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Here is where you will create a character, and wait for it to be approved.

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Here is what you must include.

Godly Parent
Mortal Parent

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Name: Melanie Willows
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Undetermined
Mortal Parent: Khloë Willows
Weapon: Will earn when claimed
Appearance: She has brown hair that goes down to about her shoulder, and sea green eyes. Everlasting kind smile.
Faceclaim: Emma Watson
Personality: Always joyful and kind. Never is sad.
Relationship: None yet
Other: Has paper skin, never talks about her past. Can never stop smiling.

Valerie (rp name) Lancaster (rp name) (valerielancaster) | 4 comments lol my name is chloe too

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments name: tylerk karusaki
gender: male
godly parent:hades
mortal parent:aron parish
weapon: stygion iron katana
appearance: he has white hair long medium spiked,blood red eyes.
personality jokfull for a son of hades but when in battle he is very serouis
relationship stats:not taken
other he dosn't rememer his past but the name jack

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Well Kiminchi, looks good! Approved!!

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments Mewborn wrote: "Well Kiminchi, looks good! Approved!!"

Thanks besides im more of the son of pluto

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Name: Drew Jackson

Age: 14 almost 15

Appearance: beautiful firey rust colored eyes

Crush: nikki alexandri, daughter of Athena

Personality: is a brave teenager wont give up makes friends easily

Family: leon (half brother) and leon's mother's sister descendant of neptune (biological family)

Godly Parent: hephaestus

History: started at camp jupiter and was trained using the dimachaerus technique he was almost at preator rank but since hera took his memories of all except his half brother leon and their mother who gave him away for his own safety because if the two ever clashed it would destroy everything in the area

Strengths: can summon fire from his hands and is very good at forging things

Weapons: has two rings that turn into khopesh; fights with a rare roman style technique using two bladed fighting called dimachaerus

Weaknesses: blind in left eye deaf in left ear and sometimes goes berzurk but is trying to control it also has a big mouth and forgives too easily and trust people too easily

Other: is a black belt in karate like his half brother leon

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Name: leon jackson

Age: 15 almost 16

Appearance: short brown hair with a handsom face and athletic build and about six foot one

Personality: brave fierce cunning determined all american boy

Family: only remembers mom and brother (but later on remembers his sisters and that he killed them because he couldn't control his powers)

Godly Parent: poseidon

History: his mom was a descendant of neptune he joined the legion where he and his adopted brother learned the dimachaerous technique using two curved blades called khopesh he was banned from the legion for getting out of control and killing his family except for his adopted brother named DJ (drew jackson he chose to use that last name so no one could say they were not brothers) he had almost made the preator rank but couldn't because of what he did

Strengths: anykind of water

fatal flaw: being unable to step away when his friends need him the most

crush: idk someone talk to me bout it

weapon: curved celestial bronze swords with serrated edges

weakness: likes to run his mouth alot and make bets

others: is a black belt in karate

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments Firestar/Leon/Akuma i can't hold the demon inside me much longer wrote: "Name: leon jackson

Age: 15 almost 16

Appearance: short brown hair with a handsom face and athletic build and about six foot one

Personality: brave fierce cunning determined all american boy


your charater seems outstanding i would approve

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 57 comments Name: Nikki Alexandri
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Hestia
Mortal Parent: Walter Alexandri
Personality: A very shy child, Nikki is very quiet. She is timid, and scared of pretty much everything. She is however, very smart, and loves to prove it to everyone.

Weapon: Dual daggers
History: She was born to a fairly wealthy family, the youngest of 4. She was always substantially smarter than her classmates, and almost as smart as her oldest sibling, a whole 7 years older than her. For a while, life seemed great, but then she surpassed her older brother, in intelligence, shortly after his college graduation. People started viewing her as more of a freak than anything, and she was alienated, even by her friends. Time passed, and she ran away, hoping to find a place where she was accepted.

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Ok lol anyone who has created a character is good. Love them all, all are approved.

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Cait Sith Fairy (willowkeeper) | 57 comments Hurray!

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Tyler wrote: "Firestar/Leon/Akuma i can't hold the demon inside me much longer wrote: "Name: leon jackson

Age: 15 almost 16

Appearance: short brown hair with a handsom face and athletic build and about six foo..."

thnx man

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im a banana

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Wow that's awesome.

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my characters?

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Yeah, and that you're a banana.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 18 comments Name Virgil Weston
Age 16
Gender Male
Godly Parent Hecate
Mortal Parent Damien Weston
Personality Virgil is anti social, and easily angered, or at least it appears so. He hides behind a tough facade, because deep down Virgil is riddled with anxiety and panic. He is very sarcastic and quick witted. He has a lot of trouble socializing with others, and prefers to be on his own.
Weapon Bayonnet
History Virgil is the middle child of 5 children and he is the only demigod. He was born because his father cheated on his wife. From the first time Virgils stepmother saw him, she hated him. He was treated like dirt while his older brother and sister, where treated like royalty. He learned of his godly side at 10 years old after a monster attacked his school. He started coming to camp for the summer after that, and after Chiron learned of his abuse the following summer he was told he was staying full time. He has been a full time camper since he was 12.

Name Aspen Hamilton
Age 7
Gender Female
Godly Parent Ares
Mortal Parent Freida Hamilton
Personality Aspen is a kind hearted little girl, who loves to make people smile. She is basically fearless, and lacks any common sense. If she thinks something is fun, she does it regardless of whether its safe or not. Aspen is very sassy and likes to have the last word in most situations.
Faceclaim Mckenna Grace
Weapon Knife
History Aspen is a fulltime camper, and has been since last summer. She was brought to camp, by her mother who wanted her to be somewhere where people would understand her. She was made a full time camper because her mother died in a car crash 2 weeks after Aspen was dropped off. Before leaving her daughter at camp, Frieda was a good and loving mother.

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Both are approved 😊

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Wow she is approved!

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She is beautiful and adult-looking for a 14 year old 😹

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Oh, yes, totally!

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Melanie is trying to be friends with everybody!!

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments Yeah

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See ya!

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Brian (oscart) Name: Hollis Thorne
Age: 14
Gender: male
Godly Parent: Priapus (Greek)
Mortal Parent: Willow Wisp(working name)/ Winifred Thorne
Personality: Hollis is a very confused and angry young man. He is embarrassed by his Godly parent, Priapus and his prodigious gift and the curse the Hera laid on him. Hollis is always worried that others will believe he shares in his father's gift, or curse, or both and suspicious of any attention he receives from others. Despite his mature appearance, Hollis could be described as rather immature and is very much a 14 year old boy.

Appearance: Despite being only 14 years old, Hollis has the face and body of a much older man. He is large, 6' 3" tall and 385 lbs, and extremely hirsute (hairy).


Weapon: A huge battle axe
that transforms into a decorative baby spoon.

History: Hollis' father is the minor God Priapus. Priapus was cursed by Hera and forced by the other God's of Olympus to roam the Earth. Over the centuries Priapus chanced upon a temporary cure for Hera's curse, teenage prostitutes. Hollis's mother was one such conquest, a 15 year old working girl from Las Vegas named Willow Wisp. Priapus visited his son twice, once in the hospital nursery where he left a decorative baby spoon for his infant son, and again shortly before Hollis' 12th birthday, just prior to Hollis entering puberty. At this second meeting, Priapus explained Hollis' godly nature and informed him of the existence of Camp Half-Blood. He also revealed the secret of the baby spoon which could magically transform into a huge battle axe, much too large for Hollis to wield. Hollis took to wearing the sppon on a string around his neck. After Priapus left, Hollis did some research and discovered both his dad's gift and his curse, which left him mortified and afraid of a similar fate.

Puberty hit Hollis hard and in unexpected ways. As a side effect of his father's curse, almost overnight Hollis grew from a hairless young boy into a very hirsute young man, then came the muscles. Hollis grew from a normal 12 year old boy into a 6'3" 385 lb, muscle-bound freak, or so he sees himself. His beard grew in overnight and defies any and all attempts to shave it off. He can shave in the morning and by noon the beard is back in full force.
Although he appears to be an adult, Hollis is still very much a young teenager. His mother, Willow, disappeared on his 14th birthday and Hollis traveled by foot from Maine to Long Island to find Camp Half-Blood in hopes of gaining help in locating his mother.

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Brian (oscart) Name: Rhys Sheridan
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Panacea (Greek)
Mortal Parent: Felix and Lauryn Sheridan

Personality: Rhys is a very serious minded young lady. She prides herself on her ability to remain calm in the face of any situation. She is a very 'take-charge' type of girl and tends to find a way of assertively placing herself in a position of leadership.

Appearance: Rhys is short and compact. She keeps her dark hair cut short more for economy than style and dresses in loose clothing that is more n comfortable than fashionable.


Faceclaim*optional*: Maisie Williams

Weapon; Rune carved quarterstaff

History : Unlike most half-bloods, Rhys' godly parent, the goddess Panacea, has been a fairly consistent part of her life. Her earthly father, as a young man, had a fling with the goddess and then was presented with a baby daughter, Rhys, on the eve of his wedding, nine months later. His bride to be, Rhys' stepmother Lauryn, was and still is an amazing woman. She agreed to love and raise the infant as her own.
Over the next sixteen years she gave Rhys four siblings, two boys, 13 year old twins Lance and Riordan, and two girls, Harmony 10, and Melody 7. As she grew, Rhys was visited periodically by Panacea and felt the love of all three of her parents. At an early age, Rhys began showing a knack for comforting her siblings, whether it was kissing and ouchie better or calming their fears, anxiety, or anger. Felix and Lauryn believe that she inherited a bit of Panacea's healing magic. Rhys' abilities were strongest when dealing with emotional or neurological maladies.

Rhys began studying parkour at age ten and has become extremely proficient in the discipline.

On the eve of her 16th birthday, Panacea visited again and presented Rhys with a carved quarterstaff/ walking stick. After a closed door session with the Sheridan's the next day, she escorted Rhjys to the gates of Camp Half-Blood, telling her she needed to spend time with and get to know her cousins.

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Both are approved Brian!

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Brian (oscart) Thank you

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Name: Blake Armstrong

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Son of Comus

Years at Camp: 4

Preferred Weapon: Twin daggers.

Appearance: He has shaggy dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He always wears a hat backwards.


Personality: He is funny, and a joker. He loves to make people laugh, but that doesn't mean he can't be rude. He can be really sassy, so watch out.

History: His mom met his dad at Britain's Got Talent. he was a contestant, and he won the finals for best comedian. He went for a walk for air, when he ran into a beautiful woman. He apologized, and she apologized for nothing. She felt bad for running into a now celebrity. They both walked around the parking lot, then ended up at Starbucks. They went inside and talked. They hung out for about a year, then his mom was pregnant. His mother had gotten very sick during labor, but as they say, laughter is the best medicine. He kept her happy by telling jokes, coming up with hilarious names, and kept her laughing nonstop. Then Blake was born. His father was 'killed’ by one of the losing contestants from Britain's Got Talent the day after Blake was born. So he 'never knew his dad’. His mother moved him to New York when he was 10. He lived there for a year, so now he is 11, then he was attacked at school. He got out of being killed by a Satyr who came to the rescue. The Satyr got really injured, so young Blake dragged him to camp, following his directions. The Satyr is alive because Blake kept him laughing. He is a year rounder, but his mom only lives one or two miles away now. She moved closer so that he can walk to and fro home.

Family outside the Gods: His mom Kian Armstrong.

Crush/BF/GF: He is bisexual, but he doesn't have one yet.

Strongest Skill: Making people laugh, distracting them.

Weakest Skill: It's hard for him not to distract people.

Other: When someone isn't laughing after he tries so hard to get them to laugh, he pouts. He pouts, very dramatically. This really never happens because everyone laughs at him, and with him. He does a lot of things on purpose to be funny, but it looks like an accident.

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments name: jack korusaki

age 16

godly parent: pluto

gender: male

mortal parent : aron paish

apperance: black flame skull head long sleave hoodie white gloves combat bootes

personality: angry sad happy

other: he died protecting his7 year old brother tyler from a pheonix and came to protect him but tyler now 15 has the ability to turn in to a white flame skull form

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Everyone is approved.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Name: Zander Hunter
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Eros
Mortal Parent: Amy Hunter
Personality: Zander has always been quick to anger when someone is messing with him. Unless you're his friend he won’t let you walk over him and even if you are he has his limits. If you can get past his hard exterior you’ll find a true and loyal friend. He doesn’t trust very many people anymore. He may hang out around someone but that doesn’t mean he like that person. When he starts to care about someone he will tend to seek them out to hang out with.
Appearance: Zander’s Icy green eyes have gotten him both in and out of trouble. Zander has short dirty blonde hair. Zander stands at five feet eleven inches. Zander keeps his weight at about one hundred twenty five pounds. Zander likes to think he keeps his body lean and ready for work by doing a morning military workout ever day. He has sun kissed skin.
Image: None.
Weapon: Shield and Ax
History: Zander never knew his father growing up. Due to this and his mother only ever speaking kindly about him he guess he was someone she regretted letting go. She always referred to Zander has her pride and joy. During high school Zander got into a relationship with a girl name Scarlet. With in the year they were sleeping together. Life wasn’t all bad until his mother was gunned down by a group of criminals running a drug ring behind their apartment. After that he ran from his house and started to hop to different cities. In one of these moves he stumbled upon the gate of Camp Half-Blood.

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DevilCrying (marithyu) | 248 comments Mewborn wrote: "Everyone is approved."

thanks 😈😈😆😆😆

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 690 comments Mod
Tyler wrote: "Mewborn wrote: "Everyone is approved."

thanks 😈😈😆😆😆"

Your'e welcome :)

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Zandraga wrote: "Name: Zander Hunter
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Eros
Mortal Parent: Amy Hunter
Personality: Zander has always been quick to anger when someone is messing with him. Unless you're his friend h..."


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Paxton (paxtonlee2020) | 3 comments Name: Paige Lee
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Steven Lee
Personality: Pretty laid back, but not to be messed with. Kinda geeky, and not into the "pretty" 100% of the time, but will freak over new makeup and shoes.
History: Paige and her father have not always seen eye-to-eye especially when it comes to talking about her mother. It's a sore subject for her father, and he feels he was basically abandoned. Paige was attacked by a gorgon while at school, in the eighth grade. and was rescued by a satyr in disguise. She was claimed that night, and had to explain everything to her father. She now basically lives at Camp Halfblood, because her father's new job takes him everywhere. She has since discovered she has Charmspeak, and can understand Greek and French.
Weapon: A Celestial Bronze Knife

mewborn • i'm emo (mewborn) | 690 comments Mod
Approved, Paxton.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) (view spoiler)

↳[first name]: Stacy
↳[middle name]: Leo
↳[last name]: Johnson

Age➛ 16
⤿birthdate: March 25th
⤿zodiac sign: Aries

Gender➛ Female
↳sexual orientation: Bi
↳relationship status: Single
↳feelings for: Open

Physical Apparition ➤ (view spoiler)

Faceclaim: Cora Keegan

t e c h n i c a l ● d e t a i l s
↳hair Blonde, comes to a little past her shoulders
↳eyes Dark brown
↳scent Smells of roses
↳body type Athletic
↳miscellaneous N/A

dressing style➛ She usually dresses rather girlly and stylish, no matter the weather. She likes skirts, dresses and anything to do with flowers and the sun. She normally wears happy colors, like yellows, pinks and whites.

History ➤ It's always been Stacy and her mom, for as long as Stacy can remember. Stacy's grandparents had died when Stacy's mom was a teen, and Stacy didn't know about who her father was until later on in her life, in her early teens, so her mom always worked double shifts just to feed both of them and afford the one bedroom studio they had. Stacy had always looked up to her mother, like she was some sort of hero. She'd rarely come home, but she made sure to make enough money for everything they needed, and take care of Stacy all on her own. In return, Stacy made sure to get good grades, keep the house clean and cook dinner every night before her mother came home. Even if she sometimes wouldn't eat it, due to being so tired.

Stacy didn't learn about who her father was until she reached the age of 13. Until then, she was just a normal little girl whom was often bullied in school for how she dressed, her hair cut, her shyness or, well, just about anything else people could pick on her about. Her childhood was very lonely, due to her mom never really having time for her to talk to. So, from a very young age, Stacy had learned how to mask her emotions and worries behind a smile.

By age 13, Stacy's mother, Sheri, had been forced to tell her who her father was. Sheri never would of, if it wasn't for her having gotten a new boyfriend, one whom Stacy wasn't fond of. The man was kind, but Stacy refused to let anyone else in there lives. Upon bringing up that he would never compare to her real father, that's when Sheri had brought up about who her father really was. Stacy didn't believe it, until she had discovered something very odd; She had began to glow in the darkness, and she couldn't control it. Upon the discovery of her powers, Sheri had sent Stacy here in hopes that she'd learn to control them better. At first, Stacy was hurt, thinking her mother had abandoned her, but after awhile, she had calmed down and realized she actually likes it here. For once, she's not the odd one out. For once, she found a place she actually fits in.

Personality ➤ Stacy has a rather up-beat, cheerful and energetic personality. She is often always seen with a smile on her face and is always known to be the 'Life of the Party'. She's the light in most peoples world. Or, so they say. She truly is the daughter of Helios, God of the Sun. Stacy is always someone people turn to when they're depressed, upset about something, or just want to talk to someone they trust. Even if they barely know her, she just has a trusting atmosphere about her; And she is. She is fiercely loyal and rarely ever has a frown on her face. It's even rare for her to cry in public, but although she doesn't show it, she's actually really sensitive.

Stacy prefers to put others needs before her own, which can be good and bad. Mostly bad. It's good for others, but it can be emotionally draining for herself. The only time she EVER is seen crying, it's usually to do with someone else. Not for herself, but usually for the thoughts of what others are going through.

Stacy is known to fear thunder and dislike rain. She fears thunder because it sounds angry. It always makes her think that the Gods are crying out. Like they're angry at all of them down here. It frightens her. As for rain, it makes her think that the skies and Gods are crying. It always puts a damper on her mood and instantly makes her upset. Stacy hates when others have problems that she isn't able to fix. She feels like it's her job to fix everyone's problems, which it isn't. She wants people to know they can lean on her when they need to; Which probably is due to never having someone to lean on as she grew up, so she doesn't want them to know what that feels like.

Stacy doesn't like to argue, but if you are wrong, she will tell you. Stacy believes honesty is the best policy. However, she has an acceptance for secrets and some favors. If someone were to tell her a secret and tell her not to tell anyone, then if someone were to ask her about it, she won't tell them.

⟹Anything to do with outdoors (Dirt, insects, flowers etc.)

⟹Fatty Food/Meat
⟹Thunder and Lightning
⟹Animal/Children abuse
⟹People who think they know it all
⟹Not being able to fix people's problems
⟹Crying in front of others

⟹Helping others
⟹She seems to rarely ever get sunburns

⟹Being away from human contact for more than a week

Weapon: She usually uses a dagger up close, but she also uses a whip for those far off (And to use in games to help herself get higher or further away)


⤿Godly Parent
⤿Mortal Parent
↳Sheri Johnson (view spoiler)

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both are approved.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Mine's done

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Spadez (or Kadyn) Thx, Mewborn :)

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Spadez (or Kadyn) Sorry!! Mewborn. On cell and it autocorrected lol

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lol it's okie dokie.

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