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Erin Bembridge  (erinbelizabeth1) Name: Professor Elizabeth
Subject Applying For: Transfiguration

Academic Qualifications:
A) Primary School
B) 1st-7th year School
C) Teacher's Education: Hogwarts School
D) Research, other Projects that you've been involved in: Transfiguraton Study

Looks: Cropped blue hair, blue eyes, young pretty face, nice cheekbones, pale skin, rosy cheeks and lips.

History: Pureblood wizard both parents taught at Hogwarts. Got top grades in Transfiguration and all classes needed to peruse her passion.

Personality: fun, bubbly, confident, and serious

Teaching Style: Interactive learning fun for students while learning

Contributions to Magic, if any: used to be in the ministry of magic

Other positions held: ministry job

House Affiliation: Ravenclaw

Any other information: Loves to teach and looks forward to teaching at Hogwarts! I am also a Metamorphmagus :)

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Erin Bembridge  (erinbelizabeth1) Ask for contributions to magic: Fought in the war against Voldemort

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Rylee (theneverlandgal) | 243 comments Mod
Name: Leah Fishmila
Subject Applying For: Defense Against the Dark Arts

Academic Qualifications:
A) Primary School
B) 1st-7th year School
C) Teacher's Education: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
D) Research, other Projects that you've been involved in: She helped as a spy for the first wizerding war against muggles. She collected info to send to Dumbledore. She has also worked with the first Order of the Phoenix to defeat the dark lord.

Looks: She has short black hair that is always up in a tight bun covered with a white hair net. She has freckles all over her pale face. Her nose is burned from the sun. She is tall and when mad can look very intimidating. Her nose is pointed and her legs are long. Leah's eyes are a betel black that look very scary if you do not know her.

History: Leah has been in the foster system for as long as she can remember. She was born in London in Azkaban because her mother was a innocent "Death Eater" people thought she was guilty. Then she was transferred to the foster home and then brought to China to be raised by a woman named Eliza Laws but she died so Leah was brought to a man named Dan who lived in Asia but he had to move to help his mother and could not afford to take Leah. Finally she was moved to America where she was raised by a family called the Hails the mother, Ginger, the father, John, the twins, Laurie and Corrie and the older sister Mia. Leah was not expecting to be invited to Hogwarts I mean she lived in America. Dumbledore thought she was good for Hogwarts so she went and made close friends with Lily Potter. Her favorite subject was always Transfiguration but it changed to DADA in her 4th year, which was when she developed a huge crush on Sirius Black. After Hogwarts she went to work at honey dukes until she could find a real job. She then did a job interview for the ministry of magic council and worked there till Prof. Lou retained and asked her to take his spot at Hogwarts potions. after 2 years she was bored to death so she went to Prof. Dumbledore asking him to change the class the dark arts to Defense against the Dark arts. Then he did and Leah became the first ever Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Personality: Leah is a very kind and loving person but teacher, no. She is a firm and witty teacher. She is smart and that makes her very annoying if trying to debate. She always wins. Leah hates technology so whenever she sees a kid with it during class she removes it from the world. Leah can also show great compassion for her friends and when Lily died she was so upset.

Teaching Style: She teaches using games. The kids can earn prizes and rewards. She uses this because it makes children enjoy classes. When her class is not being good she will get dirty. Leah will get so upset she puts kids in detain on a day that is something they like. She is pretty much a fun teacher and remembers when she was a kid the boring classes so she tries to not be like that.

Contributions to Magic, if any: Fought in wizarding war and in order of the Phoenix

Other positions held: Head of Gryiffindor

House Affiliation: Gryffindor

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Erin Bembridge  (erinbelizabeth1) Kaela Therese wrote: "House affiliation? Required

What house does she side with? Could it be Ravenclaw? They don't have a head yet"

Yes! Of course

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