Wolf Brother (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, #1) Wolf Brother discussion

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Wolf Brother Discussion Week #1

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Celestina Rhyner Why is the fact that Torak took the Wolf significant?
What would you of Predicted when you saw the cover? Was ist about what you thought?
Which solutions would recommend for Torak when his dad died?

Celestina Rhyner Question 1:
I think that Torak did not kill the Wolf because he saw that the Cub was alone. Also I think that when he saw the Wolf he did not want to kill him because he felt sad for the Cub and Torak knows how it feels, to be alone and not knowing if the people that you once have loved just never come back and seeing them die in front of your eyes. Also I think that Torak did not kill the Wolf because he knew how the Cub feels and did not want him to be alone and get Killed by the bear. In this chapter I used the signposts Contrasts and Contradictions because when Torak went to hunt and get Food and he wanted to kill the Cub he did not do it, and so he did the exact opposite and did not kill the cub.

Question 2:
When I saw the cover of the Book I thought that it was about a Boy and a Wolf that are best-friends and when I saw a bow in the Boy’s hands I knew that they wanted to Kill something or someone. Also so when I read the first chapter I noticed that both of them want to kill something and I already predict who I think that they want to Kill the Beast or the Bear because he was the one that killed the Animals and their family. One signpost that I noticed was again and again because one thing that happens again and again is that the Bear kills different animals over and over again throughout the story, also that he just kills them for joy as it said in the Book.

Question 3:
I think that Torak should find a person that he trusts and knows won’t hurt him. I think that Torak and the Wolf will get friends and they become like a family, because both of their Families have died. I think that this was a good idea because it made both of them stronger to have a friend that will always be here for you. Also sometimes it is better to have a good Animal friend that you trust than a person that you know does not want to be your friend and will brake your trust. In this chapter I used the Signpost Tough Question because Torak had to ask himself if he wanted to kill the Wolf or not because he was so Hungry and he needed something but he did not. Also another one was when the Cub had to ask itself if he Wanted to trust Torak and the Cub did not know if Torak would kill him or not.

The Conclusion:
I think that throughout the story Torak and the Wolf will become better friends and will kill the Bear. I am sure that Torak and the Wolf will have many memories together and I am excited to read more.

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