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message 1: by Sher (new)

Sher (sheranne) | 935 comments Mod
Hello Everyone:
I want to tell you about a new feature we'll be setting up for our group. It's called Side Reads--and it's an idea I have seen working well in two other groups and an idea I had two years ago , which I called Buddy Reads, and thought could warrant a separate group.

Anyway- this is how it will work. Let's say you have a Nature based book you would LOVE to read, and you want to read it and discuss it with one other person. It could be a book this group has already read (maybe you could not make the discussion) or you joined after we read the book, or it is a book that has been on your to be read shelf, and it has not been chosen as a book of the month. Whatever the case-- you post your book in the Side Reads folder -- and ask if anyone else would commit to reading it and discussing it with you.

I have found timing is everything -- sometimes no one will respond, and other times you will get a few folks or even one committed person to read with you.

If you get at least one committed person, we will set up a thread for you. YOU CHOOSE the dates to read the book. For example, right now I am leading a Side Read of a book (in another group) that is almost 700 pages long, and we are taking almost 3 months to discuss it. So, you begin and finish when you want-- just tell us and we will include your chosen dates announcement in the thread.

Any questions?

I will be setting up this new folder next Monday --October 16th.


message 2: by Sher (new)

Sher (sheranne) | 935 comments Mod
Rach wrote: "Sher, sounds like a great idea. I look forward to this."

Thanks Rach! It would be great to have you involved. :)


message 3: by Judy (new)

Judy (dujyt) Love, love, love this idea!

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