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Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1390 comments Mod
This is a dorm for Rowena(BubbleWaffles) and Hazel(Kaela). Only these two characters are allowed in this room unless invited. Decorate however you want!~

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bubblewaffles Rowena painted all of her bedspread, pillow, blanket and such red and black with hearts, occasionally adding some pink and purple. She was very glad about not sharing a dorm with another VK, some of them were a little crazy and she wasn't sure about which ones were crazy, which ones weren't. She painted her carpet and walls on her side of the room lavender purple with black hearts, loving it. She painted her trunk black, wanting it to contrast against the floor.

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bubblewaffles "Rowena. Your roommate." She said. She was in the serious mood and couldn't be bothered to talk. The tour had been boring and she was dying to get some pranking or outdoor activities accomplished.

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bubblewaffles "Me too. And don't prod my buttons. My mother is the queen of hearts, you know." She wasn't proud of her parentage but in cases like this, it did come in handy with scaring other people. She sat down on her bed and started humming.

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bubblewaffles "Bye!" Rowena said in a fake, almost mocking sweet tone before she checked that Hazel was gone and rolled her eyes. "Just like a true AK." She said before changing into a white knee-length dress, her black and red boots, and a black jacket as she headed out to explore Auradon.

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