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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Shepard (markshep) | 3 comments Please remove the following books from my author profile, as I did not write them:

What If It's Perfect?
A Guiding Life (2 listings)
Urban Versioning System 1.0
Restoration Agriculture


message 2: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 15, 2017 05:20AM) (new)


Please be aware of these GR guidelines for description: summary: no praise, reviews, sales ads. I went through and adj your descriptions.

I also noticed that you had some 25th anniversary editions descriptions are the same. Perhaps there is additional content or something. I believe as an author you can modify the description following the above guidelines. Or give us the description and we can update it for you.

Also you have the default one space profile Mark^Shepard (^=space) When books auto feed in they go to the default profile. If it gets to be a problem you can contact GRs and ask them to move you out of the default one space profile.

Also they may still appear to be on your profile depending on when you look at this due to system caching but they aren't and it should display that properly soon.

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