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; alpha

; park jimin
; choi seungcheol
; kwon jiyong
; kunpimook bhawkul

; malcolm choi jihoon : 18 . human

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jeon hyunsik ; 27 ; alpha + collection curator/personal stylist
. without a doubt one of the most flamboyant people you will meet. he's got a lot of money and maybe a little too much time on his hands considering his position.
. he doesn't do anything crazy, but eccentric is another good word to use when describing him. he's the guy that shows up in fur coats in ninety degree weather and looks perfectly comfortable. he has a tendency to jump from one thought to the next until it spirals into utter nonsense.
. but he's not an incompetent leader. if anything, he's really stepped up to the plate once he was named alpha. he's good at assessing situations, and somewhat good with people, but he's not a master tactician. he tried hard enough to make up for that, at least.


malcolm choi jihoon ; 18 ; human + bhhs senior
. pretty boy mistaken for an equally pretty girl. don't do that; he hates it. okay he has a nice ass and all but he's not a girl.
. honestly just trying to live his life and move on. beacon hills is nice and all but it's not the end of the road for him. he's a bit ambitious in that he wants to travel and make a name for himself apart from the family history.
. and by family history i mean old money, "my father will hear about this" type deal. they've been mixed up with hunters, but as far as mal's concerned, he's not in the slightest involved. doesn't even know what werewolves are apart from that one movie he watched about them ( and has subsequently made him avoid horror movies in general ).

jung hansol ; 17 ; hellhound + bhhs junior
. a really big puppy. hyperactive with a strong sense of loyalty. sometimes gets mistaken for a stalker bc he tends to be overprotective and tries to be sneaky about it. obviously fails.
. he's spent an embarrassing amount of time in the sheriff's department explaining that, no, he wasn't following a friend bc he was stalking them but bc he wanted to make sure they got home safe after a night out. yes, he has witnesses.
. is easily confused and while he has no problems being marked as not the brightest, he's not overly fond of being called an idiot. he just takes a little longer to process things, is all. and once he does, usually a little late, his efforts have long since made up for it. or at least he thinks so.

aiden aromdee ; 22 ; druid + teaching assistant
. arrogant prick. thinks he's better than everyone ( he's not wrong considering he can do quite a bit better than most ) and getting help from him comes with a price. it's almost like you're bargaining with the devil tbh.
. makes jokes at the expense of others, and sometimes himself. he's basically a jerk to everyone including himself, but he still places himself higher than others. still gotta look out for numero uno.
. he's pretty tight-lipped in terms of who he's decided to affiliate with, and tbh, it's a small number. he's not very trusting and it shows. nothing to do with family life tho; he had a pretty pleasant childhood and he loves his family dearly, but not as much as he loves himself.

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