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Fableknot | 82 comments n e w • c h a r a c t e r s

This thread is specifically for characters who were not in the previous roleplay. Have as much characters as you want, as long as you can handle them.
Place of Origin:
*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style:
*Theme Song:
In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
Asterisk (*) = Optional

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Fableknot | 82 comments Name: Silas Reid

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Silas Reid is slim and dark-skinned, with a pair of wide-set, hazel eyes and thick, black eyebrows. On his head sits an unkempt heap of short, peach-colored hair. Under his right eye is a mole. Around his shoulders and abdomen, he has numerous bruises and needle marks. His typical attire consists of a white long-sleeved shirt, trousers, a green checkered vest, and a watch on his left wrist.

Personality: He can be described as a rather grumpy, arrogant, and most especially snarky individual, who can be blunt or rude to acquaintances and strangers alike. He has a hint of a cynical spark and a morbid sense of humor to him, likely gained from his childhood. Often, he doesn’t tend to see light in any situation and can be quite vocal if he particularly dislikes the one he’s in. His needs may borderline on selfish. Because of these attributes, he has acquired more enemies than friends in his life. This matters little to him however, since he doesn’t hold much importance to companionship or what anyone thinks of him.

Place of Origin: Fairhaven, Falcon’s Reach

Background: Throughout his younger years, Silas was a sickly boy that suffered with a myriad of illnesses. As a result, he was confined to his room for the majority of the time, which contributed to his poor relationship with his siblings. His parents perished in a lab accident early on, and were mainly at fault for his condition.

Following in their footsteps, he gained an interest in the study of science, particularly in the fields concerning that with nature and life. After his health improved, he worked to attend the Royal Institute of Falcon’s Reach and Adelaide’s University of Medicine to obtain the degrees of his choosing. While he’s a botanist by trade, he works at a local apothecary below his apartment.

Although he does visit universities, salons, and other similar institutions, he only does when it’s necessary, remaining fairly uninvolved and largely unknown in the community. But because of his experiments on the Ash Flower, which had been carried on from his parents, some members have taken a special interest in him, including those of the exclusive Scientific Society of Braile, although much skepticism lies on its success.

Other: He’s good at bluffing and remembering details, able to pull up obscure facts out of nowhere if he decides to give a damn.

Theme Song: Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack

In Character:
Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"I was a student at Adelaide’s. Like the rest of the student body, I couldn't attend classes due to the increasing threat of the Wastes. When the war ended, I could finally get on with my life."

What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"I'm frightened, of course. How else should I feel about them?"

What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"F#%k your rebellion."
((Isn't he a treat?))

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Name: Alonso Fonte

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Appearance: He has a thin face, tanned to the color of caramel toffy. He has dull green eyes and fluffy brown hair that he wears short and neatly. Average build, although his hands are a bit larger than normal. Height: 6'2"

Personality: He is the apex of curiosity; and once he has found a subject, his obsessive compulsions take over. A very extreme kind of person; either really quiet, or he's in your face.

Place of Origin: Born in Lynne, lives and works in Hydris.

Background: He was born to middle-class parents in Lynne, as an only child. There were several still-borns before him, and his twin died in infancy. He worked hard to go to school, and was working on further research when he became obsessed with The Wastes, and the creatures inside. At around 20, he held a solo expedition and encountered a Swarm of Swamp Bats. They were going to just eat him, but one female stopped the others. They understood each other, and Alonso stayed with this female swamp bat for two years, producing five offspring hybrids. Officials caught wind, however, and massacred his makeshift family/experiment (missing Boraci), and hauled him away to a rehab/reformatory center for ten years. After he got out, he tried to start fresh and married a nice herbologist, Tray Mansfield, and they had twins.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Much more of a pacifist. But if you're threatening one of his possessions, he'll go wild. Crack shot with most types of guns, sedators. Prefers long range, but not bad at street fighting. (Although not very good.)

*Other: He doesn't know that Boraci is alive.

*Theme Song: The Boxer, by Jerry Douglas

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Monitoring its inhabitants from a safe distance away."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"I am completely and wholeheartedly fascinated by the Wastes."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"This nation needs a responsible leader, or the Wastes will surely come back."

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Name: Tray Mansfield

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall and slender, reaching 5'11". Whispy red hair, with freckles all over. Fingertips almost permanently stained green. Wears glasses and overalls the majority of the time.

Personality: Analytical, but introvertly so. Has a good sense of humor.

Place of Origin: Born in Braile, lives in Braile.

Background: Typical Braile brat, brainiac, talented. Her family was a bit put-out when she married Alonso.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Um... poison them?

*Other: Knows nothing about Alonso's troubled past.

*Theme Song: None at this point.

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"I was protecting my family, and making sure everyone got fed."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"There are some interesting plants out there, but the risk is too great."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"I'm too tired for this."

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Names: Agnes and Gideon Fonte

Age: 17

Gender: Female - Male

Appearance: They're fraternal twins. Both rather tall for their gender, although Gideon has bulky muscle, and Agnes has lean muscle. They have reddish-brown hair that is curly, and light brown skin, making them something of an oddity.

Personality: Agnes has a booming voice, and is an extreme introvert. Gideon is more on the contemplative side, and while he enjoys people, his very best friend is his twin sister.

Place of Origin/Background: They were born on an expedition to the Wastes, in a cart. Raised in Braile in the shadow of their eccentric father.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Agnes is big on inventing new battle hammers, while Gideon shies away from confrontations, but is an excellent strategist.

*Other: Both are ending their last mandatory year of school.

*Theme Song: None so far.

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
A: "Wasting away in primary school, missing all the fun!"
G: "Safely out of the way."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
A: "Blasted things are full of trouble, but also a bit of fun. Not that I'd know, but, ya know."
G: "Altogether too scary for its own good."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
G: "Any chance of diplomacy here?"

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Kristen Mernoth.

Age: 22

Gender: Female.

Appearance: The first thing you notice about her is that she is short, at only 5'2 and very thin, so much so that she is sometimes mistaken as a child. Her twin braids do not help, made from dark brown hair that she obsesses over.

Personality: Friendly, out going and calm Kristen doesn't really need to try to make people like her. She is also very curious, having the tendency to spray questions of increasing complexity at some one before they can even respond to the first one. She doesn't understand sarcasm very well, but other than that has a decent sense of humor.
Does not like self important people.

Province of Origin: Fairhaven

Background/Profession: The child of nobility, lived in the finest part of the city, ate only the best foods, dressed in the best clothes, there is a pattern developing if you hadn't noticed. As a child she had always like stories, so she tried her hand at novel writing, it was a disaster. One day when she was reading a book on the History of Falcon's Reach she noticed that the books were written decades or even centuries after the fact. For that reason she began to write a history of Falcon's Reach as history took place. She was disappointed she couldn't go into the wastes and record what happened there.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She carries a short sword and dagger, but the sword is mostly used as a ruler for drawing straight lines, and the dagger is used to cut food. She barely knows how to hold them right.

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?

"I was locked in my father's fortified estate along with the rest of my family, waiting for the world to end."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

"I'm scared of them, but who isn't? I'd really like to know where those things came from. They are clearly not naturally occurring."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

"It has to end. While the king isn't the best, he's better than nothing, and I think that if the rebels win there won't be any but chaos.

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Leif Regnar.

Age: 30

Gender: Male.

Appearance: He's quite large, standing more than a head taller than most people, and noticeably taller than many other Vallakians. Not only extremely tall, but with arms like most people's thighs, and legs like tree trunks. He has bushy blonde hair, a braided beard, and clear blue eyes. He has a several missing teeth, either from fights, or gum disease.

Personality: Despite his "I'll rip yer head off" appearance Leif is good natured and affable, which some people find unpleasant, since a friendly slap on the back can nearly fling people onto their faces. Bright, but not book smart. Hard to anger, but if angered is similar to a cave bear poked with a sharp stick.

Province of Origin: Vallak

Background/Profession: As a child Leif always wanted to see the other side of the sea, the nation of Falcon's Reach, the mysterious northern country surrounded by metal walls, and the ocean of sand, when many other boys played with wooden weapons Leif wandered the country side, a walking stick in one hand and a map he was making, as he got older his great size, abnormal even for one of his ethnicity began to show and he slowly lost his fascination with the outside world, his attention turning to fighting. When he heard of Audun's journey across the sea and the wonders his men had seen, of Kraken, ghosts, living statues, massive metal machines that housed cities worth of people and a woman who could make ice shoot from her palms
He was on the first trade ship to cross the sea, he spent all his money with in a few days on maps, food, and trinkets. Broke and stranded in an unfamiliar land he fell back on his one main skill, fighting.
Now he works as the bodyguard of a noble woman historian.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: A massive war hammer, short bow. He lost his weapons, so he currently has an old wood cutter's axe.

* Other:

* Theme Song: The Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Back home in Vallak, never really knew much until Audun came back and told us about the lands across the ocean."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"I'd love to have a the chance to fight some of them, but I doubt Kristen would really be all excited to go on a hunting trip so I could hit a hellhound with my hammer."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"Not the least bit surprised. But this isn't the way to do it. Challenge the king to a duel and the best one win."

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Matthew Barton "Black Bart" "The outlaw"

Age: 33

Gender: Male.

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): He has a large, well groomed mustache, dark blue eyes and a slightly hooked nose. He is always dressed as a proper Hydris gentleman, complete with black suit jacket over a black vest and white shirt, a top hat, gloves and handkerchief.
His genial appearance is reduced by the hatchet on his left hip, and the double barreled shotgun over his back.

Personality: Very polite, manners that would be more at home for a courtier or member of the nobility. Even when he is holding someone up he is a complete gentleman.

Around those he considers friends, or at least friendly acquaintances he is energetic, outgoing and somewhat of a joker.

Place of Origin: A small farming town in Lucan.

Background/Profession: The son of a baker, he always dreamed of something better. He had been fascinated with the nobility from a young age, and once he had enough money he bought a manual "To courtly behavior."
Then with his father's old hunting rifle held up a stage coach. With the money from that he began to create his persona as the gentleman thief, proper attire, more effective weapons, and a golden pocket watch.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: He doesn't like to fight, most of the time a look down the barrels of his shotgun is enough to persuade people. If it comes to a fight he is a good enough shot to hold his own, and decent with his hatchet.

*Other: Very greedy, does not deal with injury very well.

*Theme Song: Volbeat "Doc Holiday".

In Character:

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"In a bar. No one was on the roads, so there was no reason for me to be out."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"They don't bother me, I don't bother them."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"Not enough people are on the roads, kind of hard to make as much money as I used to. But at least the police force hasn't been quite as irritating."

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Alina Andreyevich

Age: 23

Gender: Cisgender Female

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Dark hair chopped short to her shoulders, blue eyes in a colour similar to Genya’s, stands at 5’2”, slight figure, very petite, fair skin with a reddish flush to it, plush lips that are somewhat small and have a red tint

Personality: Prim manner, almost too formal and cautious, very much one to uphold manners and dignity, but also gets very flustered around people that are very casual, almost unable to understand how anyone can be very laid back.

Place of Origin: Ravka, Rojya

Background/Profession: As the youngest and only sister of Czarina Andreyevich, she is currently the next in line for the throne.
When Czarina Andreyevich initiated the game for her life, Alina was thrust into hiding, and under guard by the elite of the Reconnaisance Division for all the years that the game was in action and that the Czarina was captured by Selene. During this time, her hair was cropped short and she masqueraded as a young boy.
After the Czarina’s return, she reunited with her older sister with anger and resentment. In an effort to return her once happy sister’s life, the Czarina called off the Game, and gave her sister the position of Rojya’s Grand Ambassador to Falcon’s Reach.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: As Ambassador to Falcon's Reach, she view the rebellion as something that either must be seen through or put to an end. However, with limited information on both sides of the story, she feels it is something to be looked into

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Able to defend herself at best with a dagger and trained in very very basic swordplay

* Other: Heterosexual, Nicknames include Lina, Grand Ambassador, and Snow White-if you want to piss her off. Voice (Laura Bailey)

* Theme Song: Pulaski At Night-Andrew Bird

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Viktor Starkov

Age: 30

Gender: Cisgender male

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Brown eyes, fair slightly olive toned skin, stands at 5’11” in height, thick eyebrows, a somewhat irritated look to his face, close cropped dark brown hair.

Personality: Rather stern, determined, and rarely vulnerable-that is, only around someone he has feelings for. Viktor tells it like it is, and rarely puts on a filter. He is extremely overprotective of his second in command, Tula Nikos, and views her almost like his daughter.

Place of Origin: Ravka, Rojya

Background/Profession: Third generation of Starkov military men, each of whom earned a captain’s rank in the Royal Police of Rojya, Viktor was entered in the Iron Academy as a young child and was practically raised by his teachers due to the absent presence of his parents. As a boy, he befriended the young Genya upon her visits to the academy, and after making a promise to her, he became determined to become the head of the Reconnaisance Division that guarded the Iron Curtain.
At the age of 18, upon his graduation, he was admitted into the Reconnaisance Division. He recieved the captain’s rank at 20 years upon the request of Genya after the Czar Andreyevich and his wife passed and she became the official Czarina.
During his time in the military, he had a friendly rivalry with another highly ranked soldier, Ryan Petrushkov, that soon developed into a romantic attraction. Viktor also developed a close bond with an immigrant girl who mysteriously worked her way into the military, Tula Nikos of the island of Grecia.

His current occupation is the head of the security unit that provides protection to Alina Andreyevich.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: Indifferent, but still pays attention to the news and opinions of others conscerning the subject.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Skilled in swordplay, particularly fencing, and quite the sharpshooter who is excels particularly in long range weaponry(specifically crossbows)

* Other: Often reffered to as the "Winter Wolf" and his nicknames include Wolf or Star. He is currently in a relationship with Ryan and is homosexual. Voice (Danila Kozlovsky)

* Theme Song: Far Too Young To Die-Panic! At the Disco

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Tula Nikos

Age: 27

Gender: Cisgender female

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Long curly light brown hair with some natural blonde highlights, stands at about 5'4", hourglass figure with a large bust and hips but not so much that it's a personal nuisance, tanned skin, sea blue eyes

Personality: Bubbly, outgoing, and a bit clumsy, Tula is the kind of girl who knows to laugh at herself. Since joining the military and leaving her old life in Grecia, her formerly dark and sensual self has almost completely shattered, but Tula is still one to be mischievous and flirt now and then.

Place of Origin: Neirid, Grecia

Background/Profession: From the age of 15 to the age of 21, Tula was the leader of an all-girls gang called Poseidon's Mistresses, infamous for conducting risque business and drowning their enemies. As the leader of such gang for several years, she felt she had her life together and didn't feel that anything would change. Then, she met Viktor Starkov. On a dare to send a ship up north with several of her attendants, she and her group were arrested for crossing into Rojya's borders and attempting to sneak into the wall. In her containment, Viktor had seen promise in the girl, and offered her a choice-to remain in prison back home in Grecia where he would send the other girls, or to join the military. Selfish as she was, Tula took the latter, and didn't expect her life to turn around for the better. After not trusting anyone, even her own members, for most of her life, Tula formed lifelong friendships with Viktor, Ryan Petrushkov, and other members of the military, including the royalty of Rojya.

Tula's current position is to be one of the three guards that protect Alina Andreyevich.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: Tula is one to appreciate mass excitement, however feels that such venom and resentment can only lead to more venom and resentment-something learned from experience.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Specialized in advanced swordplay and sharpshooting, however feels most at home with a harpoon or a trident.

* Other: Attracted to anyone with tattoos, regardless of gender. Voice (Zoey Deutch)

* Theme Song: Tidal Wave - Sub Focus ft. Alpine

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Ryan Petrushkov

Age: 35

Gender: Cisgender male

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Square jaw, fair skin, long-ish dark hair, narrow brown eyes, stands at 6', broad shoulders, slight stubble. deep undereye circles

Personality: Ryan is relatively calm, and is sort of the peacemaker whenever Viktor and Tula butt heads. If Viktor is the overprotective father figure, then Ryan is the fun father figure. However, send Ryan into battle and his bloodlust and adrenaline rush spikes to an intense high. His manic highs and lows triggered by not only battle, but his own body chemistry are controlled through medication spiked into his drinks that he carries everywhere he goes in a flask.

Place of Origin: St. Dragomirov, Rojya

Background/Profession: After the death of his father due to Waste creatures on the front lines of the Iron Curtain, Ryan signed up to join the military academy at the age of 14, relatively late for the normal admittance of the age of 7. For years, instructors told him and his remaining family to drop out and that he was too weak, but with persistance, Ryan made it through to eventually graduate at the top of his class, besting Viktor Starkov, the prodigy who made it to the top ten percent of his own class in the first year.
Upon joining the recon corp at age 23, Ryan had to be taken to a mental hospital after nearly beating one of the fellow soldiers to death in a battle rage. After being admitted to the hospital, he was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and presented medication. Ryan, however, wasn't one to give up after coming such a long way. He pressed on, through highs and lows, into becoming one of the elite of Rojya's military.

Ryan currently works as member of the security team that guards Alina Andreyevich

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: All for the new leadership! That old fart wasn't fit for a throne anyway. However, his opinions aren't very loud considering his position.

* Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Trained as most soldiers in Rojya, but has taken a liking to short range guns and-personal favourite-explosives.

* Other: Homosexual-also a late bloomer in finding out that-and in a relationship with Viktor Starkov. Voice (Mads Mikkelson)

* Theme Song: A Nervous Tick Motion of the Head to the Left (Andrew Bird)

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Taiyo Sato


Gender: Cisgender female

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Stands at 5'7", rather curvy for her age with a slim stomach, long dyed light brown hair, brown eyes, slight dimples that differ her face from her sister's

Personality: Somewhat flirty and promiscuous, Taiyo is rather cheerful and it's rare to see her not smiling. Like the sunshine she is named for, Taiyo is a bright, extroverted flare. She is, however, quite prone to crying in dire situations, but her positive outlook and hopefullness make her strong.

Place of Origin: Braille (Falcon's Reach)

Background/Profession:From the age of 13, she and her sister worked in her family's trade of metalsmithing. Taiyo never quite had a knack for the job, so most of the time she was put to advertisement or cleaning up for the day, whom Tsukiko always found time to helpher out. In school, Taiyo was quite skilled, almost as much as Ryouki, but hid it because of her reputation as "the pretty face." Due to this, she developed a somewhat promiscuous nature and it would become her later downfall...
When the family was beginning to make ends meet after their trade, she was led into "servicing" the elite of Braille. Every return from work, she came home to Tsukiko in tears. The day they decided to leave for the rebel headquarters in Lynne completely turned around her mental state for the better.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: Fully supportive of the rebellion. Down with the king!

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Knows basic swordplay, but is better skilled with hand-to-hand combat and firearms(secretly)

Other: Heterosexual, Voice(Aya Hirano/Stephanie Sheh)

Theme: International Smile - Katy Perry

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Usami Sato

Age: 23

Gender: Cisgender male

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Stands at 5'4", lanky but with defined upper body muscles and strength to match, brown eyes, black hair that is cropped short in an undercut but with long fringe.

Personality: Quiet, reserved, and polite, but holds a fierce loyalty to anyone he is close to. Despite his first impression, he is quite the soft-hearted, and very open to making friends, however in these times it's rather hard to find someone to trust, and his barriers are up in full force.

Place of Origin: Braille(Falcon's Reach)

Background/Profession: From the time he was 12 years old, he worked in the family business of metalsmithing. After Ryouki left to persue a military career, he became the prodigy of the family, having been the most skilled in metalsmithing, but didn't seem to live up to Ryouki's skill in academia.
When the family business slowed and his family joined the rebels, Usami was hesitant about their descision, but made it his priority to keep Tsukiko and Taiyo safe in Ryouki's absense and in the event of something happening to their parents...
Due to the economy's slow decline in Falcon's Reach, the Sato family's shop was put out of business during the Second War of the Wastes. Together, the family soon joined the resistance in hopes of reclaiming their life back.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: Unsure of the outcome, but supportive that it means a potentially positive change for Falcon's Reach.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Skilled in advanced swordplay, specialises with dual nunchaku, chakrams, and other melee-variant weaponry

*Other: Bisexual but doesn't really appear to have an interest in anyone ever, Voice (Kensho Ono/Matthew Mercer)

*Theme Song: Strong Hand - CHVRCHES

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Tsukiko Sato

Age: 18

Gender: Cisgender/(possibly genderfluid) Female

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Stands at 5'7", short cropped dark hair, androgynous figure, compact yet muscular

Personality: Brash, brutally honest, and quite the tomboy. She is extremely close with Taiyo, but doesn't seem quite able to handle her wild shenanigans. Tsukiko is similar to the moon she's named for in her somewhat distanced relationship with her brothers and closer bond with Taiyo("reflecting the sun's light").

Place of Origin: Braille(Falcon's Reach)

Background/Profession: From the age of 13, she and her sister worked in her family's trade of metalsmithing. Tsukiko seemed to have the natural gift for working metals, but as her sister did not seem as capable, she always was there to help her compensate for the lack of ability.
Due to the economy's slow decline in Falcon's Reach, the Sato family's shop was put out of business during the Second War of the Wastes. Together, the family soon joined the resistance in hopes of reclaiming their life back.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: Tsukiko is in full support of the King's downfall, angry at the turn of events that led to her sister taking desperate measures to help out in the decline of the family business.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Skilled in advanced swordplay, specialises in fencing, one-handed swords, and wields a rapier of her own design.

*Other: Still in a state of figuring out her sexuality but leans towards girls, Voice (Ami Koshimizu/Brittany Karbowski)

Theme: Laura Palmer - Bastille

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Harley (princeharlequin) | 11 comments Name: Enrico Accosi

Age: 26

Gender: Transgender ftm

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine): Very tanned and freckled, short, dark hair that is somewhat wavy in texture and is usually worn in a masculine “over the eyes” style or slicked back with pomade, large and round brown-green eyes, full lips, angular, androgynous facial structure. Completely flat-chested after having undergone top surgery in Arabya. He stands at 5’ 8 1/2” and both arms and upper back are fully tattooed with ichor in a stained glass design. Roses and thorns wrap around his arms and upper pectorals, and his entire back details a Little Mermaid-esque scene with a mermaid rescuing a drowning prince.

Personality: Flirty and promiscuous, but also passionate and aggressive, Enrico is a multidimensional fireball. He is never one to back down from any perceived challenge and has a notorious thirst for sex and violence. However, he is easily able to reign in whatever excites her fancy at the proper moment and can be surprisingly diplomatic.

Place of Origin: Fiore, Italio

Background/Profession: Born to the privileged of Italio, Enrica always felt different. An untapped thirst for adventure was hit when the Sirens of Grecia had spread their vicious influence to her hometown at the age of 17. At first, Enrica disguised herself as a man to protect her father, but soon ended up falling in love with the Sirens’ leader, Tula Nikos. Enrica, under the guise of Enrico, had become an “honorary” Siren, and was inducted as Tula’s lover for several years. Enrica faked her death and disappearance, but was revered to her family as a hero for supposedly driving out the Grecian violence from the fair city of Fiore.

After several years, and an assassination attempt from a jealous younger member of the Sirens, Enrico left the group to find a new adventure in Falcon’s Reach, only to face discrimination and the true feeling of being an outcast. Presently, Enrico is the leader of Voce, a group of Anglican immigrants who depend on each other for support in the face of adversity, and now-in the face of a dangerous rebellion.

*Opinion on the Rebellion?: The King is a liar, and a hypocrite, and he needs to get it through his thick skull that foreigners whether they are immigrants or otherwise have basic rights too.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Dual revolvers and rifles. Hand-to-hand combat is admirable, but not polished.

*Other: Enrico is a sweets addict and hates bland food. He speaks the common language, Italian, Arabyan, the language of Kyushu, and Grecian fluently. He is an excellent cook and will not hesitate to show someone who’s boss at making a meal or dessert. Voice (Brina Palencia)

*Theme Song: DNA - Kendrick Lamar

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: SVT-13


Alexi Talanov

Rankin Avery

Jefferson Sopol.


Alexi: 35

Rankin: 29

Jefferson: 31

All male.

Appearance (either picture or typed description is fine):
Alexi: About 6'3, with closely shaved hair. Brown eyes. Starting at his chin and ending at his shoulders are horrible scars from of being splashed with napalm. His voice is faint and scratchy due to damage to his vocal cords.

Rankin: 5'11 and lanky, with short, but not shaved brown hair. Greenish eyes. His face is weather beaten, but not as damaged as many Grail. His features are extremely angular, with an almost triangular face.

Jefferson: 6'5 and very athletic. Long, prematurely grey hair he wears in dreadlocks. Multiple scars across his face and body. His eyes are brown with a manic intensity.


Alexi: He rarely speaks, and the majority of that is purely practical. He hates, jokers, since laughing is extremely painful for his throat. He prefers to avoid children, since his appearance scares them.
He would be considered a social Darwinist (more so than most Grail), and has an inferiority complex due to his upbringing. His social beliefs make him very nationalist.

Rankin: probably the most pleasant member of the unit, which isn't much of a achievement. He is fiercely nationalistic, but has no hate for the citizens of other nations. He doesn't show his sense of humor as a favor to Alexi.

Jefferson: He was always violent, his current situation only makes it worse. Unlike the others he actually enjoys killing and torture. Despite his psychotic demeanor he likes children and easily relates to them. Children being injured will sometimes send him into a blood mad frenzy. So do the experimental combat drugs.

Place of Origin: All are Grail.

The unit is currently in a grey area. While technically still part of the Grail-El military they are following orders given to them by an unknown third party who provides them with cutting edge weapons, intelligence reports, and a large amount of money.

They have kept in the shadows of the war, performing covert assassinations, demolitions, and interrogations. They are also responsible for the bomb that destroyed the dam and flooded a large section of Fairhaven.

Alexi: He grew up in the warrens of the shipyard, begging, stealing, doing whatever he needed to get his family food for the night. He slowly began resenting his parents and siblings, seeing them as things holding him back, so he left the warrens and began working illegally in one of the massive foundries that produced weapons. Once he reached military age he joined up.

Rankin: His father was a soldier, his grandfather was a soldier. There was little choice for him career wise.

Jefferson: Much like Rankin he kept up the family tradition of military service. He is married, and has one daughter, who is currently 15. His wife has had several previous miscarriages, the stress of which made his issues more vicious.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style:

Alexi: An assault rifle with underslung grenade launcher, semi automatic pistol, and a steel nightstick. He prefers to keep at longer range, and only uses the nightstick for capture missions.

Rankin: A belt fed medium machine gun, a large quantity of his explosives, kukri knife. Prefers to set up a minefield, then wait in a place he can hose down any survivors with his gun.

Jefferson: Dual machine pistols, and a long sword. His natural sadism combined with combat drugs which improve his reaction time and limit pain means he is normally in the thick of things, drenched in blood.

*Theme Song: Dogs of War - Blues Saraceno

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?

A: “In the shit.”

R: “We got deployed to deal with a high value target in the Citadel. Someone got there first. So we helped with the mop up operations.”

J: “What Rankin said.”

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

A: “Personally think they got off easy.”

R: “Does it really matter anymore?”

J: “Always liked the wastes themselves. Can't stand most things that lived there.”

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

A: “It’ll be a good test to see who should rule, and who should be ruled.”

R: “It's my job. But, personally, I think this won't work out that well in their favor. To many divisions in the provinces. Doubt it'll stay unified if the rebels win. Course, if the king wins he'll have to kill half the population to hold onto power... So probably best if he doesn't win.”

J: “A bunch of idiots destroying their own country from within. Not that fat fool on his throne was doing any better.”

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Miki (ace_bunny) | 5 comments Name: Jae-Hyun Frost

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: Brown-black wavy hair that reaches past his eyebrows and slightly covers his steel grey eyes. Has olive skin with a light dusting of darker freckles on his cheek, the bridge of his nose, and his shoulders. 5'9" with a muscular build, almost like a boxer. Voice is raspy due to lack of use.

Personality: Usually reserved and soft spoken, likely to be observing from afar rather than interacting directly. This is due to his tendency to get heated if engaging in conversations, or if he finds someone annoying (or if he's tired/hungry), and thus has learned how to hold his tongue (hence the raspy voice from lack of use) to try and be 'more polite'. Jae-Hyun also prefers to use his actions rather than words.

Place of Origin: Lynne

Background: One of the King's bastard sons, and as such, Chase Frost's half brother. His mother died at child birth, leaving him to his aunt, who lived a life of riches. Surprisingly, he didn't become spoiled, and instead grew to hate his aunt and other elites, poisoned by their constant lies, egotism, and greed. He got a solid education, and once he gathered up his own money, decided to leave home ('run away'). While doing so, the rebellion began, and as he detested his father and what he had done to his family, decided to join the rebellion.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Utilizes his twin katanas to fight, wielding them with deadly grace. His movements show evidence of years of fencing lessons and dancing lessons, combining fluidity and flexibility with swordsmanship. Behind the grace, also lies barely concealed power, making him a bit wild if the fight drags on for too long, or if someone provokes him. He also knows basic hand to hand combat, and firearm use, but not enough to be comfortable wielding a gun or going into a fight bare. However, he will if he has to, and has the tenacity and ferocity to do so.

*Other: Jae-Hyun has a murky relationship with Chase, only meeting him very briefly. Though they grew close during the time Chase was there, the Second War of the Wastes and Chase's decision to stay in the Wastes strained their relationship. So while Jae-Hyun respects Chase, he is less than pleased with his desire to 'help'.

*Theme Song: Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

In Character:

• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?

"The living hell that is my Aunt Clarissa's house."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?

"Nasty things, definitely wouldn't want to be in a room alone with any one of those creatures. I dunno how my brother manages to find them appealing."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?

"The King had it coming."

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Sarah | 31 comments Name: Danor Arkaitz

Age: 23

Appearance: A tad below average height and fairly full-figured, she has medium-dark skin and dark brown, thick, wavy hair reaching just past her elbows. Over her left eye, she wears a black patch, and a bit of scarring can be seen around the edges of it. Her remaining eye is a warm brown color. She usually wears clothing made to protect from intense heat and sharp edges: thick gloves, boots, protective goggles sometimes sitting atop her head, etc. When dressed casually, though, she favors the colors red and dark purple.

Personality: Danor is very accepting, patient, and kind, but she's extremely unpleasant if you manage to make her angry, and she can hold a serious grudge. She's observant and believes herself to be very wise, but she's not very talkative, and she likes to keep her advice short and sweet. Despite her eagerness to solve everyone else's problems, she tends to ignore her personal issues, and often takes an almost absurdly optimistic stance toward her own problems. She usually values happiness over the truth, and she often sugarcoats things or outright lies to protect other people's feelings. Reinforcing this is the fact that she's sort of a "here and now" thinker rather than someone who plans ahead.

Place of Origin: The Caravans

Background/Profession: Danor is Grail, and she was present for the attack on the Citadel in the second battle against the Wastes. During that attack she lost an eye and a beloved younger sister. She has since found work in Fairhaven repairing and custom-making weapons but she’s also secretly working on some pretty dastardly experiments involving Shades. If they succeed, they might just help tip the scales of the revolution - as long as the none of the wrong people find out, of course. The direction those scales will tip is something she hasn’t quite decided yet, since accessing the crown’s resources would be invaluable to moving the project along but she strongly sympathizes with the rebels. Decisions, decisions…

Preferred Weapon/Fighting Style: She's a decent shot with a gun and isn't too bad at hand-to-hand fighting, but physical confrontations aren't her strong suit.

Other: Her fascination with Shades goes far beyond the project she’s working on, bordering on obsession, as much as she tries to keep it under wraps. In truth, she knows more about Shades than most Shades do.

Theme Song: Dangerous - Two Steps From Hell

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"Home. It was business as usual for the most part, as far as I was concerned - right up until the end."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"I'm fascinated with it, of course, but I have no love for the place or the things that live there. It's a horrible place."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"I mean... Best of luck to those rebels, I guess. I'm interested to see how things turn out for them, but I wish I didn't live in the middle of this mess."

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Sarah | 31 comments Name: Evelyn Luciole

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearance: Average height and muscular enough to suggest military training, but still fairly wiry. She has an angular face with a sharp nose and high cheekbones, giving her a rather stern appearance. Her eyes are lavender and her long hair is black, reaching about to her chest. She has a very watchful, stoic air about her, and rarely smiles.

Personality: Evelyn has a very sober, collected demeanor and is most in her element where meticulous planning and calculated processes are involved. She’s very logical and tries not to let emotion or bias dictate her actions but she’s far from unfeeling, and in a relaxed environment she can be pretty friendly and laid back. She often leans toward pessimism, but she keeps up a fearless front. She holds a select few moral values close to her heart and isn’t afraid to appear villainous to others, but she does her best to act with pure intentions.

Place of Origin: (Lynne) Falcon’s Reach

Background/Profession: Born and raised in Lynne by a wealthy family, Evelyn Wolfe grew up lacking nothing, and her childhood was blissfully uneventful. In her early twenties, she married a man named Elias Luciole whom she'd known since childhood; their son Gavin was born a few years later. Elias was a very outgoing and spontaneous person who always jumped at the chance to play the hero, and during the Wastes’ last awakening, he did just that. Elias and Evelyn both traveled to Lucan to hunt Waste creatures, taking turns going on long monster-hunting trips while the other looked after Gavin. Just before the survey team reached Eriston, Elias traveled there and was killed by a Kyuketsuki while helping to evacuate the town. It was weeks before Evelyn received news of what had happened to him, and when she did, she immediately fled back to Lynne.

Shortly after rumors of rebellion began to spread, Evelyn was recruited to the secret police. Blaming the King’s incompetence for her loss, however, she joined the rebels in secret.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She uses a pistol and carries a sword-breaker offhand. While playing the part of her rebel alter-ego, she carries an arsenal of assorted vials and bombs. Some may hold the spores that cause sleeping sickness while others may carry deadly gasses, so her enemies rarely know what to expect.

*Other: She cares about Asbel very much and vice versa, but the two aren't in a relationship.

*Theme Song: Born Ready - Zayde Wolf

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
"The edge of the Wastes, fighting it off as best I could. Sort of an exercise in futility, I guess, but it felt like the right thing to do."

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
"Take a guess."

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
"It had better work."

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Name: Jack (No last name)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Six foot tall with a chiseled jaw and warm dark brown eyes and long black hair that is tied into a ponytail, he has and average build but with more muscular upper body from his work as a blacksmith. He has a light tan from the time he spends over the open flame or running errands and deliveries in the blazing sun. He has large callous hands from working over the years
His basic outfit contains a black shirt and long dark blue jeans. When working over the flame he wears a thick leather apron and while he is out fighting he wears tight knit chain mail over his shirt and carries a large sword that he made.

Personality: He’s typically cold to his clients in the blackmarket and with his build and his beautiful weapons they don’t argue with him, only Celaena has argue with him without being terrified of him however it probably because she and Jack have a close relationship. Otherwise with friends and people he trusts he is giant goofball with a big heart. He likes joking around and enjoying others company. He cares a lot for those he considers a friend and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.

Place of Origin: Born in Braile and moved around Falcon reach until he settle in Lynne

Background: His mother and father were traveling ‘entertainment’ also known as pickpocketing thieves. When Jack was 18 they were on their way to Lynne where his mother life was taken and his father lost his leg when they were ambush by even deadlier thieves. With no money and everything they own is gone, he carried his father to Lynne where Jack manage to find an apprenticeship with an old blacksmith. Being a good son the first thing he made is a metal leg for his father, the next day his father left, leaving Jack behind. The Blacksmith, who had lost and buried his own son, took Jack into his home. It was a year or two later when the Blacksmith retired and gave Jack his business and left Lynne for somewhere quieter. When Jack was 23 he met 19 year old Celeana who had been sent to a prison labor camp. For reasons beyond even himself he help her escaped. After staying at his place for a while, gaining her strength back, she left. However it wasn’t a few days later she came back in need of daggers. Jack made his business mobile and no matter where he went Celaena would find him whenever she needed new weapons or get them repaired or have them clean.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: Likes the Buster Sword the most.

*Theme Song:

In Character: 
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
Supplying both sides with weapons, business is business.

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
They are okay in my book. As long as they don’t bother me and my business.

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
The king is an idiot, but is nice to my wallet.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Name: Celaena Moonlight

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Profession: Assassin

Appearance: Five foot four with blue eyes who can give one icy stare, slightly rounded face with high but soft cheek bones with bright red long wavy hair to match her fiery personality. A nimble, small hourglass frame with tone muscles despite how tiny she is.
Her daily basic outfit contains long black sleeve shirt that it low cut worn with hip huggers long sleeve black jeans that is held up with a leather belt that also holds all kinds of pockets for her oh so many weapons. On top of her regular outfit she wears a metal breast plate that has be handcraft so it was a dull black color so she can hide in the shadows without worrying that the reflection of the light will reveal her. She wears several knives and swords sheaths when she is preparing for battle. Lastly, she wears a black cloak to hide her figure and the amount of weapons she holds.
Underneath all her weapons and clothes she has several scars, some are more faint than others, small scars scatter almost every part of her body. Her more prominent ones are on her back, some on her front torso and the scar over her left eye. The ones on her back stretch across her back, crisscrossing, some of them seem deeper than other for they were caused by a whip. The ones on her torso are deep stab wounds, some of them were caused by ones she used to call friends and other enemies who fought back. Then the one that is visible to others over her left eye start just above her brow and ends right above her cheek, it is slightly jagged and she considers herself lucky that she is able to still see out of that eye.

Personality: Celaena has a strong front, she hardly ever lets her guard down from the multiple times she has been betrayed by those she had called friends. She avoids to make friends and rarely even has acquaintances, mostly because she ends up pissing them off or scaring the crap out of them. Even though she is an assassin she still is a human being who gets hurt, who falls in love, who cries when she is sad even though she does her best to make sure nobody sees it. She is a hard-head, stubborn, strong willed, slightly narcissistic, sweet, kind, carrying and sometimes a little shy. Just don’t forget that she can and will kick your ass in almost any kind of game. (Sparing, chess, drinking.)

Place of Origin: Lynne (Falcon Reach)

Background: As the only daughter and only child of a criminal in the black market, she was sweet and clumsy as all hell who always had a smile on her face, even after her mother was murder while protecting four year old Celaena from a group of kidnappers. She hardly left her father side after her mother’s death unless she was with a family friend son, Erick. When she was thirteen, she was over at Erick’s house, she didn’t know that would be her last time at that house, a fire broke out caused by unknown group of people. Killing her father and Erick’s parents and she thought at the time Erick as well, Celaena manage to escape out a window, giving her the scar on her left eye. On the verge of death when an ex knight name Boris brought her back to health but at a price. He taught her everything he knew, everything about the art of assassination. At the age of fifteen she killed for the first time, the sweet, smiling girl died when her dagger went through the man’s heart. She buried her feelings deep inside her heart, however she never became truly evil. She vow to herself that she will make sure that whoever her target is will deserve the price of death. A little over a year later, Boris fell ill and passed on a few days later. She packs up her belongings and continue on, taking odd jobs and killing when needed, surviving.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: She was train to use any weapon in her reach however she favors hunting knives. So she can look people in the eyes when they die at her hand. Speed is her strong suit but she is rather strong for her nimble frame.

*Other: She is competitive and loyal to those she calls her friends and takes on any challenge that comes her way with a leveled head.

*Theme Song:

In Character: 
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
Killing whoever hired me.

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
As long as they stay out of my way then they can do their thing and I can do mine. However, they could make some pretty strong allies.

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
No real opinion, however I would like see that kings head roll on the floor and have those who have been imprison wrongly set free. But the rebellion is good for business, more money-more food for me.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Name: Salazar Amanc

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: While he shares his father’s dark red skin and sharp features his blue eyes and light brown, nearly blond, hair come from his mother. However few people tend to notice those features initially, typically noticing his confident posture or the blank hole where his right ear should be. Now that the rebellion is in full swing he is almost always in his uniform and armor. As a lancer he wears a blue and white uniform under a steel breastplate polished until it could be used as a mirror, and a lobster-back helmet with a long blue plume.

Personality: He takes a precise, meticulous approach to most things including social interactions. His time in the Falcon’s Reach military academy has left him with a strict respect for authority, though he allows the men under his command to speak with him directly if they have concerns. He is a military traditionalist, which was a major contributor to his position in the lancer corps instead of a more modern unit. Additionally, he is extremely confident in his own abilities and the abilities of his subordinates, to the point of bravado.

Place of Origin: Born in Hydris.

Background: The son of a Arybian merchant and Falcon’s Reach seamstress Salazar grew up in what would be considered a upper middle class / lower upper class family. As a child he spent most of his free time riding his horse across the countryside or learning to fight from his uncle El-Raja Amanc, a former soldier in the Arybian military. He learned to fight somewhat too well and killed another young man in a duel that the judge described as “A protracted execution.” He was not charged with anything due to the lax laws related to duels. His parents, fed up with his behavior, sent him to a military school. This eventually lead to his enlistment into the Royal Lancers, where he remains to this day.

*Preferred Weapon and/or Fighting Style: He prefers to fight from horseback, either with his lance or saber. He also carries a pair of old, highly decorated, Arybian wheel-lock pistols, which due to their single-shot, muzzle loading nature, are less than than useful. He mostly carries them as a status symbol, since he is typically riding headlong into enemy lines with his lance, or deep within enemy formations using his sword.

*Other: His horse is a large tan stallion with brown spots, named “Raja” after his late uncle.

*Theme Song:

In Character:
• Where were you during the Second War of the Wastes?
Sitting through classes. Some were worth the time, others were not.

• What do you think of the Wastes and its creatures?
By creatures do you mean the Grail? Because as far as I know they are the only thing living there, and I doubt they would take kindly to being referred to as creatures. As for the wastes? Too sandy for horses, so there isn’t any reason for me to go there. And it is rather hot from what I have gathered.

• What is your opinion on the rebellion?
Some of them are just idiot farmers who don’t understand how the world works, and could be forgiven after a few dozen lashes… But I want to put the head of every member of those traitors in the “National liberation front” on a pike.

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