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This thread is for characters who appeared in the previous roleplay.
Place of Origin:
*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style:
*Theme Song:
In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
Asterisk (*) = Optional

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Dimitry Popov.

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appearance: From a distance many people mistake his age and sometimes overestimate it by a decade or more. On closer inspection it is evident that he has lived a very hard life: His skin is deeply tanned and beaten into leather by the sun and wind, all across his face are scars from countless fights.

His eyes are dark brown and have the hardness of a man who kills with out regard. While not tall (Some would consider him short.) or heavily built he is entirely lean muscle, and surprisingly strong. His upper body and arms are covered in tattoos from his time in the military. He keeps his head shaven, but has a small beard.

His clothing is simple and purely functional. A armored vest crossed with two bandoleers under a thick leather trench coat filled with pockets. Heavy cloth pants held up by his belt, from which the holster of his pistol and sheath of his knife hang. He is rarely seen without his enormous sniper rifle slung over his back. In many situations he wears a heavy gas mask, with a variety of gadgets attached.

Place of Origin: The Caravans.

Personality: Distrustful, sarcastic, paranoid and irritable with sociopathic tendencies, an alarming lack of empathy or remorse for past crimes and remarkably good at reading people and their emotions. It is not surprising that he has few friends. The few he has are quite close, and he would do anything for them, he has demonstrated that tendency before.

Origin: Hunter's Scythe. Scythe class flanking ship ship.

Background: As a young boy he lost his father who worked in the engine room of the sandship they lived in. In an effort to fill the gap left he threw himself into becoming a soldier. Even while he was too young to join the military he exercised, practiced shooting with a small air rifle, and did small tasks for the soldiers assigned to the ship. The troops thought he was something of a nuisance, but let him tag along while they preformed their duties on the ship.

Once he was old enough he signed on and climbed the ranks of the special forces, in spite of his caustic personality.
Eventually he got in over his head, and ended up fleeing to Falcon's Reach.

For a time in Fairhaven he worked as a mercenary, leading well paying clients through the wastes, mostly for hunting, but on occasion scientific research missions. During this time he met with Alice, Lucas and the other members of the survey team and was dragged along for the ride.

Weapon of choice / Fighting style: Considered to be one of the best snipers alive, and trained in an especially brutal style of knife fighting, he is a dangerous enemy no matter the distance. He also fights extremely dirty.

Theme song: Midge Ure's cover of "The man who sold the world"
Or "First to Fight" by Civil War.

In Character:

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Directly at the center of that shitshow. Killed the witch myself." *taps his chest* "Put the knife right here, don't care what you are, nine inches of steel in your chest tends to make you see the error in your ways. Course it helps when a dark god is giving you all sorts of power, but I like to keep that behind me."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

"Kill 'em all. Don't have anything against the Wastes, just the critters. What would you expect? My people lived in terror of those things for centuries. I didn't lose any sleep when I shot waste beasts, why should I now?"

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

"I like money, I am also a mercenary. In times of chaos people need mercenaries. I think you can do the math."

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Tabaraamon.

Age: Over Seven hundred years.


As a spirit he can take nearly any form he wants, but he normally appears as a eight foot tall man clad in leather armor with a hooded cloak. Every part of him is pitch black except for his large, shark like teeth, and glowing red eyes that look like rips in fabric. In well lit areas he seems to drain the light from about two feet away, and colors seem more muted. Shadows bend towards him, and candles flicker and die.

Personality: He is quiet, and unless spoken to directly will ignore almost anyone who approaches him. Because of his great age is he very wise, and knows an enormous amount of information. He is patient, difficult to insult, and incredibly loyal to his master. Completely remorseless, yet does not enjoy killing for killings sake. He hates the kingdom of Falcon's Reach.

Background/Profession: Born during the time of exile his life was unpleasant to say the least. He, like everyone without some other skill was a warrior and was one of the best, and by the time of the third assault on the Citadel he was a general, the assault, like all before was a disaster and the army was massacred. As he lay dying the god Mazark spoke to him, offering life and a chance for revenge, little did he know that agreeing turned him into a Shadowed One. During the first war of the Wastes he attempted to help, but was chased off by one of the hero's from Falcon's Reach. When the red year came he fought against the forces of the kingdom's, killing hoards of enemies. For several centuries he waited, when the second war began he joined the group, during this time Mazark spoke to him again and he slowly began turning Dimitry Popov into the man he is today. Now that the war is over he is Dimitry's follower, almost acting as a magic users "Familar."

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: He can summon a bone white two handed sword with a gesture, the blade appearing in his hand. He is terrifyingly effective with the weapon, combining super natural speed, agility and strength, with nearly a millennium of practice.

Other: He can dissolve and reform somewhere else almost instantaneously, as long as there are shadows where he is, and at his destination.

Theme song: None

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"I was around. Sometimes."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"Would like to live in a world without that perversion of nature."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"People in Falcon's Reach dying? Good."

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Name: Boraci

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: In his original Swamp Bat form, he is an astounding 8' even. Imagine a massive green human with the wings, face, and ears of a bat. In human form, he is 6'7'', wears his brown hair long, is unshaven, and sulks about in a large cloak and boots. Carries thin knives and a rifle.

Personality: Perceptive, dry sense of humor, a "lone wolf" that picks his friends carefully. Unresolved childhood trauma issues that make it hard for him to connect with others.

Place of Origin: The Swamps and Caves of the Wastes

Background: He is the only cross-over child not taken from his parents. (Mom was swamp bat, Dad was human. Unashamed pronouncement of bestiality.) After the Second War of the Wastes, he followed Poppy Yu and Danny to Braile, where he was introduced to a researcher named Ms. Minerva Den. His quest in life now is to find out what happened to his father - a transgeneticist.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Uses sonic screech and sharp talons. Has a lucrative venom. While as a human, he likes developing and using biochemical weapons and multiple knives gripped between each hand. If all else fails, or the enemy is a good distance away, the rifle is used.

*Theme Song: Of Monsters and Men: Mountain Sound or Mumford and Sons: The Cave

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Right in the thick of it, exactly where I placed myself."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"Some of us suck. Some of us are just trying to live day by day, like the humans. I'm personally biased on behalf of the Swamp Bats. No stronger community structure is found in the Wastes."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"People don't know when to leave good enough alone. But the leadership of this land affects me, so I'll probably have to help somewhere."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Name: Poppy Yu

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Fair skin, brown eyes, and black hair. If not for her bob haircut and the cutting, calculated look in her eyes that said she knew too much, she would look exactly like her sister, despite being four years older.

Personality: Poppy has two distinct sides. When meeting others, she maintains a polite, professional air, something her aristocratic lineage has taught her to do. With those she’s familiar with, on the other hand, she can be very laid-back, the type of person who would teach someone how to swim by pushing them in the water.

If there’s one thing for certain, she’s a woman who doubts everything and expects the worst. Every second her mind is drowning in thoughts and ideas. She would be open-minded about practically everything, if she just wasn’t so stubborn that the supernatural doesn’t exist.

That doesn’t stop her from scaring people with stories or jokes about it though, her unfortunate assistant almost always being the recipient. In general, she likes to tease people. A terrible gossip, she’s not above exploiting the information she wields to get what she wants. She’s also a hardcore shipper, but claims to be incapable of feeling romantic feelings herself, being an aromantic asexual.

But be warned: she has quite the temper and is the type to hold a grudge. It’s hard to gain her trust or her friendship, and it’s even harder to gain them back once it’s lost. When in a dangerous or stressful situation, such as being in the Wastes or Hydris, she has an attitude to rival Silas’s.

However, under almost no circumstances, would she ever let anything, even her own personal feelings, get in the way of what’s necessary, due to her deeply-ingrained sense of logic and reason. She may gripe about it, she may even regret it, but for her, the greater good is always put before anything and everything else.

Place of Origin: Fairhaven, Falcon’s Reach

Background: Before the last War of the Wastes, Poppy was, and still is, a prominent biochemist. At the age of fifteen, after attending the Great Exposition for the first time—a high-end fair that showcased the latest scientific marvels of Falcon’s Reach—she began to secretly use her family’s old greenhouse as a laboratory and send the results of her research to various institutes under a pseudonym. She had been perfectly willing to take up the family mantle until that singular event sparked a radical change in how she wanted to live her life.

At seventeen, finally fed up with the constraining life being a member of privilege and peerage entailed, she ran away to Braile, revealed her true identity, and worked her way up with the help of a special patron, Anton Lutece. Although there was much stigma upon her arrival, she was eventually accepted for her knack in her field. Her friends were still less than a handful, the best being Daniel Sun, her faithful assistant.

After the Second War was over and done with, she moved from her residence in Braile to the quaint town of Hazleton in Lucan, thinking its calm atmosphere would help her recover from the terrible events she experienced in the Wastes. During that time, she took up further study in physiology and decided to make an actual effort to be friends with the other intellectuals in her community, instead of keeping things strictly business. Her relationship with her parents had not improved, but she was able to mend a few things with her equally-intelligent but demure little sister, Philippa “Pippa” Yu.

Knowing she would be dragged into the fray of the coming rebellion sooner or later, Poppy tackled it head on and chose her side. Three months before the revolution, she disappeared without a trace.

Other: She has a weakness for alcohol, something Pippa, Danny, and even a small part of her vehemently disapproves of. Her ordinarily eloquent speech becomes crass when she’s tipsy, and she’s a slob outside her lab, despite being a neat-freak inside of it. Being cared for by maids for all of one’s childhood can have that effect.

Theme Song: Locked Up - Ingrid Michaelson

In Character:
Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Unfortunately, I was an active participant in stopping it. The king had hired me to join the initial survey team to assess the current state of the Wastes. When the situation was judged to be more serious than previously thought, I had to go back out and fight with the most unorganized, dysfunctional group I've ever had to the pleasure to meet.

What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"Curious. Why are there so many variances in this phenomenon? Why do some creatures seemingly have a conscious and some don't? What drives them to have an aggression against humanity? I study what I can to find out."

What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"A blessing and a curse. If the rebels win, I would not have to worry about inheriting the overbearing responsibilities of my family. But then they would be in danger, wouldn't they?"
((Returning mostly for the AUs.))

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Jessica Stuart

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall and athletic, with long dark hair that reaches past her shoulders. Unlike most Caravaners she does not have major facial scarring, just a small line just below her hair line caused by an over zealous training partner. She leans more on her father's side in appearance, having sharp cheekbones and a round face. Her eyes are disconcertingly bright green.

Personality: Outgoing, polite, and somewhat reserved she seems to have been made to be a politician. Highly patriotic, a shrewd negotiator, and more than willing to use her charm to get her way. She is extremely professional, and has kept Grail-El / Falcon's Reach relations stable, despite the idiocy of the king, and the politically chaotic Grail council.

Place of Origin: The Caravans

Background/Profession: Born on a Grail-El sand ship to a Grail father, and a Hydris born noble women she grew up with her mother, learning the way of the court, proper etiquette, how to dance, the art of eating in an attractive manner and other things along that line. When she was sixteen her mother died, and she decided to find her father, eventually finding the correct caravan. Her court training went out the window, and she was taught how to shoot, fight with knives and short swords, survive in the Wastes, and lead. During this time she met Dimitry, but we all know how that love story ended.
After her father's death she became the overseer and captain of the sand ship, gaining recognition for her actions during the fourth battle for the Citadel.

Now she is the chief ambassador in Falcon's Reach, going to events, hosting dinners with nobles, waiting for something interesting to happen.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She is a non combatant, but is trained in knife fighting and keeps a pump action shotgun leaning against her desk, but has not fired in several years. When she needs someone killed she has people to do it for her.

Opinion of the Rebellion: She does not condone the actions of either faction, since Grail-El is, at this time neutral in this matter, but she would rather the kings rule last so she doesn't have to negotiate again with the new ruling party.

* Theme Song:

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?

"I was on my ship, the rest is classified. Sorry."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

"I think the waste purge was a little over aggressive, but it was necessary. The waste's can't be allowed to recover."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

"Well, I have to keep finding more creative reasons we won't assist in suppressing the rebellion. And of course if the rebels win all my work building influence in Falcon's Reach is going to become worthless. So it doesn't make my job any easier."

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Miki (ace_bunny) | 5 comments Name: Chase Frost

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pale blonde hair, almost white. Greyish-blue eyes, a bit on the lighter side. Fair skinned with a natural soft pink blush adorning his cheeks and the bridge o his nose. Around 5'6". Slim, but athletic (runner's build), and takes after his mother (fair skin and blue eyes), more than his father (The King).

Personality: Mostly easy going, and a bit of a mother hen. Very cheerful and optimistic, with a laugh that's easily given. Tries to see the good in everyone, as to change from his beliefs prior to the Second War of the Wastes. However, he is still cautious and will not hesitate to harm those who have lost his trust or pose a threat to those he cares about.

Place of Origin: Lynne

Background: Born in Lynne, he's one of the King's bastard sons, with his mom being only a lowly handmaid. As such, his mother was kicked out of the court as soon she was discovered to be pregnant with the King's offspring. Chase was born into the slums of Lynne, not completely broke but not exactly well off either. Chase's mother taught him to be kind and care for others, but her death twisted Chase into a colder person, leading to his assassin lifestyle. He would eventually discard the assassin-for-hire lifestyle after the Second War of the Wastes, but still retains his skill set from that time (just with a different attitude). He participated in the second War of the Wastes, as he had a deeper, primal connection with the land and the sorceress, Selene. He ended up falling for the Shade that temporarily resided inside Asbel, eventually choosing to live with him in the Wastes rather than return to Lynne. Chase kept in contact with his father for awhile, but after the Second War of the Wastes he has severed all of his connections to the King (minus Jae-Hyun Frost, his half brother).

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Skilled in many different martial arts forms, and prefers to fight hand-to-hand, using close range weaponry (as it gives him a feel for his opponents during battle, allowing to gauge their skill set and how to defeat them with more accuracy). However, he is quite knowledgable with firearms, and won't hesitate to use them is the situation calls for it.

His preferred weapon at the moment is a retractable staff etched in ancient runes, endued with power and magic from the Wastes. Chase also carries with him a first aid kit, also containing elements, such as herbs, from the Wastes. Both of these were given as a parting gift from his lover Nowaki, the shade.

*Other: Deeply cares for his brother, Jae-Hyun Frost, even though they've been out of touch for the past couple of years. He's trying to regain his trust, as well as make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble amidst the rebellion.

As he met with the group, he is also trying to help them out.

*Theme Song: Howl - Florence and the Machine (just the general vibe of the song)

In Character:

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?

"Fighting, of course. Trying my best to keep myself and the others alive. It was one hell of a ride, but it was an experience that made me a better person. I think?"

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

"...I'm pretty sure my affinity for them might be a bit disturbing for most, but what can I say? It's in my nature."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

"Ah, I hope it comes to a peaceful resolution."

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Ryouki Sato

Age: 28

Gender: Cisgender Male

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Lanky, tall, and lithe with an androgynous face. Long black hair and dark brown eyes. Warm-toned skin. Stands at 6'4" with a metal right arm that is similar to Winter Soldier's as it is formed to be almost exactly like the original just with a lot more metal plating)

Personality: Hardhearted, somewhat lost, and in a state of finding himself. Ryouki in the sequel has still retained his sophistication, but has been left a lot more closed off and really feels vulnerable only around Erik. He is significantly more mature and aloof.

Place of Origin: Braille(Falcon's Reach)

Background/Profession: After the Second War of the Wastes, Ryouki traveled with Erik to settled down and adjust with post-war life and his new limb. Now that he feels unfit to return to his former drag career, he is in a lost state of finding a new profession and trying to find out how his family has held up during his long absence.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Throwing knives, small daggers, and in close range he wields intricately fashioned chakrams

* Other: Flaming homo. Had a former relationship with a Kyuketsuki crimelord named Bastien Fen, now a body thief and a guard to the queen of Rojya under the name of Klaus Grisha. Voice (Ezra Miller)

* Theme Song: Heart's a Mess (Gotye)

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Anya Bodrov

Age: Eternal 18-year-old, around her mid-60s in real time.

Gender: Cis female

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): She's a ghost, so she's pretty transparent. *badum tssss* Slight, slim, and petite figure, wild tangled black hair that often gets into her face, solid white eyes that have dark circles, small lips, stark pale, small bust, blushes easily so there are slight tints of pink to her skin. She tends to wear a long sleeves, ripped white shift dress, but currently dons the uniform of a Rojyan soldier

Personality: She is kind, caring, and never one to judge based on appearance. Unlike most other Grinning Ghosts, she has no desire to harm humans except for in self defense. Anya is, despite her docile aspects of her personality, very strong willed and solid in her convictions. She is also very independent, and has no desire for any sort of partner at this point.

Place of Origin: Progulka, Rojya


Anya was a sickly girl and fell ill to osteosarcoma at 18 years old. She was taken in by a clan of Grinning Ghosts just outside of Rojya and joined them. After discovering the wide collective culture of the Grinning Ghosts, she felt she finally had a new family. An evil clan of Ghosts had ransacked their home and slaughtered near everyone except for her and a former guard of Fairhaven, Jack Havard. Anya and Jack ran and were on their own for several years until Jack abandoned Anya for a segregated males-only clan of Ghosts.

Several years later, lost in the ever growing Wastes, she found a new family in the form of a group of misfits finding their way to destroy the Wastes. Forming a father-daughter relationship with the Body Thief, Klaus Grisha, she soon felt at place among the group and came out of her shell to participate in the Second War of the Wastes. At the end of the war, and upon rescuing Rojya’s queen, she and Klaus were Knighted as her personal guards and friends. Anya deals with any intruders to the throne room as the second to last challenge of the Game.

Opinion on the Rebellion?: Falcon's Reach is under a rebellion too? Oh, Hell is truly upon us...if my friends need it, I will surely help them out!

Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She is very agile and effective with the use of gifts of the Ghosts, and her preferred fighting style is pacifism, that is, she prefers not to fight at all. In the event it is needed, she will prove to be more ruthless than she seems, embodying horrific capabilities such as ear-shattering Howls, utelization of sharp claws, and manipulating her body in horrific ways to scare her competition silly.

Other: Lesbian. Has a close bond with the Second War veterans and the Elite Three, viewing them as her family. Fluent in Rojyan as well as English. Voice (Monica Rial)

Theme Song: Afraid of the Dark - Phildel

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Klaus Grisha (Bastien Fen)

Age: Don't ask. Just...don't.

Gender: Cis male

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Short, somewhat wavey blonde hair that falls just above his eyes, stands at 6’2”, violet coloured eyes that stain red when he needs blood, sharp fanged teeth, lean built, muscular, fair skin with a cool undertone

Personality: Teasing, flirtatious, crude, brutally honest, sarcastic, and immature, but around Genya or anyone of his loyalties, he can be stern, loyal, polite, and even somewhat quiet compared to his normal demeanour.

Place of Origin: ???

Background/Profession: Formerly a vampire crime lord named Bastien Fen, he ended up with the ragtag group of Wastes explorers through his flegling-Roderick. He passed on and became a Body Thief after his death in an explosion, and after temporarily staying in Roderick’s body, he found a new home in a Rojyan soldier, Klaus Grisha. After Roderick was decapitated, Klaus sort of had a “wake up to reality” moment, and along the rest of the way into the Second War, well, he grew up. He developed a fatherlike relationship with a ghost girl, Anya Bodrov, and found to share a connection and desire to protect Genya Andreyevich. At the end of the Second War of the Wastes, he was Knighted as Genya’s personal guard along with Anya.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: The world is truly ending now. Fucking great.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: He uses an extendable axe inherited from Roderick after his death. Klaus is also handy with basic swordplay and excellent with staffs. Berserker style.

*Other: Voice (Troy Baker)

*Theme Song: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand

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Sarah | 31 comments Name: Erick Bailee

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: Erick has a lean build and is small in stature, extremely agile but not particularly strong. He has an almost feline face with a narrow jaw and amber eyes, and his hair is dark brown, straight, and short (a little more so than it was during the second war with the Wastes), with a bold emerald green highlight through the bangs on one side. He tends to come off as very energetic and animated unless he's angry or otherwise upset, which is the only time he keeps still.

Personality: Around strangers or unfamiliar situations, he’s the class clown who shies away from no one, always out to lighten the mood or make someone smile. In secret, he’s an introvert, and although he may be not be the best at planning things out or thinking logically, he has enough common sense to keep him out of trouble (usually). Moving up from the lowest of the low to a favorite of the King himself has given him some interesting insight. He tends to think of things from a very personal viewpoint and isn't terribly interested in the bigger picture - only in how it affects him and the people he cares about. Loyalty is extremely important to him. He would readily prioritize the safety of one close friend over that of a thousand innocent strangers if the situation arose.

Place of Origin: (Lynne) Falcon's Reach

Background/Profession: He grew up in one of the poorer areas of Lynne, and his large family survived through some seriously shady business dealings. When he was fifteen, his family was killed by (to this day) unknown assailants and he was nearly killed. He was saved and taken in by a slightly more “upright” family in Lynne who nursed him back to health, and after finding out that his family’s unsettled debts were threatening to come back to bite him, he moved to Fairhaven. He started his life over from scratch, fully expecting the endeavor to fail horribly.

He met Alice shortly afterward, and when she realized what a skilled fighter he was, she offered to help get him a job working for the crown. He accepted the offer, ended up as one of the King’s bodyguards, tagged along with the group in the second war against the Wastes, and the rest is history.

Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Dual short swords - or whatever happens to be lying around, if the situation calls for it. His strength lies in agility and speed, as he grew up learning the ways of a thief rather than a guardsman. He's reckless in battle and it's his instinct to fight dirty, as much as he tries not to.

Other: Acts like a completely different person when he’s around the King; he puts up a very stoic, professional front. Around Ryouki, he tends to be quieter and makes less of a point to seem upbeat and goofy all the time.

Theme Song: Chesire Kitten (We're All Mad Here) - SJ Tucker

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"I spent most of it in the Wastes, actually. I wasn't part of the survey team, but when they first came back to Hydris and told the King what they'd seen out there, I ended up following Ryouki back into the fray with them. Fun times."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"The Wastes is terrifying. No question there. And - I mean, some of the creatures living there have tried to bite my face off, but some of them are really alright. I've met some nice people from the Wastes."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"I followed my friends into it because I didn't want them to get hurt. That's the closest thing I'll ever have to an opinion on it; I just want it to end before it tears the whole kingdom to shreds."

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