiyaku. Another whispered softly to her. "Oh... Is Noka-nee okay....? Sai-nii, they say that we should either stay here or go and check on Noka-nee."

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"Your words aren't very convincing sister," Iyuki told her simply and moved her head a bit, adjusting it after Honoka moved her own. She moved her arm to wrap around her sister. "We cannot help how he feels about it. If he is not willing to forgive and forget than that is his issue. I won't let his influence taint Saiyaku's growth," she stated simply. It was rather merciless but if those two being around each other was detrimental than she would rather they didn't meet at all.
"What could you possibly do that would break my trust?" Hana asked her sister. Her tone wasn't soft, ice as it usually was but hidden in their depths was confusion. She didn't know what her sister was getting at nor did she really see how her sister didn't doubt if her if she had these thoughts. It made her sad, not that she would ever admit it. She loved her sister too much to give her the knowledge of that heartache. She's been through too much already.

Saiyaku paused, looking at Emiko as he thought about her suggestion. For a moment, he almost said no. If he went back... what if something happened and this time he killed them?
However, he knew he couldn't live with that constantly biting his butt. "Yeah," he agreed, nodding and gave her a small smile. "I wanted to come here... it's nice here," he murmured. He liked being outside, in nature. He hated being cooped up but was terrified whenever he wasn't locked up far away from people.
Saiyaku looked a bit confused and then immediately concerned. "I don't know, we should probably check on her," he said. He loved his sisters and hearing Emiko say something like that had Sai jumpy and extremely worried.

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((edited >~<))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka shook her head almost frantically. "I'm sorry, Nee-sama. P-please...forget what I said... Please," she begged softly. She was trembling harder than she had in a while, though her breathing luckily kept a somewhat normal pace. The hand resting on her thigh played with the hem of her onyx dress, the paleness of her skin contrasting beautifully with the rich color. She shakily wiped away her prickling tears with the fingertips of her free hand, sniffling softly. "I...I think... I want to leave, Nee-sama... Or... Would you please take me back to the bench?"

Emiko nodded, standing carefully. She could smell Saiyaku's fear on the air around him. With a gentle hand, she patted the top of the boy's head. She smiled that warm, innocent smile of hers. "Don't worry, Sai-nii. Noka-nee is probably fine, 'kay? We'll go over there's and then we'll go see Tsubasa-nii, 'kay? Yeah? I'm suuuper sure he wants to see you," she comforted, giggling softly. She thanked the flower for telling her about Honoka and then asked her friends to part the way for them. Slowly but surely, the branches parted and opened up the pathway back into the garden. "Let's go, Sai-nii." She stretched her hand out for him to grab, her eyes sparkling.

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Hana's grip on her sister tightened, "calm down Noka," she instructed her sister sternly but also gently. She meant no harm in her words but knew she tended to say things too bluntly and that combined with her icy tone did not create a good mix. "What you said is important but... I will do what you ask... just don't forget what I have told you and be assured that I will be by your side until you tell me otherwise," she stated but clearly put an end to that conversation.
She pulled back to gently assist Honoka in wiping her tears, murmuring her actions before she took them so she was aware of what was occurring.
"That's fine, we should wait on the bench for Sai first though," she said. Informing her sister before doing every action, Iyuki stood up, helping her sister to do the same before leading her back to the bench and down onto it once more.

Saiyaku tensed for a moment, just barely stopping himself from jumping out of his skin. He then looked at her while blushing. He nodded, "thank you," he murmured, appreciating the small girl but almost flinched at the mention of his brother. He loved his brother but he could tell that Tsubasa had mixed feelings about him. It took this long for Sai to release that he always had. It seemed like at least. Now that he had the power to kill millions- it seemed to grow worse.
No matter how much he didn't want to, he doubted Emiko's words about Tsubasa wanting to see him. Sai wouldn't want to see himself if he was in his brother's shoes. Obediently following her, Sai crawled out from the treasure trove after grabbing Emiko's offered hand.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka allowed Hana to wipe away her tears. As she did, she pulled her emotional, depressed self back, hiding it behind that icy, blank mask she always wore. Her stillness, the lack of...anything on her face was sad and scary at the same time. Whatever she had been thinking that had made her say what she had must have weighed heavily on her for a long time. She had always had a sort of fear of annoying her sister, or doing something and losing her trust. Unfortunately, losing her sight only made her depend on Hana more, thus worsening her irrational fear. Her twin's harsh dismissal, the way she turned the subject and asked if Noka doubted her... It made her wish she had never brought the subject up in the first place, though it had been entirely unintentional.
She silently allowed Hana to help her sit, only speaking when she asked the woman to hand her her blindfold.

Emiko smiled down at Saiyaku and then lead him out of her secret hiding place. She knew, at least a little bit, that Saiyaku was scared of going to see Tsubasa. She had seen the man argue with Hana on more than one occasion about his feelings toward Saiyaku. Not to mention that she had gone to peek in on Tsubasa and ask if she could show him something she had excitedly drawn just earlier in the day. She heard Honoka snap at Tsubasa, one of the first times she had. That had been enough to make her sneak back into the garden.
Trying to wipe Noka's shout from her mind, Emi squeezed Saiyaku's hand once they had cleared the bushes. She waited for them to seal the pathway after them before leading Saiyaku over to the twins.

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Hana handed her sister the blindfold and assisted her in putting it on. She didn't mind seeing her sister without it, but psychological effects for Honoka and for Saiyaku would be cruel. It wasn't something she needed to see her siblings go through over and over again. Even once was too many. Once it was tied over Honoka's eyes once more, Hana paused and gently took her sister's hand. "Okay?" she asked. Ever since the accident, Iyuki couldn't ignore the disconnection that seemed to have developed between her and her twin. It was something frightening and made Iyuki wonder if it was Honoka pulling away from her. She'd been clinging to her, desperately so at this point. She didn't want Honoka to run away from her but it felt like every chance she got, she did. All Hana could do is protect her sister, her family, that's all she had ever done. She can't do anything else.

Saiyaku looked at their joined hands when she squeezed it before he smiled, feeling calmer than he had before. It didn't mean he wasn't a ball of anxiety and fear but she'd comforted him enough to push forward. Once they arrived at the bench they'd left the twins at. His large eyes took them in, worried and released Emiko's hand to rush over. "Are you okay?" he asked. He could just tell something was wrong, with the both of them but his hands landed on Honoka's hands before he could even think about what he was doing. He looked at them, looking desperate for an explanation and felt his heart was in his throat.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Honoka nodded silently in response to her sister's question, remaining quiet. It wasn't uncharacteristic for her to not verbally respond to something, but it was strange for her not to say something when speaking to Hana. The sound of footfalls from the opposite end of the garden made her perk slightly, her free hand tightening into a defensive fist. She was not scared of Saiyaku in the least, did not even associate the earthquake and her blindness with him, but the sudden rush of feet over to her flooded her with an overpowering wave of anxiety. At this point, she couldn't help it. The response to Saiyaku's hands landing on Noka's out of nowhere was a harsh, full-body flinch. It took her a moment to calm her heart and respond, though she tried to do so quickly as she could hear his concern. She opened her mouth to respond, but all that came out was a soft sigh. Pressing her lips hard together, she turned her free hand over to hold Saiyaku's, smiling a faint, forced smile in his general direction.

Emiko ran toward the twins as Saiyaku did, but instead of going to Honoka, she found herself in front of Hana. "I-Iyuki-nee...?" she pressed gently, her fluffy little ears going back on her head. Her tail whipped around anxiously, but she pressed those tiny hands of hers to the woman's knees. "Iyuki-nee, what happened...? You look so sad... Is it something I...s-shouldn't know about...? Tsubasa-nii doesn't want me to know things about Noka-nee, and Sai-nii and Iyuki-nee... this one'na those things?" she whispered. She looked so crushed by the idea. She was so focused on Hana that she didn't notice Honoka's recoil when she pointed out how sad Hana looked. She didn't notice the pained set to the woman's lips, or how her hands began trembling softly. She was too concerned about Hana.

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Iyuki immediately noticed her quietness but she didn't address it. She'd done enough today to back her sister into a corner, she couldn't do anymore. She glanced over to see Saiyaku running over to them, Emiko right behind. She impassively watched her adorable little brother look so concerned. It made her want to squish him into a hug. However, she contained herself, mainly due to the rough emotions that seem to only grow as the day continued. Everyone had their bad days, today was just theirs'.
It took her a moment too long to acknowledge the fact Saiyaku was coming too close too fast and before she could warn Saiyaku, his hands were already on Honoka-without any warning. She cringed, feeling Honoka's reaction from that contact. It was still hard for Hana to adjust to the fact her sister couldn't see, it must be harder for him when he sees her so rarely.
Iyuki turned her attention away from them to Emiko who stood in front of her. She gave the cute little girl as kind of a smile the ice woman could give. She stroked Emi's hair, resting her hand just below her ear. "I'm fine," she assured her, "it's one of those things," she agreed and patted her head, "but you needn't worry. "
Hana felt ashamed for allowing the little girl to see such a weakness, not when she's gone through so much. She should have a good childhood from here on and not worry about other's problems. "Did you have fun with Sai?"

Saiyaku froze when she flinched, eyes widened in realization and his skin went pale. His limbs trembled as he registered what he'd done, knowing it was something he shouldn't have and overthought it to an extreme. He couldn't read his sister's mind so even if he knew that it could be because she was blind and it had surprised her... scared her. All his thoughts were on the fact that she had been scared of him- influenced by what he'd done.
Sai felt cold, chilled to the bone and took a step back, about to pull completely away from her when Hana's hand laid over his. He blinked, trying to rid his eyes of the water starting to form that only worsened with her forced smile. Biting a quivering lip, Sai pulled his hands away, moving an arm's length away from the bench, his arms wrapped around himself. He took a good moment to compose himself though it did nothing for his racing heart. "Sorry," he murmured and knew better to ask if everything was okay again... it clearly wasn't and he doubted that his presence was helping any. He should just return to his cell.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko's intelligent eyes showed that she would not give up on the topic, at least in her mind, despite Hana's dismissal. Luckily though, her ears perked at the woman's touch, her tail wagging slower and then faster all at once, this time in excitement. "Oh, yes! We talked about the weird plants that grow on Ila-san! And Sakura-san made me laugh because she was asking if there was something in her bark 'cause Sai-nii kept staring at her," she informed, giggling again at the memory. "But I wish you and Noka-nee could've come over..." She pouted a bit, until she got an idea. Eyes sparkling up at the woman, her ears back in a beg, she whimpered, "Can I sit on your lap, Iyuki-nee?"

Honoka's smile vanished the second Saiyaku pulled away. She could guess where he now stood, judging by the steps he took away from the bench, but it didn't change the fact that he was now gone from her 'sight'. "S-Saicchi... I'm alright. Please don't pull away from me," she whispered. There was a hurt undertone in her words, but also one of desperation. He hadn't known that he would scare her. He wasn't around her enough to get used to how jumpy she had become, to add to how she already had been before losing her vision. Noka reached her now-empty hand toward where she could only assume her brother stood. She was slightly off, but upon hearing a particularly loud breath from the boy, she managed to correct herself. This time, her smile was warm and real, however small. "Please, Saicchi...?"

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Iyuki nodded and pulled her hand back to give her the attention she desired. Listening to her description of her time with Sai and her plant friends. "It's been a while since Sai's seen such nice trees," she confirmed, humouring the child with a slight smile. "Maybe another time," she told her but honestly doubted it would happen. They weren't as small as they were. Iyuki sat back and raised a brow at Emiko's suggestion but nodded. There was no reason to deny her something so simple. She motioned her closer before she lifted her up and gently placed her on her lap, making sure her sword didn't hit or poke her. She then placed her arm around her, "that good?"

Saiyaku shook when she spoke, tensing for a moment at first. It took a moment for him to process what she'd said and felt horrible, even more than he previously had. No matter how bad he felt, he didn't move closer, only clutched his arm tightly. He'd scared her, she reacted so terrified that he didn't want to go closer no matter how hurt she sounded. What if he did do something, what if he lost control just like his brother was scared of? He could kill her this time...
However, with her hand reaching for him, a warm smile and her words, he found himself moving forward, clasping her hand with his and closing off the space to give her a hug, burying his face against her. He was silent, his hand clasped with her's while his other grasped her shirt. Despite how quiet he was, his tiny body shook. "I'm sorry," he whispered, the sound muffled and spoken in a devastatingly sad tone.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko eyes widened, her ears perking and tail wagging frantically at Hana's easy acceptance of her request. She giggled happily as she was lifted up, blushing brightly only once she was properly in the woman's lap. She was seated with her back to Honoka, her head near Hana's heart. "Yay!" she squealed, wrapping her arms around the woman's neck carefully, despite being excited. She pulled back enough for Hana to properly see her. There was a huge smile on her face, her closed eyes and colored cheeks saying enough. She was beyond happy being in Hana's lap.

Honoka continued to smile hopefully. She was careful not to flinch when Saiyaku's hand touched hers, though she was surprised to say the least when he hugged her. "You have no reason to apologize, but I'll accept it anyway," she replied softly. She pulled her hand from Hana's grasp, running her fingers gently through her brother's hair after lightly tapping her way up to his head. "Saicchi... Please don't feel bad. It was an accident. You meant no harm, love." She trailed her fingertips down to his forehead slowly, then pressing her lips to his skin. "I love you, Saicchi. You don't scare me at all. I was just lost in thought and you surprised me, alright?"

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Iyuki couldn't help but hug the little girl back. She is damned if anyone discovered her inability to say no to someone with a cute face. It didn't help that Emiko was not only a cute girl but she also had animal characteristics that only enhanced them. She just wanted to squish the little girl but contained herself enough to remain composed. She then glanced over at Honoka and Saiyaku, glad to see that they were okay. Sure, Sai was a mess but they were hugging which was progress. She knew it was ignorant to think they could ever go back to the way they once been but to get close to was her ambition. Sai may be a danger, but as long as his emotions were controlled, there was no concern for it. However, the more he feared his ability, the more unstable it would be. It was one of the reasons why Hana hadn't hesitated in snapping at her brother. His caution towards Sai only caused his fear for it to grow.
"We should head back inside," she said, knowing it wasn't something that anyone wanted to hear at this exact moment, but it was the truth. It was getting slightly chilly.

Saiyaku nuzzled his head against her, murmuring a thank you that was devastating in itself. He exhaled shakily, forcing himself to become composed. He didn't want to worry her anymore and knew he had to keep his emotions in check. Extremes weren't good- that was clear enough.
He pulled his head back to look up at her, releasing his hold on her shirt to gently touch her bandage. The touch was featherlight, almost nonexistent but he was too afraid to apply any pressure. He didn't believe her, he knew that she had increased hearing just as Iyuki had enhanced sight. However, he didn't say anything because he loved his sister and didn't want to doubt her. "I love you, too..." he answered softly, smiling a bit and lowered his own hand before she moved.
He then glanced at Iyuki when she spoke, his hand tightening briefly in Honoka's but he nodded. "Back to the cell?"

Hana paused at his question and looked at Honoka, where did they want to go after here?

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((Apologies for the interuption, for shit is about to go down XD))

The air was still, the clouds in the sky were spaced far apart and barely moving. As a sound pierced the moment of silence. The sound of... a helicopter?... As a voice quickly chimed in from above the pair. Sitting on one of the high walls looking out towards the source of the sound. The source not being visible to anyone but the person sitting up there. "You bunch might want to get to the edge of the garden quickly. Zere is something coming in fast. It appears to be on fire." The voice says as the 3rd Officer of the warden sat on the wall. Swinging his legs as he moved a radio to his mouth. "All Wardens officers and applicable head guards, A prisoner transport chopper is smoking, and on a direct course towards the gardens in Neutral territory." He spoke as he jumped down from the wall. His odd uniform and stature making him look more like a school boy than an officer.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Okay, I'm sorry, but did you two discuss this in PM or something? I'm all for sudden danger, but things finally got properly peaceful, and I'm actually a bit irritated. You're the head mod of this group, but that doesn't really give you the right to barge into someone else's role play without at least a warning.)

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((It can be retconed if it is an issue. Not exactly good an interjecting stuff, / I am rushing a bit due to my sparadic nature on Good reads. I apologize, I jumped the gun. I can delete the post and start it somewhere else if it is too intrusive.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Well, I wanna wait for Maska's feedback too, but it's just irritating when someone decides to just jump in. If Maska's cool with it, then I'll consider, because our charries were gonna leave anyway.)

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((Idk about this location for this sort of incident to occur. I'm sure there are better places. I would be willing to change location and have the twins possibly participate but I don't want Saiyaku involved at all since enduring this type of situation will set him off and he'll likely 'destroy' the island. If that is to happen, I'd want it to have epic consequences and complete chaos to erupt throughout the prison. ))

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((I was originally going to have it crash on a beach. Guess that might turn out better than the gardens. We can just say that the helicopter flew over the gardens and headed for the beach of building thirteen?.))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Okay, so I'm just gonna continue on from where we left off, Maska?)

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((That would work. The beach. Do you want the twins to be involved Crazy? Up to you, if not, I still have a free guard [two technically] that can go assist with the helicopter situation.
Either way, yup continue from where we left off ^^))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Yeah, I don't want them getting involved. I mean, we could have them drop Saiyaku and Emiko off at, like, the infirmary or something for the time being, and go and help, but... Well, they are guards for block 13, so if would make sense for them to... I think they could drop the kids off with Tsubasa and then leave, though I'd have to ask Sakura-chan if it's alright, 'cause her charrie is currently having a serious conversation with Tsubasa.)

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((Up to you. I don't mind either way, plus give the twins an opportunity to show how bad ass they are... for a short while anyway. If not, they can spice it up somewhere else?? We could even pause to see if Sakurasou is up for Shin meeting the fam [once the more serious part of the convo passes??] Options O.O
The prisoner coming in is 'extreme level' usually handled by Warden Officers so them not being there won't be shocking))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Hmmmm... Well, I kinda want the twins to bring the two to Tsubasa, and Sakura-chan's charrie can meet the fam.... But also, I want them to kinda...drop Saicchi off with Tsubasa. Both so I can rp how Tsubasa interacts with Emi-chan, and so we can rp how he interacts with Saicchi. I have drama planned for Harumu, Ila, Keito, and Rene in the near future, so I don't really want the twins getting involved in anything bit rn, tbh)

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((Well, if Sakurasou is up for it then I think we should. It will be good to see how Tsubasa interacts with our two babies.
oooooohhh nice. That's quite alright. ^^ Too much drama would be overwhelming))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (Yup yup yup!!! I asked her in my latest post, so we'll get a response soon. If she's cool with it, then I'll tell you and respond here.)

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((I've been reading it ^^ She said it's cool. So when you two are ready there it should be game ^^ whoop))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments Emiko pouted a bit when Hana said that they would have to leave. She wanted to stay in the garden with the woman, stay in her lap and snuggle with her. Tsubasa allowed her to cuddle up against him when the nightmares returned every other day, but he had his own nightmares that her touch wouldn't keep away. And that was only when he spent the night in his room. He either stayed up all night in the infirmary, working on paperwork, or he was in someone else's bed, using them as a different means of distraction. Not that Emiko knew about that part. She often spent her nights looking around the prison through the eyes of the plants. Once, she had even gone so far as to go into the plants of the ocean surrounding the island. It was both amazing and terrifying, so she hadn't done it a second time.
"Oh! I told Sai-nii that maybe we could go see Tsubasa-nii," Emi remembered, smiling brightly up at Hana. "Iyuki-nee, is that okay? Noka-nee? I gots'ta ask him about a new lesson with Ila-san anyway, but I don't wanna go alone. And Sai-nii hasn't seen Tsubasa-nii in a while, right? So he's gotta miss him, right? Or...or is it one of those things I shouldn't know...?" Her fluffy ears drooped, her arms loosening in worry. She hadn't meant to intrude on their private 'things', but she felt as if she might have.

Honoka's brows narrowed under her visor. Saiyaku's thanks was so heartbreaking that it sent a shock of pain through her chest. She wanted to hold the boy closer when he pulled away but was frightened of hurting him, being that she wouldn't be able to see if he was in pain or not. But then his gentle fingers were on her blindfold. She froze for only a second in surprise. Then a warm smile split across her face. She leaned lightly into his touch, sighing softly. It had been quite a while since someone had touched her face when she was wearing the visor. Hana did it the most, but the last time she had was months ago. It felt...nice. Warm. Loving. It was just what she needed in the moment. Her shoulders lowered a bit in disappointment when he pulled away.
"If Saicchi is alright with it. Saicchi... Do you want to see Nii-sama?" Noka asked gently. She voiced nothing of her own concern for seeing him. What if he said something in front of Saiyaku? What if the boy saw her shout at Tsubasa? She was nervous to say the least, but she would understand either option Saiyaku chose, and was willing to go through witheither, simply because he didn't get to see them often.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) | 1121 comments (In just a few more posts, I think)

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Saiyaku was surprised when she moved into his touch more but after that moment his lips curled into a bright smile. It had been too long since he'd expressed such an earnest and happy smile. However, moments like that were easily broken. That one has mainly torn apart at Emi's reminder of visiting their brother. He tensed, his arms wrapping around himself as he kept himself composed. He was scared to visit Tsubasa but it didn't mean he didn't want to see him. He was still his brother and he did love him.

Just like Honoka, Hana shared her concerns about bringing Saiyaku to the infirmary to visit their brother. Especially after what he'd been saying today and what they'd said in return. Iyuki sighed, stroking Emiko's head in reassurance, telling her that she'd said nothing wrong before glancing at Sai. "Do you want to?" she asked her tone as icy as ever but the underlying tone of concern would be obvious to her sister's ears.

Saiyaku didn't answer right away but eventually, he nodded, glancing briefly at everyone and gave them a small smile. "We should go see him, besides, Emiko needs to go visit him anyway. Getting two things done at once," he said, trying to sound bright but knew his fear and hesitation was clear. However, that didn't mean he wasn't a little bit eager to see him again. It had been a while and he did miss him. His feelings about the matter were very confusing and contradictory. He just hoped that his presence there wouldn't cause any conflict between them. He didn't want to see them fighting because of him.

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