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message 1: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
((u should kno by now))

message 2: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((Uhh...What RP is this?))

message 3: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
((Random, only humans.....just make a charrie......))

message 4: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((Okay! Working on it!!))

message 5: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (last edited Aug 11, 2009 12:36PM) (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((I will change the age and history thingy!!))

Mia had her school bag under her arm as any other average day. She was a Freshman in high school, but had been a member in these dorms for quite some time. Her grandmother enrolled her to Obique Academy after her mother's suicide. Mia had a few friends but were left behind do to her mother living across country.
Mia walked towards Advanced Algebra with Mr. Graihdor on the Fourth floor in the East wing of the teaching building. The campus laid out with the main teaching building dead-center of campus, in which all the classrooms and lounges were. Then there was the Boys Drom on the West end of campus and the Girls on the East, both having four floors - each floor for each grade level - and a library in the basement. The Faculty building lay to the South and the Main Office to the North.
Mia continued on her walk a little haughtily because her roommate, Joy, hadn't woken up at the right time.

message 6: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Iris noticed Mai and quickly took off her hat. She dropped on the ground and ran past the human and into a open room. (their dorm.)

message 7: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
"Hai! Iri-! Curses!" Mia contemplated chasing after her, but instead decided that she would just retrieve it at lunch hour. She turned on the heel and continued onto class, knowing that she didn't have to worry about Iris because she had left the food and water pan under the bed and Iris was smart enough to be able to pull out the dishware.
God that dog is strange... she thought.

message 8: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Iris quickly poked her head out to make sure Mia was gone then slipped her hat back on. She looked around then pressed her paw to a wall. The wall slide open and she dove inside a little tube that allowed her to g anywhere in the school.

message 9: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((lol *rolls eyes* I did say she couldn't have super powers but I never did say that she couldn't have secret pathways...))

Mia looked around as she entered class. She took of her jacket and placed it onto her chair, seating herself and allowing her hair to curtain her face.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

((uh... this'll be fun to join... a dog and an assassian... lolz))

Alex looked up as Mia walked in, she was possibly the only girl at that school that had stumped him completely. Most girls at the school were shallow and didn't care about anything but the three ways into popularity: sex, appearance, and whose-dating-who. He watched as her hair fell around her face, and smiled, he liked the look of her hair.

((if you couldn't tell Alex is a little mentally challenged... though only slightly))

message 11: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (last edited Aug 17, 2009 09:01PM) (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((Wouldn't 'whose-dating-who' be considered Gossip? Was that what you were looking for?))

Mia walked over to her desk and chucked her stuff up onto the top of it, plopping down into the seat, folding her legs and leaned back. Mia's head lulled back as she gazed at the ceiling. Then she looked out of the corner of her eye at Alex who was sitting two seats back, the person in between them not present yet.

((God I hope he's not mental!! O.o))

message 12: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Iris followed the tunnel to behind the chalkboard and dropped behind it. It was a small room that the students couldnt see into but she could see out of. She watched carefully and saw her owner looking at the ceiling.

message 13: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
Joy ran into the classroom right before the bell rang. She overslept again. She sat down in her seat and glared at Mia. "Thanks for waking me up/" she whispered to her.

message 14: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Iris smiled then turned around. There was a tv screen. She walked into a small- sound-proof room and listened to the classroom through the speakers around her.

message 15: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
Joy sighed and tried to fix her bag. The strap broke when she picked it up this morning. She gave up and leaned back in her chair and started to hum.

message 16: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara ((I'm just going to jump in where i fit if you guys don't mind))

Izo walks into the classroom, scratching the back of his head as if he'd just been asked how to solve some college level math question. This was his first day back from a week of suspension. He'd gotten into ANOTHER fight with one of the football players, and somehow managed to prevail without a single scratch. Izo wasn't the finest example of an athletic individual, in fact, he looked rather fragile, and few could see how he had the capacity to win so many fights, but they knew he did, and most understood not to mess with him.
Izo flopped his book bag down on his desk and allowed himself to fall into his seat. In boredom, he began the carve stripes into his desk with the spikes on his bracelet.

message 17: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
Mia only snickered at Joy's comment, head still lulled back and facing the ceiling.
When Izo strutted into the room, Mia straightened, turning to face the front as he plopped down into his seat between Alex and her.
Ms. Brakaveich cleared her throat, "Thank you Mr. Tenma for gracing us with your presence. Now..." A lot of the boys and girls chuckled and giggled. Mia's stomach rolled in disgust at the other students. She subconciously fiddled with her skirt, as the mumbles and laughter subsided and the teacher continued into her lessons on the 1812 war.

message 18: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara Izo snarls silently at the teacher, then continues in his misbehavior, now ripping up some lined paper into 1cm sqaures while staring coldly at the teacher, not blinking once.

message 19: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
Mia glances over her shoulder at his act - because that's what it exactly was: an act. She knew (or she thought she did) that he did this on purpose. The rude behavior, the cruelty towards humans, 'Or maybe things in general...' She thought to herself. She lifted her hand from her skirt and pulled something from her bag on the floor. In a fluid motion only detected by the people around them, she slipped a pair of scissors onto his desk. Many of the children around them looked stunned and terrified. Small bouts of whispering erupted around them as alarm rose to what he may do with them - or no less to the kindish (as they it) gesture from the equally strange girl in front of him.

message 20: by Kitiara (last edited Aug 18, 2009 08:20PM) (new)

Kitiara Izo's gaze flows smoothly from the teacher to the scissors on his desk, then up to the girl that gave them to him. He stares at her heatedlyfor a few seconds, then takes up the scissors by the blade. He flips them around in his hand a bit, as if testing their weight like he'd never seen them before. Izo looks up and makes eyes contact with every person looking at him, testing their reactions. The majority look away fearfully. His eyes go back to the scissor's in his hand as he switches his grip to the plastic as if to hold a knife.
A loud CRACK fills the room as the grains of wood in Mia's desk are penetrated by the scissors blades, catching the whole rooms attention. Izo grins up at Mia maliciously, then returns to tearing his paper as if nothing had happened.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

((I missed so much! what happened?))

message 22: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
Mia flinched at the initial attack, but just stared at the scissors in her desk, lips pursed and blinking. She gave Izo an enigmatic look, a small smile trying not to twitch there as one student had to remove another whom had fainted and peed their trousers.
Mia graced her fingers over the handle of the utincils, pondering but she was removed short as a sickening CRACK thunders from the front of the room. All the class members stared in shock at the sight of their usually calm teacher weilded a now broken yard stick that had been broken against the front desk, the remains on the floor.
"Mr. Tenma! I do NOT approve of students disrupting my class and lessons! To the front of the room now!" She shrieked.
Mia's face wore the same shocked mask as everyone else, but for some reason felt no surprise that she cracked this soon into the year...

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

((hey Jordyn, hope I didn't miss ya.. wanna rp in our two werewolf ones?))

Alex watched Mia's shocked look, feeling a little stunned himself.

message 24: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara "What ever you say teach," Izo chuckles, raising from his seat and approaching the teacher, awaiting his punishment. He stands infront of her, the same height, eyes glowing, daring her to do her worst, a slight smirk pulling at his lips.

message 25: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
Joy was trying not to laugh. She knew he was a trouble maker. She thought he was sooooo hilarious. But, she liked Alex.

((hint hint Neko))

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

((hint taken))

Alex burst into laughter, hitting his hand against the desk, he couldn't help himself. Other students looked at him, but he didn't think about it; he then bit his bottom lip to shut himself up.

message 27: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Raiki suddenly walked into class silently. "Hey teach. Nice to see your not dead." He grinned and moved to a empty seat next to Izo, put his feet up on the desk and started to sharpen his nails with what looked like a shark tooth.

message 28: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((Sorry I had to clean my room and me mum took my interweb away to get me to do it...;.; But I'm back!!))

The teacher glared at the disruption, heart racing at the memory of having to be admitted to the ER only last week. She raised her head, shook off her fear and put her full attention onto the man standing in front of her, who was the same height as she. "Mr. Tenma. You are to hold the bucket over your head with your back to the class. You may not spill any water. You WILL stand there until I otherwise say so. Now fetch the pail from under my desk."
Mia rolled her entire head, getting bored with the class already. She just wanted to get on with the lessons so that she could go home. 'Time stops for no one I guess' She leans back in her seat, raising her hand, hoping that the teacher would notice through all the domination taking place. Everything just had to be about authority didn't it? Finally after a couple minutes of the teacher just standing and staring a Izo, Mia stood and walked out of the room, only classmates noticing her departure.

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((get on the other RPs things Jordyn))

message 30: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

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((I'm everywhere!! And I still have house chores!! What am I going to do?! My fingers can only type SO fast!! *starts to cry*))

message 31: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Raiki pulled out a pair of paper thin needles from his desk and held one in two fingers. He snapped his fingers and the needle shot out and rocketed towards Izo. It would feel like a bee-sting but would be enough to tip the bucket over on the teacher's desk. He chewed on the other one silently.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

((I didn't mean to make you cry!!!! *starts to cry with you*))

Alex, who is great with detail, noticed the pin flying towards Izo. He looked to Raiki, knowing he had flicked it, "What are you doing?" He snapped.

message 33: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo "doing what i do best." Raiki winked and snapped his fingers. "gettin others in trouble." He quickly took all his needles and slipped them in the person in front of him's pocket.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Alex watched as the accident portrayed, the needle hitting her, Izo jumping, the bucket falling. Then the teacher turned on Izo, in a furry of rage about it; Alex stood up quickly, "It wasn't Izo's fault!"

message 35: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo "So its yours?" Raiki asked like he never did anything. Suddenly, he was a perfect student. "yes, mrs Alex, was it you?"

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

((Alex is a boy))

Alex shook his head, a look of shock and disguist on his face, "No, it was Raiki's! He flicked a pin at Izo!"

message 37: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo "i dont have any pins? Any how would you know if i did unless you have them?" The teacher suddenly noticed the pins in the random person's pocket. "no, it was him. Go to the principals office." The unfortunate soul was escorted by the teacher out of the room and Raiki stuck his tongue out at Alex.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Alex scowled at Raiki, "But he didn't do it!!!"

message 39: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo The teacher and the boy already were gone. Raiki turned to Alex. "relax. I wont blame you until later on in the year." He smirked and started to go his homework.

message 40: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (last edited Aug 21, 2009 08:38AM) (new)

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((Hey, could you two wait for Kit please? *puppy eyes* She doesn't like when things get ahead of her and when other people use her character... She should be on by tomorrow, THANKS!! =X))

Mia passed the teacher and the now crying student in the hall. The teacher had just noticed her, of course ranting about disobeying students, soiled future generations, and abominations as she stopped and told Mia in a very long, VERY unnecessary lecture of what the world was coming to.
Mia didn't argue, knew it was pointless and would only be using excuses to cover up wanting to wander the halls. As soon as the teacher had finished her speech, she grabbed the already sobbing student ruthlessly by the elbow and began to drag him down the hall with more fervor than before.
'I think she's going to retire soon...' Mia turned back to the classroom and started the walk back, hoping that everything had settled, but not expecting much now that Raiki was here.

message 41: by Leader Echo (new)

Leader Echo Raiki smiled at her then returned to doodling in his note book.

message 42: by Ashley Elizabeth, the cops r out 2 get me cause i'm so hott! (new)

Ashley Elizabeth | 766 comments Mod
Joy's head was on the desk. When she heard all the commotion she tried to block it out, but it was to unbearable. "I'm outta here." she muttered and walked out of the classroom. Only Alex and a couple others noticed she had left.

message 43: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara ((great, i wasn't planning on Izo actually taking the punishment. i dont want to seem commanding but but PLEASE ask me before assuming my characters reaction. taking the punishment with no objection is very out of character for him. now what am i supposed to do...))

Izo picks up the emptied bucket from the teachers desk and tosses it beneath. It rattles and rolls back out, only to be ignored. Izo snorts, glancing around the room, seeing that the teacher is no longer there. He leans over the teachers desk and starts searching through the papers, eventually finding something interesting. He sits on the desk and gets comfortable, reading a paper with a corner that's soggy and dripping. He shows no interest in what just happened with the bucket of water.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((I told you!!! *looks scared* I didn't make Izo do anything sis, I swear! You can read back [I did:] and see that the Teacher just told him to do something!! Wait..I'm saving my butt ain't I? Uhhh...Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah!: And I warned them!! [Lol, just kidding, I wouldn't leave my friends behind...Don't kill me!! *cowers in corner*:]))

Mia touched the handle that would open the door to the room. She really doesn't want to go back to class. 'Not like I'll learn anything, everyone's hellbent on trying to pissed everyone else off' Mia grumbled incoherent noises to herself, that even she could not understand, just sounds of frustration. She heaved a deep sight before turning the handle on the door and walking through the entryway.
Mia took in the room in a simple roaming glance over the room, truly surprised to see that no one was killed and that some were actually WORKING! ((*GASP*))
Mia lingered on Izo at the desk and on Raiki in his seat, eyes blank. She flinched slightly, realizing that she hadn't moved after entering the room, and continued forward to her seat.

message 45: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara Izo glances up at her from his paper and smirks teasingly when he catches her eye.
"Nice 'A'," he says waving the paper in his hand around for her to see, "Did you cheat, or are you a nerd?" He looks at it again, "Oh, 100% huh? Sombody's a brainiac, isn't she?"

message 46: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
Mia's back stiffened, a red blush swathing her face a cherry color. "Eh.." She blinked, looking at the class through her peripheral, before grabbing her arm. "No. I just seem to have answered the questions correctly. Luck, that's all." She continued to her seat, more rigid and embarrassed.

message 47: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara "Oh, now don't be so shy. I'm sure many people here would like to now the secret to getting an 'A' on a test as difficult as 'The Chapter 7 Test'," Izo's grin widens. The students paying attention to this conversation start to whisper a little. 'The Chapter 7 Test' was one of the hardest tests to pass in the entire school, let alone get 100% on. Such an acomplishment was remarkable, "I suppose you're average score on normal tests is off the charts"

((just go with me on the legendary chapter 7 stuff. i'm just trying to make you seem nerdier. lol))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
((I know..))

Mia looked at him, eyes locking, and her voice soft but clear: "Maybe if you actually do the ASSIGNMENTS," she bit, "you could actually get a B I'm sure. I would offer to tutor you, but I think we both know that that would be a waste of both of our times." She looked down at the scissors still stuck into her desk. She grabs the handle and rips the utensil out of the furniture and returned it to her binder, though now under the desk she tried to hide her rubbing her shoulder from pulling on the object so hard.

message 49: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara "Oh, it's not me who needs the help, I do just fine with my grades," he says arrogantly, "but Miss Kara Himize, certainly does," he glances at a girl in the back of the class who blushes and sinks in her seat, "47%, that certainly needs improvement," his grin widens, "oh, and Mister Kuyi Nagakeko, 62%'s not gonna cut it either. you two should definently consult Miss Mia Saunders after school and get some study tips." Izo chuckles cruelly. He pushes himself off the teacher's desk, hearing her stomping footsteps in the hall. He tosses the papers back with the others and saunters to his seat.

message 50: by Jordyn, the intense RPer (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 197 comments Mod
Mia huffed. If the teacher hadn't been heard, she would've gone up and slapped him. Rudeness is one thing she could not stand. But she still found him oddly...intriguing. 'Oh please!' Her mind arrogance bottled the feeling and she imagined throwing it into an ocean for others to find and use.
Mia took out her notebooks, but as she pulled out her spirals, her binder fell off her desk and note cards showered the floor, springing every which way and that. Mia just stared at the floor. A flush crept up over her neck and onto her face, now a deep scarlet. Mia just merely drooped her head to her pad of paper and began to take notes as the teacher had not heard the outburst of cards, a totally different scene in her head as she imagined herself just walking out of the school and before leaving flipping the dean off before driving away.

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