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message 1: by Megan, Creator/Head Librarian (new) - rated it 5 stars

Megan (deadandwellread) | 74 comments Mod
Hello Everyone!

Here's some discussion questions for your progress thus far!

1.)How did you experience the book? Were you engaged immediately, or did it take you a while to
"get into it"?
2.) In regards to the characters--How has the past shaped their lives?
3.) Do they remind you of people you know?
4.) Do you admire or disapprove of them?
5.)Is this a plot-driven book—a fast-paced page-turner?

Take your time. Marinate on these questions. Be sure to engage with other readers!

Dawn Finamore | 4 comments I just started last night, been a real crazy few weeks around here. About on chapter 2 so I’m hoping it will be a quick read and I can catch up!

Monica Trujillo | 2 comments Hellooo my fellow Creeps! I finished the book a week ago 🙈 and have since switched back to IT! I could not put the book down, even when nothing was truly "happening" I couldn't stop reading! I can definitely relate the characters to a few people I know, their naivety of them anyway, I just wanted to kick them through the book lol I'm not usually one to say this, but I did enjoy the movie quite a bit more, though I couldn't put the book down and flew through it I felt it lacked a bit. Just my two cents! Can't wait to see everyone else's thoughts!! 👻

Meghan Bowling | 5 comments Hello people of the internet. I finished the book a couple weeks ago and thought it was decent. I'm curious to see how the Son of Rosemary is (even though it has terrible reviews). For me this book kept my interest and I was engaged almost immediately. I think it's more of a plot driven book, or at least tries to be. The characters were...something. I don't know how Rosemary was so naive to begin with. I'm curious to see everyone else's thoughts and I can't wait to vote on the book for November!

Felicia Hughes | 5 comments Hi! I'm new to the group. Rosemary's Baby is one of my fave movies and this is my 2nd time reading the book. I think there is an undercurrent of "feminism" for lack of a less provacative term. Women of earlier decades often put blind trust in their spouses and this is partially a warning about that. Personally, I love watching the movie and reading the book from Guy's point of in when and how did the Castevets influence him. I like to think about that unseen plot line. Once you know the end you can trace his character's plot and understand what's happening behind the scenes from Rosemary from when he is and isn't present, and his behavior. I don't know if it's plot-driven. It has a plot but for me it's about Rosemary's ability to trust or distrust and why and when she chooses to do either of those things. I'll have to consider the questions and post again.

Felicia Hughes | 5 comments @Monica: I also enjoyed the movie more. I think because Rosemary's fear, paranoia and distress were never in question where in the book she seemed more evenly grounded. The mounting paranoia helps fuel the story because you wonder if she's just losing it.

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