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message 1: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Tran | 3 comments This is a complete stand alone novel with approximately 56k words. I am looking for general feedback on readability and what you thought needed improvement. Of course I am always open to suggestions. The synopsis follows:

The fate of billions lies in the hands of two star-crossed soldiers. Jackson Peterson is an ordinary soldier defending his home from the Kelsairans in the United Human Army. When a chance meeting with a Kelsairan woman changes his whole life the lines between enemy and friend are unexpectedly blurred. A two hundred year war suddenly stands between Jackson and the love of his life. Will Jackson be able to stop the war or die trying?
I will supply docx PDF or mobi please PM me if you are interested.

message 2: by Breonna (new)

Breonna | 41 comments Sending PM. :)

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