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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments so what plot are we going to do? :)

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 †Emily† | 23 comments I don't know x) anything is good with me :)

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments Ahh okay, do you want to do Blake and Mara (?? i hope that's right) then?

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 †Emily† | 23 comments That's right haha! Okay! Honestly, I don't know if I remember everything x) about them and their histories but we can always start anew :)

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments Haha me neither but I've developed a lot since then! I reckon we could still make it work. Do you want to do the same setting or should we make it more high school-ish?

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 †Emily† | 23 comments So have I!! This will be fun I'm sure :) high school or college either one works 😊

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments I think we should do it where they're older! So college, what should the plot be?

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Yeah that'll be fun! Maybe they go to the same college and end up bumping into one another? Honestly we could make it anything we want :)

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments Ooooh yes!! Do we want Mara to be the popular one? Because usually the guy is the well-liked one, but we can change that haha

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 †Emily† | 23 comments I feel like she wouldn't be well liked since she's pretty rude and mean lol what if Blake was popular and she's more like unpopular? Are we doing college after the hunger games era where Blake and Mara are part of the many generations after or like real life?

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments Okay! which would you like to do? I don't mind with either

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Does that work for you? or we could make Mara more popular or both unpopular? lol we should just see how things go and then decide. Honestly i don't know x) It would be funny for them to talk about the hunger games as if they didn't participate even though they did but we've never rped with them in a realistic setting so either one would be interesting

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Okay!! We could do like where they learned about the hunger games in school like we've learned about the world wars in school but they'll have like flashbacks! Okay so college setting right?

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Omg I'll have to go back to the arena Bc I can't even remember what happened lol

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments yeah that sounds good! &me too, I don't even know the arena it was in? can you link me it haha

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 †Emily† | 23 comments arena 3 I just checked haha x) I'll send the link

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments omg 1,044 comments D:

"Every tribute has a different color, which was not chosen at random. Your purpose in the arena (besides to win) is to figure out what your color signifies about yourself. " did you ever figure out the reason?

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Yes i think so.. i remember mara having maroon or something for blood? or maybe im making that up lol

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 †Emily† | 23 comments want to start rping then? or is there anything else to plan?

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments ohh haha. mine was orange I think that's because I said dandelions were Blake's fave flower? idk. as if it was 3 years ago?? and yeah! :)

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 †Emily† | 23 comments omg three years ago thats crazy! awesome! should I start or do you want to?

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments i'll let you! :)

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Haha okay! I'll post some time today:)

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments Fab!! :D

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 †Emily† | 23 comments The rain was miserable. Mara hated it but what she hated the most was the fact that it stuck to her like an unwanted friend. She walked along the path towards the mathematics building, unlucky for her the building was quite a ways away from the main building of her college. The way that her school was set up was unnecessarily complicated. Instead of having just one building with all the faculties in one, the faculties were repeated by building. A bit like districts, she thought to herself as she sulked her way through the rain. It was drizzling lightly, the worst kind. It flew in her face, making it sticky and wet. It clung to her hair and her clothes, not enough to feel drenched but enough to feel uncomfortable. Mara's major was mathematics, she did not know why but she had always found a liking in probability and figuring out exact measurements and angles. She despised her classes, mostly because they were boring for her but also because everyone in her class was annoying. They were all-


Mara clenched her teeth and continued walking, quickly putting her hood over her head. She hoped the familiar voice would buzz off, her mood today was more sour than usual.


She rolled her eyes, the annoying calling of her name convinced her to turn around though she would have rather kept walking. She swiveled on her heels, breaking into an almost manic smile. "Well, well, well, who do we have here?" she murmured, watching the figure come into view. The rain had brought fog with it, making it slightly hard to make out the face. She blinked a couple times, trying to get her eyes to focus. The young man's hair was wet from the rain, making it hang over his eyes lazily. He was wearing a type of jump suit? Orange in colour. Mara furrowed her eyebrows, squinting in an attempt to see the person in front of her.

Who are you? echoed in her head just as the person came into view, this time wearing normal clothes rather than a bright orange body suit.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((Thought I would start of the parallels right off the bat haha :D I went back to the arena and what mara said is what she first said to blake in the arena c: ))

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments ((omg shook))

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments The lengths that he had gone to try and get near this girl was unbelievable. She walked so fast, and her black hair fell down her back, covering what she was wearing. But it was okay, because she was the only girl he knew with that length hair. His mum always commented on her, on how her hair needed cutting, and the fact that they shouldn't hang around together. He never really understood that. In class she kept to herself, and he always saw people staying away from her. Maybe they were just too nervous because they'd heard stories about her. He wasn't a nervous person; he usually got involved in everything and wouldn't hesitate to help out.

She finally stopped and turned round to face him, and was hoping that she wouldn't look too annoyed at being halted in what seemed to be a hurry. Yet she was grinning from ear to ear, but then it faded, and she frowned, and he stepped back.

"Don't leave. Mara, come back." Blake's eyes focused on something moving behind her and it was as if the scenery changed. It was similar to something that he would paint. All silver, with perfectly polished glass windows. Tiers of food stood on marble surfaces, with numerous bottles of coloured liquids placed next to them. Leather seats were in the corner, angled towards each other, and the faint sound of wheels on a track entered his ears. When he looked back, the vision had faded, and they were stood in the middle of a muddy path, with water streaming down his face. She'd put her hood up, but he wasn't wearing a coat at all. It seemed to cover a dark red jumper, but they'd just come from school, so surely that wasn't right?

No, they could wear what they wanted. He blinked and wiped his hands over his eyes, mostly to clear his thoughts. "Where's the boyfriend?" Shit. Did I say that out loud? He took a few deep swallows and prepared for the hurricane that would attack him by words.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((the hurricane, i love it x) ))

Who are you?

The words echoed in her head. For a minute she thought Blake had said it but it sounded slightly different than what his voice normally sounded like. The second he spoke, irritability sparked inside her. It inflamed her entire body, heating her up despite the freezing rain. He took a step back to where she, herself, took a step back as well. "I have class so I actually have to leave." She called, slowly backing up. Her vision of Blake was blurred from the weather but this didn't prevent her from seeing the slight shift in him as if he were watching something behind her. She turned her head back briefly to see no one there but the building that was her destination.

"Forgive me," she taunted, "But I really do need to-" she was cut off by a quick remark that from the look on Blake's face was not meant to have left his lips. But they had. Her lips tightened to become a narrow line as she narrowed her eyes at him. She stuffed her hands in her pockets, her face settling into a poisonous look. She watched him blink and swallow while a small smile made itself visible. Oh, how she loved making people squirm in fear. She didn't know why but it gave her a rush, a feeling of content.

"He's already in class waiting for me." she called over the rain, her adrenaline now coursing through her. She let out a short laugh at what she was about to say, "Care to join me, maybe? I'm sure he would love to meet you." Mara gave Blake no time to decide as she turned around and walked swiftly into the school, flipping her hood back. She suddenly liked the tug she felt when rain splattered onto her hair, making it wet and heavy. She flipped it over her shoulder just before turning to see if Blake would follow. Through the mist and rain, her hair contrasted her grey, almost blue, eyes. They somehow pierced through the fog, seeing through Blake. Suddenly he was bloody and weak, staggering towards her.

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments ((watch out for some hella flashbacks haha))

Blake's heart was thumping in his chest and he just wanted to rip it out of its place. It had no right to do that when he didn't want to get angry about something that he had started. It wasn't as if she'd done anything wrong anyway: she'd only answered his question. She was just being herself, and he couldn't argue against that. That's what intrigued him to begin with, wasn't it? Again, she started to smile. Was she really having such a good day? Or was she pleased with the fact that he'd clearly humiliated himself? She was one of the most well-known girls in school, and he wasn't. He felt like he'd made a huge mistake. And he wanted it to be over.

It didn't look like that would be happening any time soon. "I- he is?" His voice cracked and he pushed his hands deep into his pockets so she wouldn't be able to see them fold and unfold. He had no intention of joining them, obviously. He'd rather enter the Hunger Games then join her. His mouth had other plans. "Sure," and he was already jogging after her, furious with himself for being so foolish. She went inside and Blake followed after her, keeping his head low and his eyes lower.

His fingers ran through his hair, taking the wet droplets out of each strand. The sky was getting darker even though the day had only started. He had no idea what he was going to say to this guy. Did he even know him? Probably not. But he'd sure find out soon. He let his thoughts wander as they traipsed through the school corridors. He thought of his mum, brother and dad, getting ready to take Helix off to school. They would walk with him, to and from school every day, because he didn't like the boys in his class. Blake wasn't too sure he liked anyone anymore.

When Mara stopped walking, Blake looked up to see a group of around six guys all sitting on desks, laughing and sneering at anyone that they didn't like. They clearly all adored Mara, however, as the laughs stopped and turned into nudges. One boy stood up and Blake could tell that this boy was clearly taller. He swallowed and wished, again, to be anywhere but there.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((I'm very excited to see what you're gonna do lol!))

"Dagger!" She cooed as her boyfriend stood up to greet her. His name always made her laugh a bit. Old habits die hard she always thought. Even though the Games had been abolished decades ago, families with ancestors from the Career districts always liked to remind others of their lineage, hence, her boyfriend's name. Mara did not know if her name meant anything to her family history and she never really bothered to find out. The past was interesting but to her it really was stupid to pay any attention to it. Mara, of course, was not her real name and she never dared think about her real name. It made her squirm with disgust. She did not think it suited her at all. Her parents always insisted that it did suit her, always hinting to her that she would some day understand.

The thought lingered in her mind as she gave Dagger a quick kiss on the cheek. His friends all smirked at her with smug looks on their faces. "Wipe them smiles off your face before I do it for you." She snapped, as Dagger put his arm around her. His friends reluctantly obliged just as Blake came into view. His face now in perfect condition, rather than what it had been before. The visions or whatever she saw were never given much thought. She had always assumed she was just a bit crazy. It was something her family was known for, or so she heard. She preferred to push the visions away rather than give them a second thought.

"This is Blake," she said to her boyfriend. "Our families know each other for whatever reason but I wouldn't say we are close. We just somehow have known each other since Game days." Mara looked up at Dagger, "He wanted to meet you."

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((so sorry for the short post, i couldn't really think of much..))

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments ((that's not short?! are you joking xD))

Dagger. Of course. Blake watched them make their relationship apparent to anyone because God forbid people already knew. Why hadn't he clocked on before? He'd heard stories about them as he'd grown up through school. One of the most arrogant and selfish jerks in their year, paired with one of the rudest and sassiest girl. What a perfect match. They'd all been at primary school together, and Blake ended making friends with the science nerds as they were the only ones that weren't bullying him at the time. They were a wonderful five years of his life. If her boyfriend was the same character as he was back then, Blake would need to get the hell out of there. Fast. He started to wonder why he'd even gone up to her in the first place.

Yet again, the tables turned and he nodded at Mara's boyfriend. "Hey," he said, keeping his hands in his jeans. This was going to be an excruciating interaction. He knew better than to say anything, because even though Blake would gladly take Dagger in a fight, and even though it may last a few minutes, the latter would most definitely win and it would be embarrassing for both parties for taking part. Still, he made eye contact with him, showing that he wasn't afraid or nervous - for now. "I've heard a lot about you," he spoke with what he hoped was authority. His words weren't degrading, but left room for interpretation. Blake was all about the air of surprise.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((Well compared to your post before it felt short x) ))

Dagger narrowed his eyes at Blake, taking note that the other young man did not put out his hand. Dagger sensed that the man had no desire to truly speak with him. He sighed slightly but masked it as a stifled laugh. "And I have heard a lot about you as well." He retorted simply, not expending the energy to keep a conversation. "Do me a favour and leave Mara alone. I don't like you hanging around her, alright?"

Mara stood silent beside Dagger, starring Blake down. She observed him as she always did when she had a split second to catch a glimpse of him in the hall or in a class. She would never admit it but there was something about him she could not shake from her mind. Sure, they had gone to the same school when they were younger and their parents had forced them to play together but it always just felt weird. Dagger's words shook Mara awake from her thoughts. His demand was something that should have been said in private between the two but her boyfriend was not like that. He loved the power her had. Sometimes it made Mara roll her eyes in annoyance by his immature nature. It was as if they were all sixteen again and it made Mara curl her lip back in disgust. In reality, she did not like Dagger but--A cold hand slid next to hers, Dagger's fingers lacing between hers. She hoped no one saw the tense look in her eyes or her stiff fingers that mechanically moved to clasp his hand.

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments He frowned slightly and readjusted the bag strap on his shoulder. He got the message, alright. And if he was able to follow Dagger's orders, then he would. Yet every time he got the feeling that something wasn't right, he indulged in it. It was weird; he had no desire to be incapacitated by some brainless twit, but whenever situations arose that Blake shouldn't be in, he didn't leave. However, he was sensing that this 'gathering' was no place for him, and finally started making his farewell speeches. Well, he would, if he could find his voice. So he just stood there awkwardly, nodding and hoping that someone would break the silence. In his favour, someone coughed, and it seemed to put his mind back into motion.

"Yes," he answered, but it seemed way too formal for a guy that might as well have been threatened by death. Blake cleared his throat and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I can do that. I guess it must be her approachable personality that makes me so drawn into her." He smirked at Dagger and swiftly turned and exited the room. His feet moved faster than he was able to comprehend and he found himself outside the door of where his first class was. Which was weird, because he didn't remember looking at his timetable that day. And he couldn't remember the encounter that had just happened. And he couldn't remember why he was in the building to begin with.

He just couldn't remember.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments Mara was dragged along by Dagger but she couldn't help but look back as Blake walked away. She heard aimless chatter around her as she entered class. Soon mathematical sequences filled her mind to distracted her from the thoughts that nagged at her. Dagger next to her gave her no sense of comfort, and ironically his hand resting on her leg under the long seminar tables made her tense enough to strain her muscles. She blinked down at her notebook, her thoughts wandering as their professor explained the problem again for those who had not understood.

Had her great-great or maybe even great-great-great ancestors gone to school or had they only trained for the Games?

That point in time was extremely fascinating for her. To even think about that being something that went on for years caused her great disgust and discomfort. Some of her ancestors were probably murderers and Victors. She knew her family was a famous one but fame from the Games was not like it used to be. It only got you some attention at parties now when you introduced yourself and your last name gave away your past status within the Districts.


Her name held more history than she probably knew. Maybe I should look into that... she thought.

"Ms. Crayle,"

She always knew she came from a known family but never had she really--


Mara snapped to attention when she heard her full name. She scowled at her professor, hardly hiding her disdain for the woman in front of her. Professor Lok returned the glare, neither woman backing down. "I don't know what the problem is, Professor." Mara stated, the class holding its breath. No one was able to disrespect the teachers but somehow Mara could with ease. "If you could just continue your babbling so no one has to stay longer than we already have to." The atmosphere became ice cold and Mara basked in its presence, soaking it in proudly.


"Marabelle, dear, please set the table. We're having dinner with some family friends tonight."

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Mel (melsheard) | 76 comments ((this is completely off topic but I was doing a super good roleplay with this girl and she's deleted her account and I'm so mad because it was one of my favourites and I wanted to turn it into a wattpad 3 ))

"Hey, bro, you coming in?" He was jerked back to his situation by a firm hand on his shoulder. Blake looked up through his grey eyes to see one of his best friends grinning at him. "Thought you loved this lesson," the other boy joked, whilst turning to go through the open door and place himself in his seat at the back. The rest of the students in the lesson swarmed around him, but for once, Blake didn't want to go in. He wanted to stay on the outside, because lately, that was all he was feeling like. A pushover, a reject. Yet he wasn't too sure why he was enjoying the quiet. He was usually loud, but the past few days had been different. He reckoned today was the worst, which was odd, because he'd only spoken to five people - six, if you count the boy that only spoke to him without a reply - and they didn't require any effort.

Still, he blinked a few times and sat down in his seat. He chose to be right at the back, because even though it was stereotypical that you got chose more, this class avoided that rule. So when everyone rushed to the front so they wouldn't get picked on to answer questions, Blake just hung at the sides and waited until a free seat showed itself to him. Since then, he'd felt at home behind that wooden desk. Of course, his legs were too long and hung clumsily around the sides of the table and he often had to tuck them in so that people wouldn't purposefully trip over him. "Yes, Sir," he answered absent-mindedly, not bothering to look up at the teacher. He did enjoy this class. Or rather - he used to. That was before everything started.


It was bright sunny day, and everyone had just eaten lunch. Those that had watched the tryouts for the school game were hyped with excitement for the possible thought that the school might win that year. Those that had taken part were sweaty, sticky and red-faced, but were open-minded to anything that could happen. Blake had watched from the sidelines, but after eventually being forced onto the field, he had shown what he could do and was told there 'might be a space' for 'someone like you'. He didn't hold out much hope. The week rolled on even though the buzz was still there, it was more anxious than excited. A letter of notice went up on the board in the main dining hall, and instead of six names for the team, there were seven.

Blake Underwood was written scruffily, almost as if it were a last-minute thought, but it was there nonetheless. It was the event of the year everyone counted down to. What would the opposing school be like? It would probably be the school from One, who were buff, macho, and a hell of a lot more frightening. He should have been scared. But he wasn't. He was looking forward to it. Happy, almost.

Then the game came around, and he was stood on the field, rubbing his hands together and watching his breath form in the cool mid air. Even though he was pushed very far to the side, he was still counted as part of the group, and that was good enough for him. The opposing team were big, like everyone had predicted. They were handsome. They all made the girls swoon. One even asked her out before the game, and she said yes. He was confident, cocky, but had the most perfect hair that anyone had seen. Blake's team ended up losing. He wasn't surprised. He still ended up on the team. His name was still there. So, this over-confident, all-too-beautiful guy ended up moving to Two. Him and his girlfriend? They were in luuuuurve, or so everyone said. They were always smiling, always holding hands, always laughing. They were together for everything. Another boy looked at her? He'd threaten to have his head off, and she would laugh. Another girl looked at him? She'd snarl at her, and he would laugh.

It was difficult to go a day without hearing how cute they were, or how they both had immaculate hair. No one really knew if he was smart; usually American football players had no brain. Blake was an exception - he was good in all his subjects. And his favourite class helped with that. Then it no longer become his favourite. Because sat in his place was her boyfriend. He wore a perfect smile, with perfect teeth. His eyes were beautiful and as blue as the sky. Blake decided then and there that it was no longer his favourite class, and he hated this boy. Blake got pushed further to the back, but he was now in the corner. He no longer had perfect view of the board. He was no longer sat next to one of his greatest mates. He was sat by himself. And he could no longer get the girl.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((I could have sworn I answered! I'm sorry :( ))

To say the least, it was awkward. She was squished between her mother and Blake's mother. Mara starred into Blake's eyes from across the table, glaring unceasingly at the young man. It was halfway through dinner, where some people were still eating while others were not. Mara, herself, had some mashed potatoes left but they had gone cold long ago. The topic had shifted towards her personal life as Blake's father mentioned her boyfriend. She gave short answers, hardly even answering the man's questions. Everyone just chuckled at her answers, brushing them off as shy answers of an embarrassed young girl. Mara rolled her eyes at them all before groaning, "Ask Blake some questions for once or maybe the young ones?" she motioned to Blake's younger brother and her younger sister. The adults just chuckled, her father saying, "Well, Blake, how have you been? Do you have anyone special you would like to mention?"

Mara scoffed as her dad, the typical dad, who loved to bug you about your crush. "Dad, please, as if--"

"Mara!" her mother interrupted, giving her a stern look.

"What?" Mara asked, feigning misunderstanding.


Mara narrowed her eyes, the use of her real name was something she had asked her mother never to do around people unless it was their immediate family. She was silent, bubbling with anger. A venomous glint shone in her eyes as she cast her gaze to Blake, slightly embarrassed and extremely angry. She stared straight at him as if saying, never say my real name or you'll never see daylight again

Blake's father chuckled, waving his hand while saying, "Please, Eleanor, we all know Mara and Blake have such a friendship where teasing is quite normal." Mara's parents laughed with relief as the atmosphere of the dinner returned to an amicable one. "It is quite funny," Mara's mother giggled, "Mara is almost the spitting image of my great grandmother. It's why we named her after her, except my great grandmother's name was simply Mara but we thought that was too harsh of a name, so we named her Marabelle, but she detests it so much she insists on being called Mara. It's quite funny, really."

Mara just sat there, hardly paying attention to what her mother said.

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 †Emily† | 23 comments ((mel?))

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