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The gym, track, and pretty much every and anything physical. Other prisoners from other blocks are allowed to use this facility at various times, with weights, machines, TRX, etc.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments As soon as the two entered the gym, Balba´s eyes where shining bright in excitement. It was so cool inside the gym! His face had loss its redness from you grabbing his hand, leading him to this wonderful place. He ran towards the first thing he saw, a punching bag. ¨Oooooh..¨ He read what it said and understood it. So he punched it, maybe to hard. It swung way too hard and about came off the its hinges and he stopped. ¨Oops. Im sorry.¨ Balba didnt want get in trouble, he had just got there. So the giant stood real still and made his way back to Devin.

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Devin released his hand only when they entered the room, looking around in a similar fascination. She was feeding off his excitement as anyone would and was eager to do something as well. However, she knew her focus was to help him today so she couldn't go off and do her own thing.
She turned her attention back to Balba just in time to see him nearly break something and giggled. She turned back to apologize to the guard about it, though it happened. There was a lot of strong individuals that trained here in the prison, including guards. Things breaking was a rather normal occurrence. Devin glanced back and beamed up at Balba, "you won't be able to control your strength at the first try," she reassured him, "practice makes perfect," she chirped and skimped over to another punching bag and stood behind it. She would be holding it so it didn't go flying but she'd be able to dart out of the way in case his hit was too much for her to handle. She peeked out from behind and waved him over with a big smile, her tail swishing low to the ground.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba frowned and walked over to the knew punching bag that Devin was at. He punched it again, more softly this time but it still had quite the umph to it. He thought this was god fun, getting to punch a big bag of beans, or peanuts, whatever it had sad on the package. He didnt really understand hat full force isnt always an option so when he swung again at the bag it was his full power and oh boy was it a hard hit. He let out a laugh, big and hearty as he kept swinging at it, mostly like clubbing downward at the bag instead of punching normally since if he were to hit it normally it would come straight of its hinges.

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Devin shifted her stance to hold the bag steady as much as she could when he approached. It would allow him to punch multiple times without waiting for it to stabilize. However, when he began to use his full force after the first one, she struggled more and more. It felt like her arms would fall off. He was enjoying himself which was wonderful but they were here to learn how to control his strength. he was simply mindlessly punching the bag.
Before his next punch, something wrapped around both his arms, securing them in place for a moment. It felt like metal had locked his arms, stopping him from punching. Devin stood beside him, her tail being his binds. Its form had changed into something that looked metallic but released him as soon as she had his attention. "You're going to break it," she told him softly, a gentle smile on her face. She moved to show him the wearing of the bag's material in effect of his punches. "Controlling your strength remember?" she asked and patted his bicep, "you hit someone like that, you break bones."

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He was having a blast punching the bag, then Balba felt something wrap around his arms and his body stiffened up and his skin turn about as white as Devin's for a moment as she got the giant's attention. "I-i-i..." Balba began to say with a sniff. He was scared now, it was clearly painted on his face, his moods were changed easily, especially if he is surprised. "Im sorry..strength..control strength." He put his hand up to punch the bag once more, but as it sprung forward he frowned and it had no force behind it, barely grazing the bag before he slumped his shoulders forward, looking ashamed. "I dont wanna do it no more, Im gonna hurt you and I dont wanna hurt you, you are nice to me and if I punch im gonna hit you and then the red stuff will come out and t-then I will get in trouble" He was rambling, trying to pick the right words to say by pausing after each one he said. Balba was a pacifist with great strength so even when he tried to give peolpe hugs, he would hurt them. He about broke the back of one of his "friends" back in building 13.

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Devin watched him with big bright eyes but when he began to give up, she moved to stand in front of him, going up on her toes to cup both of his cheeks to direct his gaze to her. "I know you can do this," she told him with a big smile. "It just takes trial and error. If you don't start to learn then you'll always be scared of making the red stuff come out of people," she told him gently, running a gentle hand through his hair though it didn't go too far since she couldn't reach that high.
She stepped back once he was calm enough, "let's start out smaller, okay" she chirped and sat down on the floor, tugging gently on his pants for him to follow her down. "Let's start with a high-five, think we can do that?" She said while her tail lifted up to her side, changing its form once again but this time it was in the shape of a big hand. Her tail was used for both offensive and defensive purposes so it could act as a very good shield. She knew he would feel uncomfortable at the moment so practicing on something that wouldn't break as easy would be for the best. She took a lot longer than normal people to heal so she couldn't risk injury too much. Still, she wanted to help Balba.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He looked down a her and nodded slightly, trying to get his body down to her level. It took Balba a minute. He actually really liked it when peolpe messed with his hair, it reminded him of what his mama would do if he got angry, she would hum and mess with it until he calmed down. He watched as her tail turned into a hand and he clapped. His secondary power kicked in for a minute, and he read exactly what she was thinking about when it came to healing and frowned. "You heal less than others, so I will be careful." He carefully pressed his hand on the weird tail thingy, his warm but still very big hand pressed up against it and and he smiled again, though it only being a small one. "Like that?" He asked as he put his hand in his lap, he was siting criss-crossed, except his legs weren't cross, more on top of each other, like he was taught to.

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Devin waited patiently for him to descend, a big smile on her lips. Things took time and unlike most people, she had lots of time. In any actuality, she didn't have an accurate perception of time, not like everyone else. She knew that days would end and night would come but how many that passed never affected her. She was lucky that she hadn't been sentenced to life in Nanba because she would have most likely outlived the institution itself.
Devin's eyes went wide when he said that, she was pretty sure she hadn't mentioned that and it wasn't that common of knowledge. "Wow!" she said, looking excited and fascinated, "you can hear my thoughts?" she inquired curiously.
When he pressed his hand to her tail, she nodded, giggling about the fact his hand still was bigger than it. "Yup, but faster and harder, like this," she said, moving to high-five her tail before smiling at him. "I think, to control your strength, need to realize that..." she drifted off, searching for the right words before continuing, "it is part of you, muscle control. You tell it to be nice and it will," she tried to explain. She didn't know every aspect to his ability so she wasn't an expert but that's how people's power usually worked and hoped it worked for him. "Picture levels, the bottom is no strength and the top is all its force. Try to hit the hand with no strength and work your way up," she suggested. She knew her tail would be able to handle up until his full force but hopefully since it was a clap of the palm, it wouldn't be too drastic.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "no.." He said quietly, trying to figure out how to not hit too hard or too soft. "Your spirit told me." He pointed to a space next to you, there would be nothing there except in Balba's mind there was a shimmering and sorta clear version of Devin sitting right next to her, connected by a thin silver chord. "The spirits like me, they tell me stuff when they want to or if I ask really nicely." he attempted another high five, this time slightly stronger, he smacked it and he grinned and chuckled. "I did it." He laughed a little more and smacked the tail hand again. He was doing really good!

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Devin looked at him curiously when he said no, waiting for an answer. She didn't think she could stand not getting one, not after being this excited. When he said her spirit told her and pointed beside her. Her eyes widened and looked over but saw nothing. She mentally smacked herself. Of course, she wouldn't see it, she can't see spirits. She looked back at him, listening intently. "So you can talk to them even if the person isn't dead?" she asked, a bit confused. She heard of ghosts/spirits of the dead talking to people but not ones that were still attached to a body.
Devin felt the third time he smacked her tail, her body slightly moving only since she didn't really prop herself to remain in place. She did giggle, clapping at his accomplishment. "Good job!" she cheered while shifting her position so she would stay exactly in place this time.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Uh-hun. Everyone has a spirit. Mine is The Great Ox, my mama told me I am special because of my gift from the Gods of Beyond. You and everyone has a spirit, they are nice to me even if the person isn't. Yours doesn't talk that much." He watched the spirit shift around and clap. He was very confused until Balba realized that you were also. "Thank you.." He smiled and his checks turned a red color again. He then high-fived her hand one more time and hen put his hands back in his lap, rubbing his head before setting them in. "I can know high five. Yay!"

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Devin had no clue what he was talking about besides everyone having a spirit even if they were alive. It was weird that they were nice to him even if their spirits were, it was curious and frankly, quite cool. She nodded at the fact her's was rather quiet, "I grew up with animals," she said as if explained everything. In her mind, it did at least. She beamed at him, "see, I told you that you could do it!" she told him. It helped she was an optimist by nature. She nodded, "want to try punching now?" she asked him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "That is cool. You have a feral spirit." He nodded to her question about punching and began to get back up. He didn't know if he would be able to punch the bag and not hurt the pretty lady helping him. As he got up he had a frown on his face, but all Balba was doing was thinking about how to not hit it too hard. He seemed slightly distracted by all the toys in the room. He took a breath and before you could even get up, he punched the bag. He didn't mean to do it at full force, but it was too much for the old bag and it flew off the hinges, landing on the ground towards the wall in a large thump. Balba jumped and screamed. "Im sorry! Im sorry." He began to freak out and already was back on the ground, covering his face so no one could see him.

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Devin beamed, if he said it was cool then it must be! He was an expert on spirits compared to her so he'd know more. Devin followed him onto her feet a few moments after, just in time for Balba to punch the bag before she could go over and hold it for him. It flew away causing the demon lady to jump, her tail wrapping around the nearest, sturdy object, which happened to be a different punching bag nearby. When she calmed down from the surprise, her tail released its hold and she went over to Balba. She bent down, not needing to go too far and laid her pale hands against his. "Hay, it's okay," she gently said, her voice soothing. "You're not in trouble, I hear that prisoners in the physical assault building do it all the time," she told him with a big smile. "Don't give up now Balba, we were so close! You just need to focus, remember? The levels?"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments Balba was still really scared that he did something wrong. He mumbled loud enough so she could hear. "I don't wanna..I did bad thing and the guards are gonna h-hurt me.." He was terrified of the guards, even though he could probably squish them real easily, they just held power so Balba thought they were scary peolpe, meant to hurt peolpe and that it. He looked up at her for only a moment, she could see that he was terrified. "L-levels...I...not good at levels." He then covered his face again in hopes that the guards wouldn't get pissed off at him as he didn't mean to.

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"It's not your fault that you can't control your strength yet. If they try to punish you then they have to go through me first," Devin told him firmly but her voice still soothing and chirper. She moved to hug him, providing bodily comfort-the best way she knew how to comfort people. She rubbing circles against his back to comfort the scared giant.
"Yes you are, you did it with the high-fives, remember?" she soothed, "you just gotta do what you did there but with punching. Start with no power and raise it from there," she explained "We can keep practicing with high fives if you want," she told him, not wanting to overwhelm him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments He took a breath and sat himself up, the giant now wiping his nose with his sleeve. He looked a bit better. "S-sorry Mistah Guard." He called to the person who had came with him to watch them. "W-we can? Please.." He liked the high fives, he couldn't break her tail off the body of this pretty lady with high fives, even if he did mess up. Balba was still frowning and look like he was scared and uncomfortable. "I wanna sit here for a little bit." he almost whispered, he just wanted to prepare himself. The whole situation had been diffrent for him and he wasn't use to having to try to hit things, let alone not at full power, which he was use to.

(Hey, im trying to write more im just not that good at it yet but am working on it.)

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((no worries, doing good))

Devin nodded, patting his head, "yes we can. I know you can do this but you can't overwhelm yourself either," she stated firmly with a board smile. She nodded and plopped down on the ground in front of him, sitting on her legs and smoothed out her skirt. Her tail swished back in forth against the floor. She waited patiently for him to prepare himself, not wanting to rush him into anything. A person's mind was an unstable thing that could be overwhelmed very easily. That's what she'd come to realize after all that time spent with humans. Once he was ready, that was when her tail formed into the unusual hand and she raised it for him to high five. It was quite fun getting along so well with someone else besides animals. She would never get tired of it.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "I can't over whale myself." He giggled and smiled. He put his hand on the weird palm and began to give her more high fives to the tail. He enjoyed the high fives, it was easy and didn't like punching, punching was bad. His mind was a very fragile thing, more so than others, as he wasn't use to most types of pain, except the occasionally scraps and cuts from working on the field.

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Devin giggled and nodded, "exactly," she chirped and made herself sturdy enough to take his high fives. She was fine with just doing this. She eventually began humming, her voice like an angel's. It was a task to keep her tail still since it wanted to whip around in her excitement. "So, Balba, you like the food here?" she asked with a big smile.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Food is very good here, but then, food is good everywhere. I like food." He laughed along with her. His smile grew more sleepy, as it would look normally when she started to hum, his hand was actually slowing down and he wasn't hitting hard, about to what a normal person does when he gives a high five. "Do you like the food, Miss Pa...Devin." he smile turn sheepish then back to normal to show his embarrassment.

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"Food here is much better than what I ate as kid," Devin stated, "very raw, they cook things here... well humans cook things. It tastes good but sometimes it's nasty," she rambled, thinking about it. When they cook it too much it always tasted nasty and had her stomach hurting.
She continued to hum, noticing that he seemed to get sleepy. "I like food," she told him, her voice sing songy from humming. She was grateful he made hard attempts to call her by what she had requested, it was very kind of him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "Oh yeah, raw food is not good. blech. Momma's food was good, I like food." He could talk about food for hours, and that isn't an exaggeration even a little bit. He let out a large yawn, using his high five hand to cover his mouth. "Food is good. What is your favorite color?" He really did enjoy talking, escpically since it was with new pretty demon friend, so Balba was having a good time, it was just a bit much and his energy was running out, and the humming was making it worse.

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Devin nodded enthusiastically and then paused, thinking about something for a moment before her tail began moving very quickly. It stayed in the small space and was moving at a speed that made it seem liked it was at both places at the same time. "Would you want to try my cooking?" she asked. She loved to cook and even more so bake. Ever since she'd been taught a while ago, she adored it. "I like cooking and baking. They let me do it too! As long as I have three people supervising and no other inmates around..." she drifted off for a moment. "I'm sure you will be an exception," she said confidently.
They made sure that no other inmates were around because if they happened to threaten her, she won't hesitate to kill them with a knife she would surely be holding.

She paused, tilting her head at him in confusion for a moment before tapping her chin in thought. "I don't know... I like my hair," she said with a cute smile. "You?" Her humming ceased, especially since she noticed he was getting a little sleepy. Maybe they should stop for today.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 430 comments "I would like it a lot. If your food is good, and not gross." He yawned one more time and stood up. "Devin, I am sleepy. Can I stop controlling strength for today? I will control strength again when you cook me food." He smiled, trying to be hopeful that she would actually talk to him again. "Your hair is very nice color, I like purple though, it is favorite color." He went over to the guard and stuck his hand out to have cuffs be put on, useless but were necessary to take him to his cell. "Bye-bye Devin. You are very nice lady."

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"It's not gross," Devin stated confidently, then paused, thinking about it. A pout on her lips and brows furrowed she murmured, "at least I don't think so..."
She looked back up at him and nodded with a smile. "Of course," she told him, her tail returning back to normal and lowering to the ground. "I will see you then," she told him in a chirp. She beamed at him, glad he liked it but thought about it. Maybe she could bake something that was purple.
She got to her feet, patting down her skirt and turned around to wave goodbye. "Bye!" she sang with a beaming smile. She was happy to have made a friend. She then waited for him to leave before going over to the guard to ask if she can help fix up the place.

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