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Laura (conundrum44) | 99 comments I think I would have though everyone belonging to a secret society kind of silly if I hadn't seen it before in A Series of Unfortunate Events. It seems this secret society even had a schism like VFD.

Are there any other fictional secret societies that Everybody belongs to?

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Rick | 2869 comments I.... you don't know about the secret S&L meetings?


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Tassie Dave | 3606 comments Mod
'The Order of the Phoenix' from Harry Potter would be one.

Robert Lee (harlock415) | 263 comments The Order of the Ancient Dawn was a secret society in Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country

specious_reasons | 15 comments The Illuminatus! Trilogy is basically all secret societies within secret societies (within secret societies), and every single character is working for one or more...

I'm not sure I'd recommend the book, though. I don't think it aged well, with its trashy 70s sensibilities. However, if you can read about Markoff Chaney, I would recommend it.

Also, Foucault's Pendulum is also good "everyone's in a conspiracy" novel. That novel is about how a group of three intellectuals make up a very clever story about the fall of the Templars... and people start to believe them...

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John (Taloni) Taloni (johntaloni) | 4075 comments The Order of the Brass Octopus (OBO) from Gail Carriger's Steampunk books.

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