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The Devil in the White City
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Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 5460 comments Mod
This thread is now open for discussion. No spoilers on this thread, please.

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Jason (jasondenness) | 1876 comments Glad this one won. Hopefully it will be interesting. First heard about this on the TV series called Timeless.

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Lisa (mrswhams) | 730 comments Mod
This does look interesting. Will see if library has it.

Virgowriter (Brad Windhauser) | 6 comments I actually teach this book to my Freshman Comp students. This is easily Larson's best book. Although the story is grounded in the events surrounding the building of the Chicago's World Fair in the late 1800's, the book is really about the competing forces within our society--then as well as now. By using the two main storylines of HH Holmes and Daniel Burnham, Larson explores how Good and evil coexist in our society, and perhaps feed off one another. He demonstrates this is several ways, one of which is how he structures the novel, alternating between the two main story lines, which asks the readers to compare and contrast the ways in which these two main archetypes (Official Hero and Villain) have more in common than most people would be comfortable acknowledging. Very well researched and well written. Also interesting to see which of the two story lines tends to grab readers--also a telling comment about what our society finds interesting and what we find boring.

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