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Mon Rea (mondrea) | 7 comments Hi guys,

(Hope I'm in the right folder)

It's me your local author again. Thanks for the warm response and support and to all those who participated in my paperback giveaway last month.

This time, I'm giving away free digital copies of all 5 of my titles. They are:

1. Soul City (Paranormal Romance/ Urban Fantasy set in Manila)

2. Zombie Arc (Time travel fiction / Sci-fi / Humor)

3. Elemental Ninjas (YA Fantasy / Adventure / Action)

4. Elemental Ninjas 2: Lineage (YA Fantasy / Adventure / Action)

5. Dreamscape Beta (YA Sci-fi / Survival fiction / Fantasy)

For the book covers or any other details, just drop by my GR profile.

You can get one, more than one, or even all of them. The only requirements are:

1. You must be Filipino

2. You have a gmail add that you use with Google Play (whether your device is mobile, laptop, tablet, PC etc)

3. You will write me a completely honest review anytime it's convenient for you, whether here on GR or on Google Play

You can comment on this thread or send me a PM if you're interested. But when you do send me your gmail add, better send it by PM.


message 2: by Mon (new)

Mon Rea (mondrea) | 7 comments Thanks for the inquiries, guys!

To those who are wondering, you can have an email that is not gmail, but it should be the email that you use with your Google account. This means, it's the email that you use to access your Android gadget, whether it's your cellphone, laptop, tablet, PC etc.


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