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Hugh (bodachliath) | 2627 comments Mod
This thread is for general discussion of the book. I will add a few review links and other background links over the next couple of days but feel free to say anything you like about your expectations and any previous experiences of reading Mawer.

WndyJW I loved this book and seeing the photos really brought it to life. Its been several years since I read The Glass Room, but the book opened my eyes to how cosmopolitan Europe was before WWII and so how unthinkable the bigotry, the brutality, the horrors would have been to progressive Europeans. Its a lesson we should never forget. Progress can unravel quickly in the face of hatred.

Beverly | 141 comments Thanks for the information.

I have started the book.
It is my first time reading Simon Mawer

Only at the beginning but I feel the tension building that is going to disrupt the lives of the family. I am enjoying the storytelling and a lot of the tension I am feeling is because I know about the history of the region.

Nutmegger Linda (lindanutmegger) | 103 comments Wow, the pictures of the house are exactly how I imagined it would look.

Hugh (bodachliath) | 2627 comments Mod
I apologise for not having done more to keep this discussion active.

message 7: by Dan (new)

Dan Hugh, no apologies needed. Thanks for all of your work on this and M&G.

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