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Dark Places
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Dark Places

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Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Let's plan on getting the book this week and starting our reading! Many people have told me they liked this book so I'm really excited about it. I also heard that they made it into a movie.

Do you guys think we should discuss the book as we go or discuss the book when we have all finished?

Let me know you thoughts! xo

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I would not mind discussing it while we read. But we would have to be careful not to give up spoilers. I'm excited. I'm going to finish the book I'm currently reading and then move onto this one.

message 3: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments I don't mind discussing as we read either. So excited!

Tessa | 9 comments I think we can discuss as we go. This will be my first buddy read and you guys all love thrillers this is so amazing!

message 5: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments I'm starting today. Anyone else?

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I'm trying my best to finish a book I'm currently reading. I am 75% done with it.

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Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I’m desperately trying to finish my current book “darkfever”. I’m about 60% done. Yesterday I went to a roller coaster park, so no time to read! Haha. I’m going to try and power through it!

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I decided I'm putting my book down and going to go get dark places later today after I've worked for a bit. Woohooo!

Let us know your thoughts Holly! :)

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I'm 90% done with mine. Hopefully I finish it up today and start dark places this evening or tomorrow. I'm very excited! :D

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I got the book! I only read 5 pages, but so far so good. The main character has a lot going on, that’s for sure!

message 11: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments I'm 12 pages in, and enjoying it. She definitely has a lot going on; agreed! It will be interesting to see where this goes.

message 12: by Gemma (new) - added it

Gemma | 4 comments Started this today. I'm resisting the urge to skip to the back and spoil it for myself.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Haha don’t do it Gemma! I heard there is a huge twist at the end.

message 14: by Gemma (new) - added it

Gemma | 4 comments Hmm a big twist hey

*runs off to read another chapter or 5*

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I'm curious!

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Same! So far, I really like how they have different chapters from the family’s point of view.

message 17: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments No spoilers Gemma!! Hehehe

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Whaaaaa!!! Pages 41-44. Ohhhh my!!!

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments Just read them. Wow! That was intense and very graphic. How horrible. The characters behavior now makes sense. That is incredibly traumatizing.

message 20: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments Her mom seemed so sad.. :(

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I agree. And the main character holds a lot of anger. Which totally makes sense.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Where are you guys in the book?

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments About page 80.

message 24: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments Page 34

message 25: by Gemma (new) - added it

Gemma | 4 comments Finished this yesterday. Oh my days (no pun intended) I wasn't expecting that.

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I can't wait to see what happens.

message 27: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments Me either!

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
So I’m just over here wondering if Ben did it?

Tessa | 9 comments I’m like 80 pages in and I like it a lot! The different points of view is nice, getting to know the mom a bit better.
So far I don’t think Ben did it but that’s based on the last read chapter.
I’m reading the Dutch translation, I’m from the Netherlands, so I don’t know if the pages from your book are about the same as mine. Like if the story on my page 80 is the same as the story on your page 80.

Tessa | 9 comments Omg Gemma, where do you find the time to read so much so fast?

message 31: by Gemma (new) - added it

Gemma | 4 comments I've had the week off work so I've been able to sit and binge read

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I'm thinking that Ben did not do it. I'm around page 120. I do like seeing the perspective from everybody else. Usually, you don't get to know what everyone is thinking during a situation like this, but the author gives you all of those perspectives.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I’m around page 80 or so. I started to think he didn’t do it earlier though. Page 50ish or so (I actually have no clue where) she sounded like she was doubting herself... red flag! She said one sentence where I was like “oh gosh” ... trying to be very vague for you Hollie haha.

message 34: by Holly (new) - added it

Holly | 11 comments I'm not as far as most of you, but I don't think he did it either.

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments The ending...
anyone else done?

Tessa | 9 comments I had some free time today for reading. I am now around page 210 and I’m really liking it. This group from Magda I find a bit creepy, they’re like worshippers of Ben.
I have no clue who is guilty of the murders. At the moment I’m thinking maybe Diane had something to do with it or this ‘friend’ of Ben. But who knows.. I can’t wait to discover more

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I definitely was not expecting that ending. I do agree that this group is a little creepy. Their fascination with the murders is a little too much.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I’m getting bored!! I’m tempted to skip to the end and see lol

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments Yes, some of the parts were pretty boring but it does begin to pick up. Keep reading.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I’m like snoozing over here around page .... 130 or so lol. Maybe I’ll start skimming.

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I did have a rough time reading through some of the chapters. I definitely prefer her other two books over this one, but it does pick up later on.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
My sister agrees with you also... her favorite was sharp objects

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I loved sharp objects. It was a really good book with a very twisted ending

Tessa | 9 comments Hey guys!
How far are you with the book and what do you think of it?
I’m at page 280 right now and I can’t put it away. I feel like I’m getting answers soon!

About sharp objects, I haven’t read that one yet, I don’t even own it but I would like to read it soon.

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I finished a couple of days ago. That's the part where it really starts to fall together.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
I’m on page 198. I almost gave up! Haha. Thank you Nicole for telling me to keep going. It did pick back up. There was 30 pages or so that was really slow. Back at it again. I can’t figure anything out yet!!

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments I'm glad you didn't stop! Sometimes the slow parts are necessary to understand the most important parts

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Okay so I am on page 231 and I just finished the part where they find what is in Bens locker. What the heck! Lol. I better find out what happens by the end of this book.

Nicole Yarmolkevich | 25 comments Oh you will soon! And you won't see this coming.

Caitlin | 20 comments Mod
Are we talking the last chapter? .... wait... don’t tell me lol.
I have so many ideas of what could have happened.

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