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Rachel Crane Kisses from Katie is a true story about a girl from Brentwood, TN who takes a gap year after graduating high school and moves to Jinja, Uganda to do mission work. After working in such extreme poverty and working with so many orphaned children, Katie begins legally adopting children until she has a family of 14 children. She tries to please her parents and God at the same time, but realizes that it cannot work, so after doing a semester in college in America, Katie returns and establishes permanent residence in with her 14 children.

I was drawn to this novel because I have heard so many good things about it from others who have read it. While I loved reading about Katie’s incredible strength and faith, this book ultimately made me feel guilty that I am not currently willing to drop everything and move to a poverty-stricken African country and give my life to serve others. Though she continually emphasized that she did not, throughout the book, it seemed like Katie had complete reliance on God. She never thought about the logistics or practicalities of sponsoring way more children than her ministry could afford, but somehow everything always worked itself out. I would recommend this book to people who want the inspiration or sign to give their life for ministry, but if you do not feel called to do this, then I would not recommend Kisses from Katie.

INWARDS & UPWARDS ! My fav quote from "Kisses from Katie " By Katie Davis

As an 8 year old ,when I first started hearing Céline Dion’s songs, I did not realize that she was almost always singing about someone she is sooooo desperately in love with ! She has such longing and such agony as she is away from her lover .But now a I feel so much longing for my boyfriend whom Im losing .I see a lesson in this : I think the way Celine Dion feels about her lover is the way God must feel about the church ,which in some ways seems to have strayed so far from Him .
I think God allowed me to REALLY MISS my boyfriend so I could catch a tiny glimpse of what God’s heart must feel as the church strays into religion and away from things that are so important to Him like helping the impoverished, unwanted people of the world . He longs and desires for my heart to come back to Him each and every minute of each and every day .
God so deeply ,passionately , desperately loves us . He intensely longs for his lover to come back to his teachings of giving all we a have to Him ,our beloved , who lives in the hearts of the suffering poor people of this world and unite as a community in an effort to serve HIM in Them and I am so awed by his love for me .I feel so precious and dear to him that He is singing to me even more longingly and passionately than Celine Dion sings to her lover. That is pretty WONDERFUL !!!
Satan is not a fan of God our love affair with God and so Satan is battling every day to keep us from giving our hearts to God. I am becoming more keenly aware than ever before of this battle between God and Satan to claim my heart . The devil tricks us into giving our hearts to materialistically selfish desires: wanting more and more for ourselves so we forget Love for God and our neighbor. So that we trade our noble inheritance : the precious treasure of LOVE God wants to shower on us which no money or processions can buy for more ME ME ME . No where in the bible does it say I deserve a reward (boy friend and material abundance ) here on this earth but it does say that I will have a joy so great that it is greater than all good things of this world combined .
Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever work you do do it with all your heart (it does not say “and after this work you deserve a long hot bath and some me time “ it does say “Serve with all your heart since you KNOW that you will receive an in heritance in heaven from the Lord as a reward “
…And we KNOW in our hearts that God is ALL we need to overflow with joy ….
(Matthew 19-21 says Do not lay up for your selves treasures in this world where moth and rust doth corrupt …..but lay up for yourselves treasure (Love for God )which will be yours for eternity

Khandria its a very interesting book because it offers a lot of undeniable proof that God is real

Katie mentions that she has been in love with ”jesus” since she was a small child
What she call Jesus is the Spirt of God that created all of us that was called the word in the bible (John 1:1) the Toa of the Buddists , the Allah of the Muslins ,the Yewah of the Jews etc It is a being of universal love, knowledge , good will , , consciousness , existence bliss. An intelligence and love far surpassing our own with a plan for us and the creation far far surpassing any love on this plane of consciousness . This being loves , cares about and helps us in ways moist fo us can not conceive and are as yet unconscious of

She knows and love sit as Jesus became her mind has been conditioned from birth to identify with this presence as “Jesus” but it is pure spirit just as we its children are a eternal sparks from that great eternal LIGHT of LOVE INELLIGENCE AND COMPASSION . Above all that LIGHT is concerned with our evolution into being fully conscious of our oneness with IT.

The more we become conscious of it the more we love and become like it and the more good work we can do in this world . There book Kisses from Katie is full of proof that this “SPIRIT” is able to perform other wise inexplicable healing miracles and give intimate guidance and strength to “ordinary people “ who are willing to obey it and that this si the truest and most fulfilling love 2 beings can have .
Atheists who say that people created God for their own comfort but they do not consider that God’s commandments to his children takes them out of their comfort zone . Such people are so keen on escaping the uncomfortable effort to live up to the commandments (instructions ) of this spirit that they simple deny it existence for THEIR own comfort… .
This Spirit has made it clear that the most important work man can do in this world is to seek accept the PROOF of its existence by following its instructions. Above all this spirit can incarnate as a human being and give us detailed instructions as to how to concentrate our attention at the “third eye” and contact it there and consciously receive strength and guidance in doing its will and evolving into a full fledged manifestation of that spirt while still living in this human body .
Then we too become “the word made flesh “ “ the son of God “
Katie mentions in many places that the church has strayed from the teachings of Jesus by indifferently allowing the poor to suffer and die and that this makes God who love sus very sad fills his heart with pain.
It follows then that the church has gone astray in the areas of vegetarianism, and reincarnation .
Katie says “ I can think of no other explanation for my instantly feeling at home in Uganda after living in a totally different culture all my life than that “Jesus” has been preparing me all my life for this. But This is proof or reincarnation . She had lived her previous live(s) in Uganda some as a missionary some as a native . Studies have been done by universities PROOVING that reincarnation is real . The Historians also can prove that the early Christians taught vegetarianism as ESSENTIAL to living in God’s will . Yet to escape these commandments the church edited the bible . It si just human nature to try to escape the instructions of God and do what they want to even to the extent of denying his existence.
Just look at politicians who deny the existence of Global warming because it interferes in their worldly treasures . Look at how the medical industry denies that fast food causes disease and even endorses the multi billion dollar fast food industry because its good for business . More sick people = more patients= more money .Then why do we act surprised that church authorities for money and under threats from Governments ignored proof that vegetarianism was commanded by Jesus? It totally human nature that the very authorities who are supposed to help people do not fail to ignore or harm their wellbeing when they can profit or spare themselves wraith of worldly rulers by doing so ?

I am sure that if katie's book conflicted with the money making of huge corporations , the church or the government that it world be strongly refuted and denied s the ravings of a lunatic by the same ... :(

INWARDS & UPWARDS ! I like when Katie said in the Wayne Sheppard interview "It's hard but hard in a good way " meaning its hard but fun , enjoyable , good , exhilarating and healthy for me. It does my heart and soul good

I also like the way she said " I felt exhilarated" "I was filled with a sense of purpose " -she had a positive focus that many people seek in life tat makes life a fun interesting exciting positive adventure !

We sat sangis know that seva can be "physically demanding and yet we are filled with energizing grace and filled with sense of purpose of purpose . We relish having such a rewarding positive goal and feeling the spirit working through us . we love feeling loved and appreciated by the ONE whom we are striving to love more and more and become one with ....

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 RECLAIM YOUR GODHOOD Do not let mind divert you from this highest ideal . Just as Katie was choose for that we are choose to give our live to this .

I like it when Katie said "I want to live in The center of his will "" and I LOVE LIVING IN THE CENTER OF HIS WILL -

We should m not let mind divert us from being in the center of our beloved's will

I mean we should donate our big chunk of money to help the poor then get right back to meditation so we can be sent back on a mission a saints ourselves ONCE WE HAVE BECOME SAINTS

The point make what ever God instructs for is to do THE CENTER OF OUR LIVES

we should seek Gods will for su and make THAT the center of our lives !

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Darius Murretti TRUE WG
You can look on it like meditation is TRAINING to become a missionary
To be a missionary we must first attune our selves to God's will and become one with him so we do not screw up the mission and doing our selves and the mission more harm that good with our big stupid egos

Unless we truly merge in God we may get his mission wrong and think he wants us to be terrorists or self serving politicians (really serving our own egos and being guided by the devil . Guiding our selves sand others to destruction

just look at the people who edited Vegetarianism out of the bible out of fear of and enticements by worldly rulers. Instead of preaching what their consciousness told them was right ( thou shalt not kill)

only by merging in God can we become incorruptible so

Firts merge in God ..then become UN corruptible

see to see that MotherTeresa wa sno saint

we are lucky we have Gurinder Singh a true saint and that we will become the same . Just look at all what true saint have done compared that to what Katie and mother Teresa did

so lets become saints first THEN get our mission the make THAT teh center rof THAT incarnation

an untrained surgeon will likely just kill people no matter how good intention ed let is finish our training BEFORE w ego to the operating room . God si THE master physician and does hsi best work in the human form let is frist acheive God realization Then serve him in other r ways

if we seek to ONLY do outer service with out being initiated by a REAL SAINT and making meditation as he instructs the priority then we shall be like so many politicians who became corrupt along the way

Did you know that Mother Teresa at the end of her life was angry at God ????

Only by merging in God's Bliss and love can we sustain a positive a attitude through all that a life of service demands and only be merging in God ( and becoming HIm) can we merge in his love and bliss .

The church calls this a blasphemy and says Jesus was the ONLY SON of God . But we are all his sons and he wants to make all of us JUST LIKE JESUS so what the church says is NOT what Jesus said clearly the bible was changed due to threats from and enticements by the worldly rulers . Any one who wants to follow in Jesus foots steps MUST seek a LIVING MASTER and practice a he/she directs .

Master never charge money and always feed the hungry and care for the sick for free and always tech that we can merge in the holy spirit by listening to its divine melody at the third eye

Did your Doctor tell you you had tintinitis ( hearing sounds that are not there ) ? D Go to a real saint and he will tell you that is really teh holy spirit and instruct you how to follow it back to and merge in the god head FOR FREE . Other wise you can pay the doctor a lot of money to get rid of it !!!! Choose wisely

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RbbieFrah Proof that god exists

Katie had already adopted 13 children and kept refusing to adopt a child that an elderly women kept bringing to her house . The child was paralysed from the waist down and could not move her arms to eat with a spoon (had to be spoon fed ) and also could not utter a word .
Then Katie heard the spirit of god speak to her very clearly saying “you next child will be SARAH”
The next time The elderly woman brought the paralyzed child Katie asked “what is her name “
The elderly woman replied “SARAH”
Katie therefore adopted this child because it mane was SARAH even though it had cerebral palsy and could not walk or feed itself nor speak .
The doctors all said the child would never walk yet after two week with Katie it took a few steps and after 2 years it could run .

The reason I say that this is PROOF that God is real is that there is no other explanation for Katie hearing the voice . therefore a scientist would accept this as concrete proof that the entity Katie prays to is real .
To deny deny that this proof is sufficient to establish a theory and then not to conduct ones own research under an accredited teacher to prove the theory would be unscientific .

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we can all achieve incredible positive beneficial far reaching things if we unite with God's spirit or we can live lives of mediocrity indulging in self gratification and being cut off from the exhilarating flow of love life and energy pouring through us . Choose wisely --its your life .

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Darius Murretti “The wretch, concentred all in self,
Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
And, doubly dying, shall go down
To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
Unwept, unhonored, and unsung.”

― Walter Scott, The Lay of the Last Minstrel 1805

Katie's greatest fear was that she would lose the exhilarating service relationship with God
She was MORE afraid of relying on materialistic pamprings for her security ( relying fleeting pleasures eating ice cream , watching movies , fine cloths , enjoying social popularity for her happiness . THAN of dying in Africa by "the resistance army , or contracting leprosy , or malaria etc . Sje was MORE afraid of the mental illnesses caused by the fear of not maintaining ones accustomed lifestyle in america and of maintaining ones numerous material holdings and not having time for love of god and neighbor. The depressing burdensome hollowness of the materiel life that made the spiritual life choked and unfruitful ...

These are all substitutes for the love that was do abundant in Uganda . She said america is materially rich Uganda is rich in love -I feel very bless to be showed with the riches of love "

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INWARDS & UPWARDS ! I liked the part where she was having worship hour with the 50 10 yr old boys during the big rainstorm and she said she felt drenched with love since they ahd so much love for God and were showing her how to love God like a little child loves with complete fearless abandon

I have seen children who work on huge farms and 90% of them do develop a depth of character unknown to the 90 % spoiled children of privilege . They HAVE to rely on LOVE and GOD to survive. They have to boost each other along to survive they cant just melt into a self centered world of movies , music , food , and partying they develop very deep relationships andlivge for each other and god . They are not afraid to die . They know how to be happy with little and the joy of living simply and being centered in God (AKA the comforter , the holy spirit . When they cry out to God ital all they have. God is literally their only refuge and only comfort and God does love them dearly . In some ways God showers them with more grace than 90% of upper middle class Americans ...who dont know how to be happy with little and fearfully hoard and become crushed by the excess

the poor know the lightness and joy of sharing what they have today and trusting the lord to provide for tomorrow--a hard but healthy life leading to spiritual joy

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 RECLAIM YOUR GODHOOD they learn how to be happy living in the moment . It is not life's events ts that make us miserable it is THINKING that makes us miserable . when we become thoughtless and fixed in the moment we become happy-- independent of our surroundings . we carry our happiness within ...such people are a joy to be around .
they learn that all happines is within and all happiness is in the "here and now" and the only way to live in the here and now is to still ones thoughts and be still and strong within. Such people know a bliss that the soft restless mind's of the rich can never know with out abstinence from sensual enjoyments coupled spiritual efforts . The rich enjoy and suffer and enjoy and suffer and get weaker and weaker and weaker . Enjoyment is sensual pleasures and fine foods always degrades while abstaining and living a life of relying on spiritual bliss always elevates

Katie saw their elevate character and choose to associate with the spiritually inclined of the population and help them materially as they helped her spiritually . It worked out well for both...

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Khandria …23Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” 25When the disciples heard this they were greatly astonished and asked, “Who then can be saved?”…
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”…27“Look, Peter replied, “we have left everything to follow You. What then will there be for us?” 28Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, in the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on His glorious throne, you who have followed Me will also sit on twelve thrones,

so yeah leave every thing ( give your excess to the poor) and follow him with a light load . meaning serve him . Live to serve not to indulge

a rich man means an indulgent man . man can have control of a vast amount of wealth but he considers that it belongs to God and that he is just poor trustee and is to dispense it to the needy according to the lords orders not to "consume it upon his own lusts " like a faithless and unprofitable servant but to take joy in being a faithful and profitable servant .

Its the only way to stay afloat when crossing the sea of materialism and not sink and perish in the waves of lust and greed

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RbbieFrah Our desires for things of this world make us poor . Rich is he who has no desires for this world by desiring only to be filled with the exhilarating bliss of the spirit of God

so we come full circle back to following the original teachings of Christ --dying daily in mediation on the holy spirit ---by relying on and desiring only to be filled with the holy spirit an serve it we have to drive all other thoughts and desires out of our mind

to "BE STILL and KNOW that I am thy GOD" is all we want . Then we are richer ( more content ) than a multi billionaire (who may be poorer than the poorest --always thinking and wanting more worldly gains --always generating more desires and being swept away by them away from the bliss of the spirit which alone can bestow the wealth of contentment ...thus the more he has the more discontented he becomes ( progressive dopamine syndrome = it takes more and more to give him the same level of selfish thrills ) thus he does not possess these things arther they possess him

:"more pocessing ---more possessed"--Niamy

Drive out thoughts and desire by the name of God and you will be happy . happiness is wealth . Misery is poverty ...

humility lets you float to god . pride is to make you sink and drown in "your" possessions. happy (buoyant) are the humble and poor. I prefer to be around happy(buoyant) people because around them my soul also buoys up to God

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katie crys alot alone in her room after a challenging day .

1-a devotees tears are her strength
2 - when we pray with depth of emotion the prayers go deeper into our mind and god also takes more note because he responds more to the emotions behind our words than the words themselves
3- god is merciful to the humble but resists the proud --its hard to be egotistical when weeping

in short tears are a sign of purity sincerity and humility

god values the tears of his lovers more than the blood of his martyrs

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