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message 1: by Rylee, Head Mistress: Gryffindor: DADA Teacher (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 243 comments Mod
Name: Annie Wing

Age and Year: 15 5th year

Appearance: Very Curly red hair and hazel greenish eyes. She is about 5' feet and she has freckles all over her tam face. Her lips are a beautiful cherry red

Personality: Annie is very athletic and fast on a broom. She is kind to everyone and shows enthusiastic house support when she is not on pitch. She gets in detain all the time and can be very mean if someone is mean to any of her friends. She loves adventure and always is going on a journey!

History: She was born when her mother was at a birthday party. That is why everyone calls her the birthday baby. She has had a pretty good last 4 years at Hogwarts and has always been pretty decent in school.Her grades are not that bad or amazing. She lives with her mom named Olivia nicknamed liv and her father Alexander nicknamed Alex. She also lives with her adopted sister named Elizabeth nicknamed Eliza.

Pet/s (optional): Black Cat named Moon-shine

Wand: Ash core of unicorn hair and 13in 2/3 long

Patronus (required for 5th-7th years): Piglet

Family: Oliva (Liv) mom, dad Alexander ( Alex), adopted sister Elizabeth (Eliza)

Relationships: Crush on Ron Weasley

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message 2: by Rylee, Head Mistress: Gryffindor: DADA Teacher (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 243 comments Mod
Name: Leah Fishmila
Subject Applying For: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Academic Qualifications:
A) Primary School
B) 1st-7th year School
C) Teacher's Education: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
D) Research, other Projects that you've been involved in: She helped as a spy for the first wizerding war against muggles. She collected info to send to Dumbledore. She has also worked with the first Order of the Phoenix to defeat the dark lord.

Looks: She has short black hair that is always up in a tight bun covered with a white hair net. She has freckles all over her pale face. Her nose is burned from the sun. She is tall and when mad can look very intimidating. Her nose is pointed and her legs are long. Leah's eyes are a betel black that look very scary if you do not know her.

History: Leah has been in the foster system for as long as she can remember. She was born in London in Azkaban because her mother was a innocent "Death Eater" people thought she was guilty. Then she was transferred to the foster home and then brought to China to be raised by a woman named Eliza Laws but she died so Leah was brought to a man named Dan who lived in Asia but he had to move to help his mother and could not afford to take Leah. Finally she was moved to America where she was raised by a family called the Hails the mother, Ginger, the father, John, the twins, Laurie and Corrie and the older sister Mia. Leah was not expecting to be invited to Hogwarts I mean she lived in America. Dumbledore thought she was good for Hogwarts so she went and made close friends with Lily Potter. Her favorite subject was always Transfiguration but it changed to DADA in her 4th year, which was when she developed a huge crush on Sirius Black. After Hogwarts she went to work at honey dukes until she could find a real job. She then did a job interview for the ministry of magic council and worked there till Prof. Lou retained and asked her to take his spot at Hogwarts potions. after 2 years she was bored to death so she went to Prof. Dumbledore asking him to change the class the dark arts to Defense against the Dark arts. Then he did and Leah became the first ever Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Personality: Leah is a very kind and loving person but teacher, no. She is a firm and witty teacher. She is smart and that makes her very annoying if trying to debate. She always wins. Leah hates technology so whenever she sees a kid with it during class she removes it from the world. Leah can also show great compassion for her friends and when Lily died she was so upset.

Teaching Style: She teaches using games. The kids can earn prizes and rewards. She uses this because it makes children enjoy classes. When her class is not being good she will get dirty. Leah will get so upset she puts kids in detain on a day that is something they like. She is pretty much a fun teacher and remembers when she was a kid the boring classes so she tries to not be like that.

Contributions to Magic, if any: Fought in wizarding war and in order of the Phoenix

Other positions held: Head of Gryiffindor

House Affiliation: Gryffindor

message 3: by quincy (new)

quincy Nova Lorien

15 ~ 5th Year ~ Gryffindor

Personality: Brave, spiteful, angry, sarcastic

Nova takes it upon herself to do everything wrong before she does it right. Why? Because the journey is always better than the destination, also there's the fact that just because the rules tell you to do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do. And yeah, maybe Nova is a colossal fuck up on most days, but her need to stick up for the little guy in every fight is genuine.

Sometimes she feels like she's the only one brave enough to do it.

Yes, Nova gets into a lot of fights because of her ideals. Yes, a lot of those fights involve fists, but Nova is a 5'2" ball of genuine spiteful rage and will stand up to any bully, damn the rules. And at the end of the day, Nova's older brother will heal her cuts and bruises and she'll feel justified in her cause for justice.

She's nutty, extremely sarcastic and unapproachable, but always ready to fight, especially if that fight is for the right reasons. Don't give her a reason.

Nova and her older brother Aster are half-bloods, there mom being human and their dad being a wizard. Their mom was always sick growing up and their dad was always so wrapped up in his research trying to help his wife's condition that Nova and Aster pretty much had free reign of their childhood. There were no consequences, no limits, no affection. Needless to say, Nova and Aster were far from model children.

Nova got into a lot of fights, mostly for attention, but sometimes the other guy just deserved a right hook so badly, Nova was just inclined to give it to him. Aster, who practically raised Nova himself, didn't give a damn, and frankly neither did her parents. She was absolutely a nightmare to all teachers who had her, Nova's problem with authority only solidifying herself as a menace. So a menace she stayed.

Nova has a black cat named Jinx

Holly ~ 10 inches ~ Dragon scale and Kelpie hair mixed core

Nova's patronus is a crow

Alden Lorien ~ Father
Verona Lorien ~ Mother
Aster Lorien ~ Brother

Relationships: If only.

message 4: by quincy (new)

quincy Aster Lorien

17 ~ 7th year ~ Slytherin

Personality: Two-faced, spiteful, vicious, pleasant

In what is completely opposite to his sister's personality, Aster seems like the sweetest and nicest boy you will ever meet. He's the boy that shares his lunch, helps you with homework, and walks you to your dorm after dark, but that appearance couldn't be further from the truth. Aster always has an ulterior motive. Always.

Fuck with him, and Nova will probably fight you, but that's nothing to how Aster will ruin you.

Aster doesn't play games, either he is nice to you and you return in kind, or you are too afraid to look him in the eye. Unlike his sister who plays in brute force to scare you, Aster is terrifying because he knows how to terrify you. He will teach you phobias you never knew you had and he will do it with the kindest smile.

Now, don't get me wrong, Aster is loyal to a fault, you know, to his sister. To anyone else he is cunning, devious, and always ready to play dirty in order to get the upper hand on a perceived threat, even if there is no actual threat.

Aster and his sister Nova weren't so much as raised as they were summoned. At least that's what all their teachers seem to think. Their parents weren't ever really present in their lives enough to care about how much trouble they caused, and in order to get attention, cause trouble they did.

The years of neglect are extremely obvious in Nova's case, but Aster was always better at being more subtle. He crafted the perfect kind persona in order to get everything he wanted, and people fell for it.

Aster has been wearing a mask ever since.

Aster has a toad named Hex

Hawthorn ~ 13 inches ~ Werewolf nail core

Aster's patronus is a missulena spider

Alden Lorien ~ Father
Verona Lorien ~ Mother
Nova Lorien ~ Sister

Relationships: He seems to be friends with everyone, but nothing closer.

message 5: by quincy (new)

quincy Pix Quiessence

14 ~ 4th year ~ Slytherin

Personality: Light-hearted, easy-going, bit of a trickster, cheerful

Pix loves to make people smile and keep people guessing. She? He? No one really knows and Pix prefers to keep it that way. They always tell jokes and play innocent pranks to lift people's spirits.

Pix also has a way of slipping in and out of rooms like they're actually disappearing and reappearing, making everyone believe Pix is actually a cryptid like bigfoot, but instead of shaky pictures of Pix walking through the woods, everyone has actually seen Pix. Especially since he's so hard to miss with her bright red hair and large glasses.

All in all, everyone leaves conversations with Pix feeling as if they just dreamed the interaction, and they're left with wanting more, because Pix makes everyone feel better about themselves with his sunny disposition and her charmingly crooked smile.

Not much is known about Pix's history and Pix has never been inclined to share, but the fact that she never goes home for Christmas break gives people an idea what his home life is like.

Pix has a Barn Owl named Lobo

Dogwood ~ 9 inches ~ Fairy wing core

Pix's patronus is a bat

No real known family

Relationships: None

message 6: by carola (last edited Oct 24, 2017 08:02AM) (new)

carola (carorux) Name: Selena Everbleed
17 years old– 7th year


She has blonde hair, shoulder length and bright, brown eyes. She’s rather small but with long legs.
Selena loves art and fashion. She’s an introvert but around friends really open, funny and light-hearted. You’ll always find a book and her phone for music in her bag. She is very smart and loves studying on her own in the library where it’s quiet. On the other hand she has no problem helping other students out when they need help. Her specialties are history of magic and care of magical creatures because Selena loves animals. Flying lessons are her least favourite subject because she’s clumsy and tends to lose control over her broom.
Selena has one older brother who went to Hogwarts as well. He already graduated five years ago and is now Dragonologist. Both of her parents are wizards and went to Hogwarts. They live in London and work for the minister of magic. Selena got her letter for Hogwarts when she was 11. Nothing special has happened in her past.
Animal: Owl named Newton
Wand: 10 inch willow with veela hair
Patronus: Phoenix
Relationships: Small group of friends – no bf

message 7: by Izzy (new)

Izzy | 47 comments Name: Giselle Marie Pickett

Age and Year: 14, year 4 - Gryffindor

Appearance: long, stick straight brown hair with piercing blue eyes. She blushes easily and has a smattering of freckles across her nose

Personality: Giselle is extremely caring, polite, and forgiving. She's brave when she has to be, but never goes out looking for trouble. She's not good at defending herself in physical situations, but she's quick, witty, and pretty good with words.

History: Her mother and father are both muggles and were somewhat afraid of her ability at first. Now they realize that Hogwarts is the best thing for their daughter and they accept her.

Pet: Barred Owl named Henry

Wand: 12 inch elm wood with dragon heartstring

Father: Daniel Harding Pickett
Mother: Rosalind Nicole Pickett
Older Brother (Muggle): Joshua Ryder Pickett

Relationships: She met Flynn Simmings at Hogwarts and they immediately hit it off. They have now been dating for three and a half years

message 8: by Harini (new)

Harini (harinirao) | 19 comments Name: Shravani Sharma
Age and Year:13-3 rd year

Appearance: she black curly hair and brown eyes.she is tall for her age and strong too.

Personality: Shravani is bold and brave than she expect her to be.she never goes looking for trouble but trouble finds her.she comes out of trouble with help of her few close friends.she is loyal to those who are close to her.she has her own way in achieving things and never care what people say on her back.she is sarcastic and once got detention from Snape for commenting on him loudly in class

History:she lives happily with her muggle parents.They are proud of their daughter being able to do magic.

Pet/s (optional): she has a black cat named Tuffy

Wand: 10"Willow, Dragon heartstring

Family: Dad: Arjun Sharma Mom: Amrita Sharma

Relationships:Crush on George Weasley.

message 9: by Kit (new)

Kit (bookqueenkjlg) | 103 comments Name- Sofia Garcia
Age- 14
Year - 4
Appearance- Long wavy dark hair, pale skin, tall, athletic.
Personality- She is very sarcastic about everything. But, is you get close to her she really is nice. She is loyal to those who are close. She really tries to stay out of trouble but, trouble always seems to follow.
History- She is an orphan. Her mom died giving birth and her father died when she was 5.
Pets- black cat named Lucky
Family- Dad: Wilfredo Garcia, - Mom: Lilly Garcia

message 10: by Rylee, Head Mistress: Gryffindor: DADA Teacher (new)

Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 243 comments Mod
Lis wrote: "Name: Lucinda Jones
Age and Year: 15 (5th Year)
Appearance: Lucinda has an ivory skin color and a heart-shaped face. Her nose is small and has an elfin look to it. Her jaw line is soft and her chee..."


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