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message 1: by B.D. (new)

B.D. Roca (bdroca) | 10 comments Hello,

Could the cover to Happy Birthday/B.D. Roca be updated (same contents, update to cover only). The publisher's link is here: Thank you! BD

message 2: by B.D. (new)

B.D. Roca (bdroca) | 10 comments Tim... Splaining wrote: "Working on it"

Thank you: :)

message 3: by B.D. (new)

B.D. Roca (bdroca) | 10 comments Hi Tim,

Thanks so much for doing that, however, when I look at my author profile page, the first Happy Birthday cover is the one that is displaying, not the new B&W one. In the City to City series link, the original also seems to be the default. The new B&W cover should be the default display. Is this just a matter of the Goodreads system updating? Thanks, BD

message 4: by B.D. (new)

B.D. Roca (bdroca) | 10 comments Ah! I'm so sorry, I'm hopeless at this stuff. Will get to it now. Thanks for your help (& patience) BD

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