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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) I've got both and have had no issues. I went with matte finish for most of my books because I felt it worked genre wise (sci-fi, fantasy, YA) and because most my covers are dark. But then I did a book that was a humorous take on superheroes and the glossy fit better.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Jensen (kdragon) | 468 comments I've had two books published in glossy and Matte. I do think that with glossy colors pop more, so that may be something to consider. I prefer matte myself as I felt glossy to be a bit too glossy, but that may be a matter of personal taste so take with a grain of salt.

I would say try both and order sample copies to see which you like best.

message 3: by Anita (new)

Anita Dickason (anitadickason) | 65 comments I've done books in both matte and glossy. I've found that matte seems to work better with the lighter colors, whereas glossy works for the dark. I did a poetry book for an author, and selected matte for the cover which had a black background. It faded out, so I switched to glossy. What a difference.

message 4: by Angel (last edited Oct 12, 2017 02:49PM) (new)

Angel | 216 comments I have had both of my books in glossy, one book dark/color and the other black and white with color and they both turned out beautifully each and every copy. I like glossy because it makes the books pop. As far as glossy scratching or curling up in humidity I haven't had that problem. I'll be using glossy for all my future books for now no matter the genre. I'll consider using matte one day. But its up to you.

message 5: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Bland (roxanne2) | 102 comments It doesn't take long to get a proof from CS. Whenever I've ordered a proof from them, I'd have it in about a week, or even less.

I have a book with a darker cover that I have in both matte and glossy (proofs from two different publishers). To be honest, I like them both just the same, presentation-wise. The glossy does seem to pop a bit more, but the matte looks more brooding. I think it depends on what you want to present.

message 6: by Ken (last edited Oct 13, 2017 08:57AM) (new)

Ken (kendoyle) | 364 comments J.L. wrote: "Anyone here have practical experience they can share on the two cover types? If it helps, my cover will be black and blue, so dark. And also, it's a fiction book...."

I have copies of the same book: one with a glossy cover, the other with matte (both done through Createspace). In an ideal world, I'd have the cover done on matte paper with a UV varnish. However, Createspace doesn't offer that option.

Photorealistic images do tend to look better with a glossy cover, but they also curl noticeably, compared to the matte. At least, mine do; however, they were printed a year ago, so the paper/process may have improved now.

message 7: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
Glossy Matte. Isn't he the lead singer in that new band, The Finishers?

message 8: by T.L. (new)

T.L. Clark (tlcauthor) | 727 comments My first paperback was glossy - it looked great.
I've heard of others having deterioration problems, but looking at my trad pub classics on my own bookshelf, this is true of all paperbacks.

My latest has just been printed in matte.
This was chosen because it has a hand drawn image on the cover, and I felt matte would suit it better.
I ordered x1 proof copy and it had rough edges, but the bullk order of author copies arrived yesterday, and they're fine.
The matte feels really velvety smooth btw; gorgeous.

Summary; I'm happy with both. Go with what suits the cover image.

message 9: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Harju (pamelaharju) | 81 comments C.B. wrote: "Glossy Matte. Isn't he the lead singer in that new band, The Finishers?

You might just have given me an idea for a new story! :D

message 10: by Ann (new)

Ann Wright | 88 comments I've tried both glossy and matte with KDP and found I liked the look of both, but the glossy was more inclined to curl.

message 11: by C.B., Beach Body Moderator (new)

C.B. Archer | 1090 comments Mod
Pamela wrote: "You might just have given me an idea for a new story! :D"

I tend to do that to people. Be careful of me! :D

message 12: by Bink (new)

Bink Cummings (binkcummings) | 7 comments Colors definitely pop more with glossy. I love the feel of matte. But to me the pop of color means more than feel. Although I do like both. For lighter covers, I think matte works perfectly. But for darker, I think matte mutes them too much. You can always get 1 proof in 1 kind and a proof in the 2nd and decide for yourself.

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