The island in our hearts buddy read group discussion


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A place where we collect all the mythology of the island.
The motto, the national anthem(WE HAVE TO WRITE MORE)+++
Fun, fun,fun :)

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Motto: Books, daydreams and happyness. Anthem: We read from morning to lunch, then we converse about life.. The sun is always there.. Aaand the surfer dudes are never far.. Sometimes we see Kim Hyde oh how we sigh... Ohhh the island in our hearts.. Our fangirl hearts of love and passion.. Ohhh the Island in our hearts..
Virginia ♥ Herondale ♥
There's only love and no depression! Just adventure without indenture! We live a life full of joy and survive every ploy! Ohhhh the island in our hearts..

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In an alternate reality where a cruse ship with bookish fangirls and boys were on their way to a BoonCon in Hawaii but alas a storm came and threw the cruise off the map. After three days in the dramatic raw storm, the weather settled and everyone saw the beautiful island they had ended up on.
No one got hurt, and by a miracle most of the food from the cruise was intact.

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