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message 1: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 1124 comments Air Date - Oct 29, 2017
Directed by - Norma Bailey
Written by - Karen Campbell

message 2: by Beth (new)

Beth MacCabe | 48 comments Wondering what people thought of this episode? I thought Claire could've given some comfort to Jamie at the end--at least walk over and hug him. Kind of disappointed with this episode. I guess reality is hitting these two hence the tension, but that never stopped them from comforting each other. Next week will be tense too!

message 3: by Beth_A (new)

Beth_A Warren | 78 comments I wasn't at all pleased with this episode. I feel that right now Jamie and Lord John Grey have better chemistry in the show than Jamie and Claire. One incident I thought was unnessary was Claire trying to save the exciseman who had just attacked her. Book Jamie would have blown him away in spite of her protestations. The writer of this episode is someone who hadn't written any previous Outlander episodes, Karen Campbell. I watched the "All Debts Paid" episode again after watching "Creme de Menthe", and was taken aback by how superior it was in terms of pacing and similar nature to the book.

message 4: by Beth (new)

Beth MacCabe | 48 comments I also thought thought the conversation J & C had right before the fire was important and warranted further time. I did like what Jamie had said to Claire about the sun coming out again, etc. We know what will happen of course for the book readers and hope next week is written better and we get the C & J we love to see together by the end of the episode at least!

message 5: by Sonya (new)

Sonya (shooten) | 26 comments I wasn't happy with this episode as well. I realize that the writers have to take certain liberties with the book when they are writing each episode. Most of the time I feel like they have stayed as true to the book as they possibly can, however I didn't feel that way at all with this episode. Why did they have to change everything that happened in the book. The only thing not changed was the fire itself. I missed the conversation between Ian and Jamie about young Ian. They made Jamie seemed to be so cold in reference to knowing where young Ian is and upsetting Ian and Jenny. I also didn't like the addition of Claire trying to save her attacker. Yes she is a doctor and she does try to do the right thing but she is also a very realistic person and she would know better than anyone that her attacker shouldn't live. I think that was a waste of good film time. The Campbell's from the book turn out to be fortune tellers.

I love this show and feel very strongly that the writers and producers have done such a very good job in adapting the book to film. I absolutely loved last weeks "A. Malcolm" episode. It had me crying and laughing of course they couldn't put in everything from the book, but they stayed true to the story. Compared to last week "Creme De Menthe" was just such a disappointment.

I'm not sure who the writer is for next weeks episode but I'm worried that they won't hit the right mark with what most of us know is coming. I certainly hope that the upcoming episode is another hit and not so much of a disappointment.

message 6: by Lorinda (new)

Lorinda Cockrell (rindalovestoread) | 54 comments I liked the Episode 7, I had to take out what I thought I should see and disconnect from the book. It took me watching a couple of times to see that the relationship with J&C in fact is more true to life, than the book. Jamie has been to hell and back, he isn't the same man he used to be, Claire was in a dysfunctional relationship and each is bringing in new baggage into this old relationship. So it was a bit strained remember Jamie is walking around concerned about what to do about his other wife. I think next week will bring in the storm we've been waiting for and even if it's not like exactly like the book I have faith that the writers will take us where we need to end up.

message 7: by Diane (new)

Diane | 1360 comments I think I agree Lorinda. Though this episode didn't blow me away, I did like it. It didn't bother me that Claire tried to save her attacker. That seems with in character for her and she didn't try to have him hit his head like that so she was not trying to kill him. Jamie had so many other things going on it does not surprise me that he let Claire have her way with trying to save him. It shows the akwardness between thim at this time. They both are very unsure of each other and determined to be together at all costs. As far as the Campbels being into the fortune telling game it shows that he is a shady character and she may have the sight which will come into play later in the series. I also liked Ian being with the bar maid that he was attracted to instead of a prostitute the first time. They did change the order of it though but it worked in this senerio.

message 8: by Harriet (new)

Harriet Schultz | 15 comments Ever since the first episode of season one, I've been riveted by the Starz version of the books and entranced by the skillful translation of print to screen. That was true until this week when I found myself actually channel surfing (!) since the story this week's writers were telling lost my interest.
I agree with others that it's hard to recognize Jamie and Claire as we know them. Their behavior seems "off." Of course Jamie would be hardened by the life he's lived, but the relationship between him and Claire is central to the story and the writers lost sight of that this week.
The production has been so well done to this point that I hope this disappointing episode isn't a sign of things to come.

message 9: by Grandmat (new)

Grandmat (grandmat03053) | 54 comments While I admire the skill in which the book to film has played out, I think this very large and complicated book should have been either given 20-22 episode season or the book divided between two seasons. The episodes are like reading the cliffs version, going from high point to high point, moving the plot line rapidly along. I can't think how season three could have been better in the amount of time allowed, but I can only wish the series be fuller with more detail.

message 10: by Beth_A (last edited Nov 03, 2017 10:48PM) (new)

Beth_A Warren | 78 comments In the book, Ian's first time was a comfort to him, after thinking he had indirectly killed the man trying to take the seditious pamphlets. In the show, his first time was traumatic, as the man broke in the shop while Ian and the barmaid were going at it, and the fire started and burned down the shop.

message 11: by Maureen (new)

Maureen | 59 comments My goodness I am glad I'm not the only one disappointed! It was off. I was a bit uninterested because of how off it was. I suppose that we are now getting into "real life" while last episode was whimsical and the "honeymoon" of their reunion if you will. So maybe that's it. It was just a feeling of that something doesn't quite fit anymore. Or maybe their relationship will be a bit different and they just need to find their groove again. Maybe next week will remedy that.

We can't all be crazy so something must've been a bit weird with this episode!

message 12: by Silverblades (new)

Silverblades | 265 comments I think I was a lot less disappointed by this episode than most people, but that's because it had a whole bunch of the content I was hoping for in last week's episode. If it was up to me, the two episodes would've been one. I am probably the only one who prefers this episode to last week's, for all the book stuff I was hoping to see.

message 13: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 27 comments I actually agree. There could have been more action in last week’s episode. It’s been a while (like close to 10 years) since I’ve read the book, so I wasn’t disappointed by last week’s episode. It just didn’t have the same emotion in it as the previous episodes. Overall, I was fine with it.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Grandmat wrote: "While I admire the skill in which the book to film has played out, I think this very large and complicated book should have been either given 20-22 episode season or the book divided between two se..."

Thank you! I have been trying to figure out how to explain how I "feel" about this season so far and you hit the nail on the head for me! Cliff version is perfect! It's not bad...it's just not enough...if you are a book reader of course!

message 15: by Silverblades (new)

Silverblades | 265 comments Lauren wrote: "I actually agree. There could have been more action in last week’s episode. It’s been a while (like close to 10 years) since I’ve read the book, so I wasn’t disappointed by last week’s episode. It ..."

I'm more interested in the action/adventure than the emotion side of the show, which is probably why I didn't mind this episode. I'm not really a romance kind of girl, so an episode that wasn't mostly focused on the true love side of the story was refreshing. Because the books, as Herself has pointed out, are much more than romance novels, and I love when the show remembers that.

message 16: by Beth_A (new)

Beth_A Warren | 78 comments I am rereading Voyager right now, and feel that there was an unconditional love between the two that is missing from the show, where they are trying to add more tension between them that wasn't in the book at this point. Also, they are missing the humor that is threaded throughout the book. Such as, after the fire Claire tells Jamie that he looks like Malcolm X, and he replies that he isn't an ex-Malcolm yet. I just watched Episode 4 again, and the interaction between Jamie and Willie or Isobel or John Grey seems more natural than between Jamie and Claire, that's just my impression. One thing I've always been impressed with in the show is the cinematography--it looks very authentic to the time period.

message 17: by Sonya (new)

Sonya (shooten) | 26 comments Beth you’ve said exactly what I’ve been thinking. The last episode was completely missing the unconditional love and humor from the book. Jamie and Claire didn’t connect as they always have in the books. The whole episode didn’t feel right to me. Thank you Beth for expressing exactly what I was feeling.

After saying that, I love this show and I’m so happy to be able to see the book come to life. There have only been two episodes I haven’t been happy with, The Search and Creme de Menthe both of which I feel didn’t connect with the book at all. When you look at all the episodes and what they’ve managed to achieve these last three years who can complain. So I’ll just pray that the writer of the next episode gets it right!

message 18: by Beth (new)

Beth MacCabe | 48 comments I did love the acting and action in this episode. I know it is still supposed to be a bit awkward for these two and J has his 'other wife' secret in his mind and how to tell C, but other than what he said to her after the attacker was dead (which I loved) and had to hear she would return after seeing the other patient, there wasn't that intimacy there, not even a kiss goodbye or hug in the entire episode. The humor of Malcom-X line would've been fun to hear but at least C could've comforted J at the end instead of staying at young Ian's side as he was ok by then. I felt so sorry for J and see the angst in his eyes of seeing what he had built go up in smoke. I still got the feeling that they always respect each other like when C had to help the attacker, J knew to respect that, though he didn't like it "stubborn as always"!
The whole discussion between them before the fire was tense and both were right although I felt C was a little insensitive about J not raising a child and she knew it. At least she did tell him that he was her love after they met and not Frank. J knows that there is that 'truth between them'. Looking forward to them together again and anxious to see next episode!
I am reading book 6 and love it! Also reading Voyager as the show progresses through that (for the 3rd time)!

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