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lorien Okie doke! Here is the new thread, britt. XD

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Awesome! Let me make my girl really quickly.

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[ name ] Alison Evans
[ age ] Seventeen
[ house ] Hufflepuff
[ year ] 7th
[ quidditch ] Chaser
[ appearance ]
[ personality ] When you meet Alison, everything about her just screams Hufflepuff. Alison is the girl that everyone knows that can come to when they need someone to talk to. She is always willing to sit down and help someone out. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face, and that smile just lights up the room. She is seen as gorgeous by many of the guys in the school, however, she has just not found her Prince Charming yet.

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lorien Oh sure. I'll just post Burt's awesomeness. XD

Name: Burt Munro
Age: 17
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pureblood
Position: Qudditch Chaser

(view spoiler)

It really and truly does vary with who's he around with. With boys, he plays the confident and honorable card, with girls, he plays the charming, careful, and polite card, with professors, he plays the respectful and knowledgeable card, with friends, he plays the silly and hilarious card, and with enemies, he plays the fearless and tactful card. Whenever he's around relatives or family, Burt is especially careful with how he acts, knowing that if he acts one way or the other, it will be reported back to his grandparents and you really don't want them hearing how poorly you acting during a family gathering.

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I really like him, haha. Oh, and I forgot to add, but Alison is a muggleborn.

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lorien Alright then! Want to start in a class or Hogwart grounds?

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Hogwarts grounds. Could you start please?

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lorien ((Sure thing!))

Burt was studying rather hard for the test that was going to be held next Friday. And what better way to do that than by the courtyard? There was plenty of room to sit what with the stone benches being littered around the fountain. Books sprawled all over the bench itself and a notebook sitting on his lap, Burt began to take notes here and there, definitely not wanting to fail. Since he would get into loads of trouble with either of his parents.

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((Just a quick question, is this time of Harry Potter, or is it during the time of Cursed Child?))

Alison quietly strolled into the courtyard, wanting to enjoy the nice fall Saturday. She wore a simple outfit: and she sat down on one of the benches, pulling out her things for Transfiguration. She gently brushed her hair out of her eyes and began to studying, staying to herself and focusing on her work.

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lorien ((Hmmm. How about after? Would that be good with you? :D
Also, Burt is an Animagnus in the other group so would that be fine with you if he could be a coyote Animagnus here too?))

Oh, forget it. He was useless when it came to understanding how much of each ingredient he should put to make a potion. Maybe he could ask one of his mates to help him out later. As Burt was about to collect his things, he saw a girl, perhaps around his age or older, who was concentrating on her work as well. Chuckling to himself, he said to her, "You know, studying doesn't actually work. Unless you love the subject then it should be a breeze for you."

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((That’s fine, yeah!))

Alison glanced up at him and smiled gently. “Well, I do like transfiguration, so I guess I’m fine then. But it never hurts to brush up on a few things.” She explained and shrugged her shoulders, looking up at him and into his eyes. He was pretty attractive, and she was sure that she had seen him around before.

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lorien ((Brilliant! Just thought I should check with you. XD))

The girl looked vaguely familiar as well. No doubt they had a few classes together but still. . . somewheee in the back of his mind, he felt like he knew her. "Well then, you're lucky. See, I'm stuck with boring Potions over here, to the point where I almost want to give up and not have to deal with the subject any longer." He laughed heartily then stared at the girl curiously as he tilted his head to the side. "May I ask what your name is? You see, I'm having a great deal of trouble in my mind trying to figure out who you are, exactlyzl

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Alison laughed softly, running a hand through her hair to brush it out of her eyes. “I’m Alison, Alison Evans.” She explained and set down her things to stand up and look at him, holding out her hand. “7th year Hufflepuff, at your service.” She giggled adorably, her eyes shining brightly as she laughed.

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lorien "At my service?" Burt asked, raising an eyebrow. "Well then, I guess that means you could help me with Potions. Unless your services don't stretch that far?" He was just messing with her, knowing full well that she might want to get back to her studying.

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“I mean, I’m not Ravenclaw, but I’m fairly decent at Potions.” She explained, shrugging her shoulders. “What exactly do you need help with?” Alison asked him, tucking her books back into her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

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lorien "Let's see. . ." Burt trailed off as he flipped over to the page where he was before. "This one." He pointed at the potion below his finger, not bothering to say the poyion's name because his creator hardly knows about potions herself. "I don't know what it means to add unicorn hair and then split that into two. Is it literal or not?" He gave her a curious look. "How about you? Need any help with your stuff?"

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Alison read over it for a second, recognizing the potion. “No, I’m fine, thanks. But it’s pretty literal.” She explained, beginning to explain and help him understand what the procedure meant for the potion, glancing up at him every now and then to make sure that he understood what she was saying.

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lorien Burt nodded along with what she was saying and smiled shyly. "Thanks Alison, I may not have understood half of what you were saying, but thanks all the same," he said to her. "I know that this may be weird, but is there anything I can do for you? Since you did help me after all." He only prayed she wouldn't ask him to do something stupid like putting magical feces in the boy's dorms.

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Alison shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t really have anything I need help with.” She murmured, glancing down at her feet and then back up at him. She bit her lip gently and looked into his eyes, holding onto the strap of her book bag with one of her hands.

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lorien "Well I mean like besides school stuff. You know, helping you get your revenge on someone, a reasonable dare, and the like," Burt explained to her, gently putting his book away. Smirking, he said. "unless it's simply because you don't want to spend time with me. Then that would explain a few things."

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Alison cracked a gentle smile. “Well, I don’t want to get revenge on anyone, as I believe I am a pretty nice person, but I do not want to head to Hogsmeade alone, so you could come with me?” She asked him, tilting her head slightly as she admired every aspect about him.

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lorien Burt smiled brightly and nodded, finally stuffing his books back into his bag. He bowed with a flourish and said, "It will be an honor to escort you to Hogsmeade, dear lady. I have to go buy some chocolate cremes for my sister so that works out perfectly!"

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Alison grinned widely and giggled a bit. “Let’s go then. I’d like to get another chocolate frog and some every flavor beans.” She explained and smiled as she walked to Hogsmeade with him, excited to spend some time with him. He was goofy, and she liked that in guys, so who knew if they would have a future together.

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lorien As they arrived in the entrance to Hogsmeade, Burt led her to Honeydukes and opened the door for her. "After you," he said with a smile as he inhaled the ever sweet smell of the delicious goodies inside. Hopefully he was correct in remembering that his sister wanted to have those chocolate cremes

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Alison smiled gently. “Thank you,” she beamed brightly, entering the store and grinning at the scent of all of the different candies. She hadn’t been here in so long and she truly missed it. Aside from Zonko’s, it was her favorite shop in Hogsmeade.

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lorien Burt gave her a smile as he follows her inside. Ah. The wonderful smell of Honeydukes was slightly overwhelming but no doubt some witch or wizard was preparing a new kind of enriching flavor. "Alright then, I'll be over there looking for the cremes," he said, pointing to the other side of the shop. "And you can either help me or choose something you like. It'll be on me this time since I am, after all, paying you back for helping me out." He winked and readjusted his bag, heading off to find those chocolate cremes

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Alison blushed madly. “Thank you.” She beamed lightly, smiling at him as she began to walk through the store, searching for the perfect candy. She grabbed a chocolate frog and a small box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

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lorien Burt fumbled with each package, deciding which chocolates he should buy for his sister. While she never really was the picky eater, Burt felt better knowing that he bought her the right one. So he settled for a box of rounded chocolates called, "Taste a Chocolate Hill in every bite!" And figured that he couldn't go wrong with that. He looked over his shoulder and saw Alison looking over near the other side of the shop. He walked over towards her and tapped on her shoulder. "Found anything?"

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Alison jumped, as he had startled her when he tapped on her shoulder. “Yes, I’m all set. Did you find everything you need?” She asked him lightly, looking over at him as she turned around, a gentle smile on her face.

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lorien "I think so," Burt said with a confused look as he showed her the package. "I just hope my sister likes them when I get back home. I love my sister, but I don't love her to the point where she's yelling at me that I got the wrong one."

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Alison smiled gently, looking down at his candies. “I’m sure she’ll love them. And she should at least appreciate that you took the time to get them for her. It’s sweet.” She explained, glancing back up at him while her eyes flickered with happiness.

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lorien "I hope so too," Burt said with a sigh. He loved his sister, he really did, but if he did something wrong, than she would immediately go after him. "Awww, thanks for saying so. I try to be sweet and caring when I can be." He winked at Alison and guided her towards the counter. "I'll pay for stuff as well. Since I did drag you out here and as well as for helping me better understand the whole concept with Potions." He scowled. "Horrible subject, if you ask me."

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lorien ((Britt? :D))

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lorien ((Oooooh Britt!))

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Alison entered the Great Hall for breakfast, worn out and drained from her early morning detention with Umbridge. She wore a jumper and leggings with fuzzy socks and slippers. She sniffled and wiped at her eyes with her sleeves as she sat down at the Hufflepuff table alone. During the attention, Umbridge had had enough with her and tortured her with the cruciatus curse. Alison felt broken, abused, horrified. She sat at the table silently, staring down at her empty plate.

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lorien Free and George were plotting the whole way down to the Great Hall. They were daring each other to go inside the secret passageways blindfolded, without the help of a fellow student or by any other means. That even meant not going down the night before and setting up marks. As they entered the Hall arm in arm, they checked for any students and were pleased to find Alison by the Hufflepuffs table. They froze for a moment, soaking in her expression and immediately rushed over, both sitting at either side of her. George was the first to speak up, leaning on the table. “What’s got you down, Alison?” “He’s right, you know. You look like a mess,” Fred added with a look of concern for his friend. “Was it Umbridge? That toad is the worst around here - maybe worst than Snape but you didn’t hear that from me,” George said, rubbing her back. “You can tell us, Alison.” She didn’t look well, at all. Whatever was the matter, it had broke her. Alison just didn’t seem to be Alison that morning.

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Alison leaned into George’s side a bit, always having been closer with him than Fred. She continued to wipe away her tears with the sleeve of her now wet jumper. She then held out both arms, pulling her sleeves up to reveal 2 bloody and swollen scars that read “mudblood”. She tried to speak, yet her chin continued to wobble as her petite body trembled with fear. Alison hiccuped and stammered out, “S-She’s a m-monster....c-c-cruciatus c-curse.”

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lorien George was disgusted. The woman was clearly out of her mind and something had to be done with her. She shouldn’t even be in the school for treating her students in such a cruel way. He continued rubbing her back comfortably and asked softly, his voice on the verge of pure anger, “When did she do this to you?” The fact that she could hold it in for so long astounded him. And only to now break.

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Alison quickly rolled down her sleeves in case anyone else saw as she sputtered out, “This morning. T-Two hours of it. I-I thought I was w-writing lines.” She whispered, glancing over at Fred, who had his fists clenched. Tears streamed down her face as she talked and she was embarrassed for anyone to see her. Luckily enough, it was still early and not many people were at breakfast. “S-She told me she was s-sick of seeing students like m-me here. T-That mudbloods like m-me shouldn’t even learn defense again the d-dark arts. And she tortured me for t-two hours. She put a silencing c-charm on her office so no one heard me s-s-scream-“ Her voice cracked off and broke as she fought hard to stay strong. Alison refused to break down. She was always seen smiling. She was supposed to be a happy Hufflepuff.

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lorien “Two hours,” George scoffed, his own hand balling into a fist. Free and George locked eyes and nodded. Something definitely had to be done with the evil Umbridge. They could always bring Dumbledore into this but. . . they figured it should be a bit more personal. Something that everyone in the school, save for the snooty Slytherins, could agree on. Her punishment would be an example of what would happen if someone dared hurt Hogwart’s students. They would have to recruit some assistants, but other than that, the plan could go in motion. George was filled with such rage that he wanted to hit something. But first, Alison needed her friends and George would make sure that they were there to help her in any way. “This shouldn’t Have happened to you, much less anyone less here,” George said as Fred nodded in agreement and held Alison’s hand. “Don’t worry, love, we’ll make sure the snake gets her punishment that has been looooong over due.”

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Alison nodded shakily and held Fred’s hand, looking into his eyes despite having blurry, tear-filled vision. “Thank you,” She whispered quietly. She glanced down at the empty plate on the table in front of her, knowing that she needed to eat. She couldn’t stop shaking and she continued to aggressively wipe her tears away, knowing she was supposed to be happy. She was losing strength in her hard battle of staying strong and calm.

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lorien “Hey,” George said quietly, turning her chin to look up at his freckled face. “We’ll sort everything up with Umbridge. All you have to worry about is your classes and making sure you the highest grades. I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth, can you?” He stared at Fred with a shocked smile who also smiled slowly. George then whispered to Alison with a sincere expression, “Is there anything you want us to do?”

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Alison turned her head and looked up at him with wide eyes. As she looked at his freckled face, she found herself getting lost in his eyes again, just like she had been since she developed her crush on him in their 5th year. She knew she couldn’t do anything about it, but she couldn’t help it. “Uh, I-I don’t know. I-I just need a distraction, Georgie.” She murmured quietly. “I just want to be happy. But that feels kinda impossible right now. Everything hurts.” She whispered, flinching as she heard footsteps approaching, only to turn her head and see that it was a few students walking past them to get food. Alison was just way too on edge and scarred. She was right. She needed a distraction from everything.

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lorien Ha! Georgie. At least she was acting like her old self again. Though the nickname annoyed the heck out of him at times, George found it endearing. Happy, all she wanted to be was happy. His stomach began filling with butterflies out of nowhere. He rubbed her arms gently and said, “I’m sure Fred and I can think of something to make your stay here at Hogwarts enjoyable.” Just what they should do, was a complete mystery to him. He wanted to make some kind of sweet thing by himself but maybe it would be best if Fred tagged along in this as well.

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A shiver ran down her spine as he gently rubbed her arms, finding the touching comforting to her. Alison sniffled and hiccuped quietly, having completely lost her appetite. “O-Okay. Maybe we could g-go to Hogsmeade for a little bit and hang out in the R-Room of R-Requirement?” She asked weakly.

Fred smiled softly, gently stroking Alison’s hair. The only time he ever seemed to be calm was when their girl needed help. She was truly the twins’ rock. “Do you want to hang out with both of us or just one of us? It’s up to you, Ali-bug.” He said softly, knowing the stupid nickname would cheer her up. Fred had known about her crush on George ever since she had come crying to him because George had gone to the Yule Ball with a Veela from Beauxbatons.

Alison leaned into George as she glanced over at Fred, closing her eyes and thinking for a minute. As much as she wanted to spend time alone with George, she really needed both of her boys. “Both.” She whispered sadly. “I need my boys to make me happy.”

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lorien “I suppose we can do that then,” George jokingly said. “We can head over there right now or. . .?” He picked at her jumper sleeves. “Would you like us to wait over there while you change?”

((Sorry it’s so short but Imma go to bed. ‘Night!))

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(( it’s okay!! goodnight!! i was supposed to sleep a few hours ago but i’m wide awake from jetlag and time changes, considering i just got back from hawaii! ))

Alison nodded shakily. “I’ll be right back, okay?” She said softly and got up, kissing both of them on the cheek. She saw Umbridge enter the Great Hall and she literally broke into a run back to the Hufflepuff common room. She entered her dorm and changed into this: curling her hair with the flick of her wand. She entered her bathroom and cleaned up her face, forcing her tears to stop as she put on some makeup. Once she was finished, she hurried back to where the twins were, her pockets filled with some galleons for spending at Hogsmeade.

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lorien “Just tell her already!” Free scolded with a smirk playing on his face. “I. . . I can’t,” George stammered as his face turned a pinkish-red. “She needs the both of us right now and if I tell her. . . it could ruin our friendship and I wouldn’t want that.” “You sometimes really are an idiot, you know that?” Free sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Look, we need to cheer her up. And I’m ninety-nine percent sure that she’ll be ecstatic to hear you say that to her.” George really felt unsure whether she would have the reaction Free said she would. But. . . George felt he could burst when keeping his feelings buried beneath him. He was suppose to be the jokster, not someone who could live up to the expectations of a boyfriend. A few minutes later, Alison came along looking amazing. George’s blush remained on his cheeks as he looked the other way. “Oh good!” Fred exclaimed, hooking his arm through hers. “You’re here! We were beginning to think you had ditched us.” George murmured in agreement and slowly copied his twin.

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Alison managed to plaster a weak smile on her lips as she linked arms with the boys. “Sorry, it took a bit of work to stop crying. Sorry.” She murmured lightly, glancing up at George and raising an eyebrow. “Why are you blushing?” She asked curiously. Surely enough, Alicia or Katie had been talking to them or something. Of course, being oblivious like always, Alison had been convinced for a year that George was going to end up with one of them.

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