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message 1: by BookAngels (new)

BookAngels (book_angels) | 14 comments Mod
Hey loves! Im going to introduce myself real quick and I want you all to do the same in the comments that way we can learn about eachother ;)

1) im 16
2) I love reading anything ya especially fairytale retellings.
3) I am a mood reader so I want to read fairytales because i am currently watching once upon a time!
4) I love meeting new people that shares the same interests as me
5) I absolutely love readathons
6) Im in high school and it takes up most of my time

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Twitter- booksandreviews
Instagram- simply_reads
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Lilkadykitty :) | 11 comments Mod
Hey fellow book people! I am happy to be part of this group and your other moderator.

Few things about me:
1.) I love reading.
2.) I think readathons are the most amazing thing to be created.
3.) I don't have a particular genre that I read from but I do not like horror or gore books.

-social media-
Twitter- lilkadykitty
Instagram- lilkadykitty
Blog- lilkadykitty

message 3: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (pocketeditionliz) Hi! This is the first time I have been apart of some sort of reading group so I'm excited about what we will be reading and having some interesting conversations about said books.

Few things about me:
1 - Reading = awesome (luv it)
2- Am a mood reader as well
3- hate non-fiction
4- I read equal amount of graphic novels and novels
5- not big on social media

message 4: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Hi @Liz, welcome to reading groups haha! <3

I'm Maggie, 17 years old Canadian.
I'm in my senior year plus I,m working a part-time job so it may be hard for me to keep up but I'll try my best!

1. I'm quite a fast and hardcore reader haha, but when I do fall in slumps, it takes me yeeaaars to recover. (Jk, maybe 1-2 months, but that's still terrible!)
2. I love, love, love fiction! Young adult, fantasy, mystery. Well I like fiction in general. Although I'm trying to get some non-fiction reads lately, since I'm looking towards reading more mature, experienced books. Maybe Biographies or Historical Non-Fiction...
3. I do read my amount of Mangas :)
4. I'm also not big on social medias, Goodreads and Facebook are my only go to for now :) (and youtube of course)
5. I can be a big mood reader sometimes :p
6. Except for books, I like training (yaaas), video games, art and biology.

So that's me :) I'm hyped to get to know you all!

message 5: by Libby (new)

Libby Gregory | 1 comments Hey guys I'm Libby, I'm 27. I love reading. during readathon I ten to get a lot of reading done. also I can read Multiple books at once and keep them straight do not ask how I do so. I listen to audio books at a faster paced because it helps get s them done faster.

message 6: by Grace (new)

Grace (BURTSBOOKS) (burtsbooks) | 4 comments Hello everyone! I'm Grace and I'm 19. Before this year I didn't read much more than 3 books a year so I don't really have a genre I limit myself to I've mostly just been trying to catch up on all the amazing books that i've missed out on. I do love myself some magical realism tho. I also love audiobooks with all my heart.

I'm really excited to be a part of this group :) Thanks for adding me to it I'm looking forward to reading some great books with you all!

message 7: by BookAngels (new)

BookAngels (book_angels) | 14 comments Mod
Its so nice to meet all of you <3

message 8: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Villalobos | 1 comments Things about me....
Well let's open this can of worms, huh?

1. I'm a Taurus if you put stock in astrology.
2. Favorite drink at Starbucks is a single-shot, caramel latte.
3. Love to travel, and I usually have a book when I do. Also have been known to purchase those overpriced books in airport bookshops out of desperation.
4. Above mentioned coffee + books = bliss.
5. I prefer physical copies of books over digital or audio. Super, super, cannot-stress-it-enough, super picky about audio books. (Slight issues with road rage.)
6. I think all genres have good books in them, and it's just about finding an author or subject you like.
7. I don't go to YA for romance. I go to romance for the fluff. For me, YA is all about the fantasy, world building, shady af governments-- you get the drift.
8. My favorite books are the ones that suck me in. I gasp, cheer, fist-pump, scream, and have thrown books across the room when authors kill our darlings. I'm that girl; and, I read those books. If I don't like a book, I put it aside for one in the huge stack of books that needs to be read.

Nice to meet everybody!

message 9: by Maggie (new)

Maggie hiii! Nice to meet you Victoria! :D

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