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message 1: by Shannon (last edited Oct 13, 2017 11:40AM) (new)

Shannon Carroll (crackthespine) | 40 comments Mod
Please post your final thoughts about 1Q84.
Did it finish as expected? Did you like the book overall?
What would you rate it? Is there anything you didn't enjoy?

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin Nyren (erinnyren) | 11 comments Just finished the book so initial thoughts (don't read if you haven't finished!): I was happy with the resolution of the book, but I was a little irritated that the ending was just Tengo and Aomame escaping to some other world. We don't get to find out what happens with Sakigake, we don't get to find out what the little people were doing with Ushikawa's hair when they made that last air chrysalis...maybe part of the point of the book is that all that other detail isn't important, that it's the relationship between Tengo and Aomame that matters, but I was disappointed that the internal logic of 1Q84 never got fully explained. And we didn't hear any more about the dowager or Tamaru either.

I think someone said a while ago that they felt like there were a lot of parts of the book that felt unnecessary, and I have to say, I feel like all the time spent in the town with the father didn't add to the book at all. It's completely possible I'm missing something, but the encounter with that one Nurse when Tengo smoked hashish and then just the sheer amount of pages that were spent on Tengo hanging out in that town just didn't seem to have any weight on the end of the book.

I do think that what Cheyenne said (I think) about there maybe being a translation barrier could be true, although apparently lots of Japanese literary critics don't like Haruki Murakami because they feel his writing style is too Western, so...not sure. Either way, I definitely liked the book and enjoyed reading it, but was a little let down by the ending. I guess I just like to know everything about everything that's brought up in a book by the end!

Cheyenne Carroll | 44 comments Mod
Okay so now that we have other people that have finished the book I can post my final thoughts.

DEFINATLY didn't like that everything was not explained by the end of the book but I also feel that like the book fuka eri was writing is leaves a sense of mystery and wonder to the book as well. There were a lot of parts that I thought didn't really need to be in the book as well because they didn't contain pertinent information for any of the story line but they did build up the characters for me, it would have helped if it was not as repetitive in certain parts.

I do think the language barrier did have something to do with the way the book turned out. I think just because the Japanese believe he writes more western does not mean that his writing is still easily understood just maybe it's more western to them then they are use to.

All in all I really enjoyed reading the book and because it didn't explain everything at then end I keep finding myself thinking about the book and all the components it didn't explain fully just to see if I can put something together or imagine what they could be. I really think he meant to not explain the little people fully because even his characters did not fully understand or know about them.

I would give this book a five star because even though there were some unnecessary parts and some repetitiveness (witch I also believe is because it was originally written as separate books) it kept me captivated and wanting more even after I finished the book.

message 4: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Carroll (crackthespine) | 40 comments Mod
I finished, and by that I mean I DNF'd at 500+ pages. I couldn't stand another moment of this book. The story was intriguing, but the writing and the sheer amount of unnecessary information made it just about impossible to get through. I didn't care about any of the characters; except Fuka-Eri but she still wasn't enough to keep me reading.

Based on both of your thoughts, I am not in the least bit sad I didn't finish. It sounds like the only interesting parts of the novel remained unanswered. It was pretty easy to predict Tengo and Aomame ending up together at the end. I already felt like I wasted 500+ pages and I'm happy I didn't waste another 500 to not have any of my questions answered.

Hopefully, the next book, will be a much better read because this was a huge let down for me.

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