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message 1: by Camilla (last edited Oct 12, 2017 10:11PM) (new)

Camilla | 237 comments Please help me out here, I've run into a problem when adding a new edition of a book, Midsummer's Eve. I have the Kindle edition with the ASIN B00A4PKYW0. On GR the only visible edition of the book is the e-book edition with the ISBN13 of 9780985928018, and the book page states "Other editions: None found".

BUT: when I search GR with the ASIN - which I always do before adding a new edition - the search directs me to the e-book page, not the kindle edition page (since there is no other edition). And when I tried to add the kindle edition, I get the error message that the ASIN is already in use, although there is no corresponding kindle edition.

Feeling pretty stupid at the moment, so would appreciate a bit of help here. This has never happened to me before when adding editions. What am I missing?

message 2: by Empress (last edited Oct 13, 2017 04:17AM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) Do not feel stupid. This is a very specific issue one that you should encounter only with older editions (like this one).

You can see the edition was added by a script.

What happens is most ebooks get assigned an ISBN number and when they are sold through amazon they are also assigned an ASIN. So for some time the script was able to import the ebooks with all three numbers ISBN/ISBN13/ASIN.

When this happens the ebook needs to keep the ASIN and to be switched from an ebook edition to kindle. Usually when you click "switch to ASIN" you can actually see the ASIN already in the field even if the edition was displaying the ISBN numbers.

However it seems that a user assigned the ASIN initially after the import and then the amazon script over-wrote that with the ISBN info. Somehow the system must have kept the ASIN assigned to the edition. That is why when you search with the ISBN and ASIN you actually get the same edition in the results.

I would advise that you switch that ebook to kindle (as it is the practice with these editions, AND because that edition initiall had ASIN assigned to it) and then proceed to add the paperback edition. I've already added the ACE for the kindle here

Please note removing the ISBN and switching from ebook to kindle is only allowed in the case of these bad script imports or when reverting changes against policy

Does that makes sense or did i confuse you more?

message 3: by Camilla (new)

Camilla | 237 comments Thank you Ellie, your explanation was perfectly understandable! I just hadn't run into a problem like this before. I did as you suggested and changed the ebook to kindle as well as added the paperback edition. Hope it's correct now. When I clicked "switch to ASIN", the ASIN field didn't show an ASIN, so I wrote it there. I have to admit that I felt really weird switching the edition format, as it's usually a no-no.

What still looks a bit strange is that when I search with the ASIN, I correctly get the original kindle edition Midsummer's Eve by Kitty Margo , but the edition page now shows the text
"Other Editions (2) None found"
I mean that you can see the two other editions (PB and ACE of the kindle edition) by clicking the "Other editions", but the the text "None found" still shows, and the covers of the two added editions are not visible on the book's main page either. Is this due to caching?

message 4: by Empress (last edited Oct 13, 2017 06:46AM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) Hi Camilla. It all seems correct now.

the reason the ASIN was not in the field is because the script imported the ISBN after the ASIN was filled in by a person. I've never seen that before and you should not encounter it often. After this was reported the scripts priority has been decreased and currently they cannot over-write user added info and are no longer doing this types of faulty imports.

As you say usually this is a no-no but due to a faulty import these are allowed. Here is one comment (and another one) just to set your mind at ease (Can't find the more recent topics). Ideally you can add a new ebook edition with the ISBN that was now removed and the older cover.

Regarding the book page not displaying the other editions. Most pages (read ALL) are heavily cached. Any data can take up to 72 hours to refresh. That is valid for community reviews, listopia, ratings on books, editions being added. What is important is that you can see all the editions here

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