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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1390 comments Mod
This dorm is for Alex(Kayla) and Ari(BubbleWaffles). Only these two characters are allowed in this room unless invited. Decorate however you like!~

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Alex's side looks a lot like his grans store it's all black with splats of bright neon colors and has dark lights that make everything glow he also has a science kit with glowing bright liquid and a lot of books

Alex was reading a book on his bed

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bubblewaffles Ari's side is painted with dark purple, like one of his eyes, with glowing yellow spots, like his other eye. He has a trunk filled with his black hoodies with black and white garments. He has a pair of black boots next to the trunk that he wears occasionally. His bed is a white, leaving it open to future painting.

Ari was on his bed taking a cat nap invisibly, all you can see is his smile.

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Alex finally looked up and was started at the smile on the other bed

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bubblewaffles Ari was snoring quietly, it was rather cute, but he was just really tired from the journey here, after all, he was still a young cat.

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Alex looked back on his book he wonders when his roommate would get here and then he heard snoring " um hello" Alex said

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bubblewaffles Ari yawned, waking up and appearing. "Yes?" He asked. He wondered what was so important that his roommate would have to wake him up.

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" ahh what how did. You weren't and now. How did you do that" Alex asked

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bubblewaffles "I'm the son of the Cheshire cat." It was a thing that Ari didn't really like mentioning, as some people still thought that he should've been on the isle.

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" oh I'm sorry for waking you Alex said "I'm the son of drazela " Alex said

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" you know the uh stepsister " Alex said not wanting to call his mother evil

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bubblewaffles "That's okay. And you shouldn't let your parents define you." Ari replied.

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" ya sorry about waking you I didn't realise that you could turn invisible " Alex said

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bubblewaffles "That's fine" Ari smiled. He was a curious mind as well.

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" any way if you want you can go back to sleep " Alex said and smiled

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bubblewaffles "Thanks." Ari closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

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Alex went back to his book

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