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MixItUp! Hazel glanced around the corner, impressed by the large pen built just for a few raptors! She glanced at a few guards standing at the only opening. Even guards were positioned at the stairs leading above the habitat

Freddy lifted his head, a new scent filling his head. He grinned towards his siblings, eyeing the scratched up raptor who seemed to be sulking in the back. Serves him right he thought bitterly. The raptor raced towards a windowed part of the pen so he could catch a glimpse of the new visitor

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott walked toward the stair case leading above the pin and showed the guards his ID. Once he was allowed access he waved Hazel over. "If you want to see the Raptors looking at them from above is the best way to do it." He said kindly.

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MixItUp! Hazel quickly skipped up the steps, excitement overcoming over. She leaned over the edge of one of the poles as if to get a closer look, though her feet were firmly on the ground. "Wow!" She covered her ears as the raptor who they called 'Freddy' made a high pitched shriek.

Freddy eyed the two carefully, circling the spot the girl was leaning over. He could almost see her falling flat on her face, though it seemed like she wasn't going to be eaten anytime soon. "It's the old guard" he chirped, though it'd sound like a shriek when put near human ears.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott clipped a high voltage cattle prod to his belt and put a hand on Hazel's shoulder. "Careful it takes fifteen seconds for those guys to open the gate and five seconds for the raptors to kill you." He warned. He'd read her file and knew that warning would probably be useless.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Ready when you are. :P))

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MixItUp! "We'll definitely need a faster gate" Hazel teased, smiling. She longed to pet one but thought it'd be a bad influence on new security guards and employees. The girl felt bad for not really caring about his warning

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott patted his shock baton. If someone fell in he'd be the first over the railing. Since he was the most senior guard here at the moment he'd also need to host relief for the person who fell in. He looked around the pin and wondered why one of the raptors was sulking in the corner. He was half tempted to jump over the railing and walk to it.

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MixItUp! Freddy had stopped his spinning and had joined his siblings, glancing at Goldy with a stern look. He wasn't exactly happy with the young raptor, considering he was still quite new. Change was something that the raptor would love to kill. It was his worst nightmare

Hazel glanced at his shock baton as he patted it, shrugging. She was silent for a couple of minutes, "Thanks, it's great to see raptors running around" she hoped that the meat she fed Shanti didn't come from them.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander nodded. "It's always interesting to see them run around." He said. He knew something was up with the raptors but he couldn't quiet place his finger on it. He looked around the cage. He was a bit sad they didn't have a bigger exhibit but he knew the reason why.

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MixItUp! Hazel nodded in agreement with a small smile. She'd have to ask Mike(working on him :P) and Vincent about any possible encounters. It couldn't hurt to ask she thought happily, as if asking would put a skip in her step. She almost leaped to the other side of the railing, trying to keep Freddy in her sight.

Freddy could feel the gaze of the girl as he took a step away. He seemed to have a grin as he began to dash around again. The raptor continuously ducked to the left side then to the right side of the railing as if he was playing with his food

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott grabbed Hazel. "Don't he does the same thing with his food. He's messing with you." He said sternly.

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MixItUp! Hazel paused, almost as if to freeze at his touch. She relaxed, forcing her normal smile. "Guess I get too excited" she chirped, eyeing the raptors

Freddy came to a halt when the girl stopped going back and forth. He growled, rather angry that they wouldn't be getting any human flesh for dinner. Stupid humans he thought, stomping his feet

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott raised an eyebrow. "You okay?" He asked. He'd never seen her freeze on anything. He looked at the raptor.

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MixItUp! "Completely fine!" Hazel replied, as if nothing had happened. She tilted her head, not seeming to have noticed her sudden pause. "Did I die?" she asked in a teasing way, though she knew that she was still alive and well. She followed his gaze to spot Freddy stomping his feet and growling. "Guess he wanted an early dinner"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott nodded.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked around the exhibit. He knew something wasn't going right. It looked like the guards were on edge but he had no clue why. He decided it was best to stay close to Hazel incase anything happened.

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MixItUp! Hazel noticed everyone so tense as well, though it didn't bother her. "Is everyone afraid I'll fall in?" she asked curiously, though that didn't seem to be the case. Was there something she didn't know?

Freddy raced around a small bush, lunging into the gate that contained the raptors. He wasn't exactly the happiest raptor in the pen. His growl scared a flock of birds in a tree near the pen, causing them to take flight. The gate squeaked, but it didn't seem to budge. Freddy grinned, an idea popping into his mind

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott grabbed his shock baton but kept it at his waist. He rolled up his sleeve with his free hand incase he had to jump in. He would be the first line of defense even though the other guards were quietly moving the tourist out of the area and loading tranquilizer rifles and pistols.

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MixItUp! Hazel tensed as the gate creaked with excitement when Freddy ran into it once again. She relaxed a bit as the gate didn't seem to budge though. She couldn't help but sort of root for the raptors. She wanted them to be out of the small paddock, but that would probably mean every raptor would tear off anyone's face.

Freddy shook his head, a bit annoyed that even Bonnie hadn't raced over to help him. The blue raptor was usually the first to help Freddy reach his goals

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott gripped the railing. If need be he would use it as a jump bar. He looked at the other guards. The exhibit was nearly empty but a few tourist were refusing to leave. He looked back at Freddy. He slowly turned on his shock baton so that it emitted a low hum of electricity.

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MixItUp! Freddy lifted his head towards Traugott as he heard the hum. He shook his head, growling. The raptor felt rather frustrated with the humans, sort of wishing their weapons were like the ones back when he was younger. The weapons that never did a thing. Freddy withdrew, holding the security guard's gaze

Hazel involuntarily flipped the weapon back off. Seeing all those weapons really comes in handy she thought, remembering the time when she was shown all the weapons in case an emergency happened. The last thing the two needed was a furious raptor with loyal siblings

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott grabbed Hazel's wrist. "We need to get you out of here." He said before letting go and walking toward the stairwell.

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MixItUp! Hazel looked frustrated, "Why? They're just raptors. Besides, it's not like they'll break the gate!" she chirped. She quickly added, "Even if they do break the first gate, they still have to go through another" she pointed out, her stubbornness kicking in. Hazel didn't seem to move an inch as she spoke

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked at her. "We're about to knock the raptors out. We just got word that they might be being moved to containment cells." He said seriously.

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MixItUp! Hazel sighed, a part of her wanting to stay, but a part of her wanting to leave as Traugott had told her. "Fine" she finally replied, taking her steps slowly to the stairs

Freddy had noticed how Hazel seemed defendant about the raptors, but it only seemed to fuel his anger. He snarled, taking one last lunge into the gate before giving up completely. The raptor huffed, darting around. He thought he heard Chica mutter, "Not again, Freddy"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott walked Hazel toward the exit. Once he was there he looked at her. "Get somewhere safe I have to stay incase something happens." He said seriously. He handed her a hundred dollar bill. "Get something nice." He said kindly before rushing back toward the cage.

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