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Here we are

message 2: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Okay so ideas?

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I might have a couple tossed around lol. First, what all are you okay with cause I don't want to cross any boundaries you may have

message 4: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments I don't have any boundaries at the moment..

spill your ideas!!

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Well some are longer and some are shorter.

MXF around the time of the Vietnam war. They're friends at the moment, but the guy has always liked her and he was too shy to show his true feeling until he ends up drafted

CEO/Assistant. Strictly professional for a few years until the CEO ends up divorcing his wife, leaving him a wreck and the assistant does her best to help him out of his slumber

Cop/Hacker. (Still in progress)

message 6: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments hmm.. i like the ceo/assistant one...but the mxf one...my final decision is

the ceo/assistant one.

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It can be MXF as well

message 8: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments sure!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Cool. Every now and then I like mature scenes. Is that going to be okay for you?

message 10: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments yeah i guess

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Totally up to you. I'm fine either way

message 12: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments i'm not good with them but i'm fine with it

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Okay. So charries? Unless you're lazy like me lol and just skips ahead haha. Doesn't matter to me

message 14: by thelma (last edited Oct 12, 2017 04:43PM) (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments charries?

no entiendo(i don't understand)

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

characters. I just abbreviated lol

message 16: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ohh we can skip ahead i'm feeling lazy today anyways

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Alright, would you like to start or me?

message 18: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments could you?

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Michael was pulling into his parking lot one early morning. He always showed up a couple hours earlier than he rest of his employees. He liked to get a headstart on the day. Also to get most of the boring stiff out of the way first. After taking the elevator up, he walked down the hallway and into his office, closing the door behind him

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((Sorry about disappearing like that))

message 21: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine watched in her car as her CEO, Michael went inside. She finally got out of her car after a few minutes. She quickly walked to the elevator, pressing the button and going up. She silently walked passed her boss's office and into hers.

((it's all good, i'm also sorry for taking awhile to send this))

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By now Michael was typing away on his computer. He seen Katherine walk by but waited a few minutes for her to get settles in before calling her on the little intercom on his desk. "Good Morning Katherine" he said happily

message 23: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine jumped at the sound of Michael's voice but eventually calmed down. "Good Morning sir." She said, getting out the rest of her stuff.

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"When you get settled in, could you come gets some files and show me the schedule for today. I might need to move a thing or two around" he told her softly

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments "Yes, sir." She said.Katherine got out of her seat and quickly walked over to his office, knocking his door she waited.

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"Come on in" he looked away from the computer and stopped typing. He waited for her to enter as he grabbed the files

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine walked in his office and looked at him for the files.

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He reached out and handed her the files. "I have a meeting around eight right? " he asked her softly

message 29: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine took the files, she nodded remembering he had a meeting at eight. "Sorry to ask sir, but why are you being so nice?" She asked him

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"What do you mean? I'm always nice. " his smile soon faded. "Unless there's something I don't know about?" He asked her as he looked at her

message 31: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments "I..no there's nothing." She said looking at him "I'll be on my way." She said on her way to his door.

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"Move that eight o clock meeting to 9:30 if you can" he told her softly before she left, leaving him to type away on his computer again

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine nodded and went to her office, she sat at her desk and looked at the files, then changed his schedule.

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The meeting lasted a little longer than usual, it was a food thing because he had the other company agree to help them out with a project of his. He was walking back to his office, stopping at Katherine's office. "Hey, if you're not too busy, could you pick us up some lunch? " he always bought her lunch if she went and got it for him

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine worked hours and hours until she heard her boss. "Yeah sure." She said getting out of her seat and walking then stopping "What would you like?" She asked as she turned around to face him.

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"Philly steak from the cafe at the corner. And get yourself something as well" he told her as he handed her some money from his waller

message 37: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments She nodded, taking the money and walking over to the elevator, she walked out her work building and off to the cafe. She walked inside the cafe, being hit by a strong smell of food.

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He made a couple Laos around the cubicles, making sire everyone in the building was staying on task. He seen someone was slacking off and immediately brought him into the office. Closing the blinds as well, signaling everyone to stay out for a moment

message 39: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine walked to the ordering station and ordered the meal, her boss had wanted. She also ordered something little for herself. Not wanting to use up all of his money he'd given her.

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Soon yelling g could be faintly heard coming from his office. He always tried to treat people nice, but he just couldn't stand people not doing their job

message 41: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments She took the food and paid, walking out of the cafe and to the work building. She quickly walked to his office, then she heard yelling signaling her not to come in. So she knocked on the door.

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"Just a minute" he hollered from his desk. After a few more seconds, the employee could be seen walking g out, his head hung. It was clear what had just happened. They had just lost their job

message 43: by thelma (new)

thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Katherine watched as the man walked out.'He must've got fired.' She thought frowning. "Sir, I got your food." She told him smiling.She honestly didn't care if he was in the mood for food at the moment. But it's food so you can't really blame her.

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He was sitting back down by the time she came in. He was signing a few papers. "Thanks, I'll eat in a minute. Set up a job interview with A William Parker. Here's his contact info and resume" he told her softly as he finally reached into the bag of food

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments "Your welcome.I'll do just that."She said taking the contact info and resume. She walked out of his office in into hers sitting down and working.

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"Let me know when he is ready and that should be all for now. Thanks, your the best" he gave her a small smile as he started working again

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments "Yes,sir." She said nodding, continuing to work.

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((Hey sorry for being in and off here lately. My uncle isn't doing well and I've been trying to help with whatever I can. ))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((it's all good))

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