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(Self) Promotion > Why does a women's identity get lost after marriage?

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Jyoti and Varuna  Gupta | 3 comments I have met a lot of women who complain that they have lost their dreams, passions along with their identity after marriage. My book The Perfect Marriage deals with this issue where a woman finds her lost identity after thirteen years of marriage and two children. Would like to know the views of other women who feel this way

Jyoti and Varuna  Gupta | 3 comments Why is it that overtime women are ignored by their husbands and have to fight for their attention , time and love? It a story of what should they do to rekindle that lost love.

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Wende | 1218 comments I think both lose their identity. You go from being newly married and being just the two of you. When children come you lose yourself into raising them. Most men I know take the roll of being a father and caregiver as much as women do being a mother. They work less hours so lose their chances for promotion. Then when you reach early 40's you look around and the kids don't need you as much or if they do it is as a taxi. My husband and I had to reconnect as a couple again and discover we were more than just parents

Jyoti and Varuna  Gupta | 3 comments yes your are correct. But in some cases women still crave for attention and love even by their husband. They are not happy.
You are lucky to have such a husband who takes care of children and understands you. In india the role basically falls on the woman.

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