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News and Current Events > Plague Epidemic in Madagascar is over for now

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Robert Zwilling | 2094 comments Because one victim died un-diagnosed in a city, he came into contact with dozens of people, before and after he died. 31 people contracted the disease from that contact.

It is plague season there and they have cases where people die. 52 died last year, but the treatment is straight forward if caught in time.

Usually it is found in the rural districts, 20 districts are reporting cases right now, but the two biggest cities have reported 387 out of 312 cases.

Hopefully they will get all the help they need before the situation gets worse.

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Robert Zwilling | 2094 comments International help is finally getting to where it is needed after 1150 cases were reported with 91 deaths.

The initial problem was that the majority of cases were the kind that can be transmitted by sneezing or coughing in a crowded urban environment, places the plague normally never gets to. It used to be a disease that stayed in background, in the lesser developed areas.

After receiving 1 million doses of antibiotics and international support, the situation should be quickly brought under control. The Red Cross is helping by sending its first-ever plague treatment center.

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Robert Zwilling | 2094 comments The normal number of cases per years averages around 600. The current number of people infected is 2,119 and 171 have died, usually that number is around 50. Usually the disease stays in the rural areas but this time it is being found in the cities.

The cure is to get an antibiotic drip that lasts for 5 days. There is good supply of drugs available. Some people are not willing to stay in a hospital for 5 days. You can die 36 hours after showing symptoms. It is highly contagious.

The surrounding nations of South Africa, La Reunion, Seychelles, Mauritius, Tanzania, Comoros, Kenya, Mozambique, and Ethiopia have been told by the WHO to prepare in case the disease spreads.

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Robert Zwilling | 2094 comments This year's plague outbreak in Madagascar is finally over. The plague season itself runs until April 2018.

It was bad because not all the cases were caught in a timely manner when it arrived in the two big cities. In the rural countryside the remoteness of people not able to travel anywhere fast is what keeps the diseases in check. It's similar to letting a fire burn itself out. Even in highly developed countries that's not unusual, it can take a month for test results to be processed and traced back to their sources.

From the 1 August through 22 November 2017, a total of 2348 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of plague, including 202 deaths (case fatality rate 8.6 %), were reported by the Ministry of Health of Madagascar to WHO. 81 health workers probably contracted the diseases but none of them died, having received prompt medical treatment.

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