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message 1: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments Hello are you interested in reading the first 16,000 words/11 chapters of my manuscript?

For months, seventeen-year-old Hiromi has worked as an immunology intern in what’s left of Japan to find a cure for a deadly mutation virus. Every single test she tries, with the help of her mentor, has failed. They’re running low on infection samples and losing hope.

To gather more samples, Hiromi reaches out to her childhood friend, Kenji, and his military squad. Kenji reluctantly agrees, although his squad works gate patrol instead of fieldwork. Within days, Hiromi gets a chance to join Kenji and his squad on a mission to investigate a group of infected. The mission goes south and one of Kenji’s friends gets bitten—but he doesn’t show signs of infection. It’s the breakthrough Hiromi’s been searching for, but Kenji refuses to let his friend become a lab rat even if it is for a good cause.

The squad along with Hiromi and Kenji are at each other’s throats. With her friendship shattered and the virus claiming more victims, Hiromi is forced to choose between betraying her life-long friend and sacrificing an innocent life to save the city or surrendering a chance for a cure to rekindle a friendship.

message 2: by Roberto (last edited Oct 14, 2017 06:02AM) (new)

Roberto Guerra (roberto27) | 24 comments Hi Amanda,

You might really like my story, The Shadow in the Mirror (paranormal). Please let me know if you'd be willing to read the first two chapters of the ms, and if you'd like you can read the entire story (89,000 words).

Harold Hopkins was born as a number of unearthly events were taking place throughout the globe, which had a freakish effect on his very existence.
Since birth, Harold’s father is disgusted by him, his peers shun him and the woman of his dreams, Maira, fears him, for reasons neither he nor anyone else can explain. Throughout his life he has witnessed an alternate version of himself in the mirror, often staring back at him as if he himself were a monster, which he later realizes is himself in a parallel reality, leading the plentiful life he always dreamed of.
After setting off on a harrowing journey in search of the truth about himself, Harold finds Kemya, a motherly figure who helps him discover the truth about the events that took place when he was born, and how they altered his existence in ways he never imagined possible.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris | 12 comments HI Amanda,

Wonder if you would be interested in reading my 70,000 word novel?
This novel is about a man who has strained relationship with his father. One day James, a middle-aged, disillusioned private investigator gets a call telling him that his father has cancer and only has a short time to live.
Over the next few months the reasons that their relationship had broken down is revealed through a series of flashbacks and reminiscences during which the son relives his foray into the seedier side of 1970s London which culminates in him having to escape arrest and Edgar’s own tragic past as he recalls the betrayal that shattered his love for his son. As James begins to get to know his father again he makes the shocking discovery that, not only he is not his fathers’ biological son, but that his father’s affair resulted in the birth of an illegitimate psychopathic son of whom James has no knowledge.
The main essence of this book is the destructive relationship between father and son how they are finally able to make peace with each other.
Cheers, Chris

message 4: by Roblyn (new)

Roblyn North | 10 comments A brand new Contemporary Steamy Romance Series with unique Spiritual elements. Complete details, blurb, info are here:

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