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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 416 comments I am looking for beta readers for a YA romance that is still in the early stages. It has some humor, but also deals with some serious topics. I want honest opinions/reactions to the story so I can make changes that need to be made for it. If you have time I would love chapter-by-chapter reactions if not just over all would work.

The story is about a boy and a girl, her sister is married to his brother and they have become friends because of that. She wants to be more, but he is content with how things are, that is until she gets the interest of a college boy and spends less and less time with him then he realizes his feelings are more. But is it too late? (This isn't the official blurb, it's still a work in progress)

message 2: by Serah (new)

Serah (auberginedreams) | 76 comments Hi Emily! I can be your beta reader if that's alright with you :)

message 3: by Emily (new)

Emily | 416 comments Serah wrote: "Hi Emily! I can be your beta reader if that's alright with you :)"

Absolutely! Message me your email.

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