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Gavin Lamont I really enjoyed this book. Walter Isaacson does a fantastic job of explaining Steve Jobs professional and personal life. The book starts out at the beginning of his life and follows him throughout creating Apple and building his company. It goes through how he got married and had kids. I strongly recommend reading this book It is a very well done biography and was incredibly interesting. i think anyone would like to read this book, but especially if you like technology and/or like Apple. I am personally a fan of Apple and like how I got to learn about how this incredible company started.
The biography Steve jobs is about his professional and personal life. It all started with him and his friend Steve Wozniak. They had the idea to create a modern computer and soon came the company we know as now Apple. The book explains his life and how he fixed mistakes in his products and built up his company. It's not just about his professional success he had a family life. He was married and had four kids. The book is a reflection of his whole life beginning to end.
I personally can relate to this book because I am always searching for problems and what can make a great business. Steve jobs was always fixing his mistakes and coming out with new projects. I feel all of us can learn from him because he was so hardworking and never gave up. When something didn't work he improved it and made it better. I can relate to him because when he was my age he was always inventing and trying to start a business.
I really enjoyed this book. I don't really have a favorite part but i did like steve has built his startup business out off his garage and built it up into the number one technological company in the world. I myself don't normally like to read but I really enjoyed the biography. Even though steve wasn't the best person I look up to him because he is a great entrepreneur. One thing I didn't really like about the book was when steve died. I can only imagine where apple would be if he was still here today.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes biographies, it is a very well written book and is super interesting. Steve and his friends would always be looking to come up with inventions. In the biography there are a lot of cool fun facts. Like they came up with there company name apple by walking through an apple orchard. This is so fun to read because you're learning about a man that built his dream into a $750+ billion dollar company. So overall I would highly recommend this biography.

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Mary I loved the book! Brilliantly written - bringing Steve Jobs to life. I grew up with my first Mac, and have been an Apple loyalist ever since. Steve was a genius!

Ramon Remires Great report

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Rob Outstanding! Walter Isaacson is a superb biographer. The language is direct and keeps the reading extremely pleasant, in spite of the thickness of the book, which may not encourage the unwise for a while. Strongly recommended!

Brenda Nelson I read this in maybe 2011? I recall finding it very interesting. However, I was really taken aback that Isaacson would significantly intrude himself and his influence, into Steve's life in a very insensitive, ignorant, and harmful way.

Here's how:
Steve confided to Walter that he believed the cause of his illness was his going back to Apple.

Now as a Mind Body counselor who has studied Steves life in depth I would say that he hit on a VERY signigicant contributing factor to the cancer.

There was another even more important factor which I explain in my own forthcoming book on him.

But Walter laughed in Steves face! He thought that such a connection was absolutely ludicrous.

Personally, and professionally I found Walter's reaction displayed immense insensitivity and stupidity.

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My EasyFi anyone please guide me how to find Steve Jobs all books?

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