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The Witchfinder's Sister
Blair Smithwick Blair Oct 12, 2017 08:03AM
The Witchfinder’s sister by Beth Underdown tells the story of a girl named Alice and her experience with the Witch Trial’s in England. After her husband’s accidental death, she returns to her childhood home, only to find that her own brother is the lead hunter of witches. I personally enjoy learning about the Witch Trials, so I was elated to discover this book. However, when reading, it was not what I expected. The book in its entirety, to be frank, was dull; It lacked the excitement that I was looking for. It felt monotonous, as if all that happened was wake up, eat breakfast, talk about the condemned witches, and retire for the night. The only relatively interesting part was when Alice, forced to accompany her brother, went on witch hunts to different towns all over England. I also often felt confused by the author’s language, and she often used words that left the reader to interpret her meaning, which was highly frustrating. The mood of the entire novel was eerie and deficient. If you’re looking for learning more about another exciting witch story, do not bother picking this book up. In the end, I was disappointed and left unsatisfied.

Hello Blair
I have just finished this one and have to say I agree with everything you say about this novel. Unsatisfactory and at best a 5 out of 10 or 3stars from me.

I really wanted to love this. The story itself could have been so good but I just couldn't connect with any of the characters. Alice felt really glossed over, I never felt pulled into the story or how she was feeling. The story did have it's good points, I agree that the best part was when Alice traveled with her brother. I would have preferred more of that, rather than so much moping around the house!

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