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The Solitary Apocalypse by Jeff Haws Jeff Haws
Contact Info

Title: The Solitary Apocalypse
Author: Jeff Haws
Genre: Dystopian
Formats Available: Mobi
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 20


Along with the rest of a North Georgia town that survived a deadly worldwide plague, Michael's forced to wear a steel ring around his waist wherever he goes. He's seen cohabitation banned. Marriages dissolved. Families torn apart.

But he's a good soldier, supporting the leader's draconian policies -- until he learns an explosive secret about her that threatens to destroy the delicate balance they've achieved between safety and order.

Now, Michael must enlist help to confront the awful truth about the town of Alessandra, and the fate of what may be the last human colony on Earth.

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Formats available: Mobi

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kindle mobi

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sent in your request Tony

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sent in your request Fanna

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