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Mike MacDee (mikemacdee) | 19 comments I wrote horror for ten years, and I have since been featured on podcasts related to horror writing such as Undercooked Analysis and Insert Pasta Pun Here, as well as being interviewed and featured at the Creepypasta Wiki. I don't really write horror anymore, but because I specialized in one genre for so long, I was able to hone my craft in record time -- probably five times faster than if I had simply written whatever came to mind.

So for #horrorweek I'm doing a bunch of stuff.

1) I'm answering questions about how to write effective horror and how to write engaging characters. Ask me anything about those topics, or other topics if you feel like being a rebel of some kind. We all get the urge now and then.

2) I'm reviewing at least one scary story/book per day on Goodreads, aiming for a good and bad review from monday to friday. I already got a head start last week re-reading and reviewing the works of H P Lovecraft, and I'll probably review most or all of his works by the end of the week.

3) I'm giving away Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors for free on Amazon, for the entire duration of Horror Week. Starting on the 16th, you can go to Amazon and get it for absolutely nothing. I'll post a direct link when it starts, in case you have to use a specific address to get the free version. Likely it'll just be the ebook that's free, depending what Amazon decides to allow.

4) At the end of Horror Week, assuming it gets approved, I'm hosting a Goodreads giveaway: one winner in the US or UK gets a copy of Infernal Affairs AND a review copy of the yet-to-be-released prequel The Amityville Nuisance, both signed and doodled by yours truly.

I'll post an update at, as well as in this forum, when the giveaway begins. You can read descriptions of both books at my website if you're curious. In the meantime, here are three good stories by H P Lovecraft for those of you who have been meaning to read his work, but never got around to it: The Dunwich Horror, The Lurking Fear, Out of the Aeons. You can read them all at, since his works are in the public domain.

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