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...oooOOO | Basic Characteristics | OOOooo...

Name | Colton Lorenzo Starling
Nicknames | Cole, Enzo
Aliases | If I tell you, I'd have to kill you...

Age | 32

Gender | Male
Pronouns | He, him

Sexual Orientation | Pansexual
Relationship Status | Single

Allegiance | Unclear
Occupation | Royal Advisor
Hobbies | Herbology

...oooOOO | Appearance | OOOooo...
Description | Being of 6'1", taller than some, shorter than some, able to slip in and out of crowds quite easily, his height slightly matches his enigmatic alliances. He is of average weight, fit, but not muscular or skinny. He has peachy skin, if not lightly tanned, from all the time he spends outside. He has light brown hair, though not many people know that as his hair is closely cut to his head, and when it isn't, it's under a hood. He has a pair of eyes with different colours, one light blue and one light sea green, though if you don't look close enough, you will assume that he has blue eyes. He has a relaxed dressing style which mostly never strays from the white, grey, dark green and black.

Image |

Face Claim | Wentworth Miller
Height | 6'1"

...oooOOO | Personality | OOOooo...
Always calm, especially in a crisis. He can shock you with the amount of pressure he survives under every day with the tension within the royal kingdom and the threat of the rebels to his position. He has the ability to hide his emotions and attachments easily, he's been doing it for over three decades. He can tolerate pain and extreme temperatures, the heat less than the cold. He is quite intelligent and possesses quite some knowledge about the plants, animals and people of the kingdom. He believes in brains and brawns, stronger together. Even though he is the royal advisor, his loyalty remains unclear to most. He is very observant and sharp, able to identify differences and most people quickly. He is cold to most people and isn't trusting unless proof is evident. He can handle himself in fights, with his slight of hand technique and eighteen years of mastery over the repeating crossbow and small daggers/throwing stars. He is quite quiet when he knows it'll get him in trouble.

...oooOOO | History | OOOooo...
Born the first child of two siblings, he had all of his parents' attention and was on the path to becoming a physicist, and his parents hoped for him to apply to be part of the royal court, but he discovered he had a thing for reading and writing, it was something he loved. He did still ahve an affinity for nature and herbology, at this point it was just built into his personality. His parents were thoroughly disappointed, well at least until his younger sister, Marielle was born. She wasn't a genius, but their parents still tried to mould her into one, even though both she and Colton were tactical geniuses. By the time their parents gave up, he was eighteen and she was seven. They were both kicked out and ended up taking different paths, he seeked the refuge of the royal court, and he hasn't heard from her since then, unfortunately. Worried that threats would come back to haunt him, he started to practice weapons and training and manipulating sightlines, also relying on the wisdom and idioms that his parents had taught him when he was younger and his natural tactical genius. The castle's royal advisor had been killed before they replaced the killed one with Colton, certain he would do well.

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cosmic (erosful) Basic Characteristics

↠ name maxine danet-fauvel
↠ nicknames max
↠ aliases blue jay (her "war-name", given to her when she was younger and use to steal things, much like the bird.)

↠ age twenty-one
↠ d.o.b january second

↠ gender cisfemale
↠ pronouns she/her

↠ sexual orientation heterosexual
↠ romantic orientation demi-heterosexual
↠ relationship status single

↠ allegiance the rebels
↠ occupation the queen of the rebels and a thief
↠ hobbies aside from thievery, she enjoys playing soccer, and picking up a book every once in a while


↠ face claim natalia dyer
↠ height five feet four inches
↠ weight one hundred two pounds

↠ description petite and delicate are two words that should not be used religiously—not even sporadically—around her. big things come in small packages, after all. standing at just five feet four inches, she has taken her mother's most significant traits: big, round blue eyes, a nest of light brown hair that can never be straightened, and faint freckles along the bridge of her nose. a snarl replaces a smile on her pale pink lips, which she seems to wear all the time. her facial features would be the epitome of delicacy were it not for the snarl and her cheekbones, making her face appear in a strange shape. she holds herself tall, with perfect posture, as she believes it's the proper way to stand, especially if someone had the same responsibilities and duties that she does, leading the rebellion.

↠ clothing maxine prefers the simplicity that a pair of jeans and a sweater bring, over a tight dress and short shorts. it's especially much easier to run in, were she ever in a situation that requires and easy escape.


↠ description rosy cheeks and bright eyes faded away when her father was killed by a wrong accusation. she was eight when that happened, and since then, she's never been the little girl that would wish upon a star and pluck flowers from meadows. manipulative, stubborn, and aggressive are three traits that came natural to her. she's a "snake". a "bitch". she doesn't keep friends, she keeps business partners. she doesn't have relationships, she has one-night-stands. despite being cold-hearted and cruel, maxine would take a bullet for anyone that truly mattered to her, and her cruel sense of humor is surprisingly uplifting.

↠ likes scented candles, training, the smell of rain, and chocolate
↠ dislikes the royal family, waking up early, smoke, and getting too close to people


↠ history her mother and father loved her, even if the world didn't. born poor, there was not much time for fun. she spent her early days working at her father's little bakery, smiling at the one or two customers that ever bothered to come. meanwhile, the royal family sat on their golden thrones and never had to worry about whether or not they would have food that day. she didn't have to be that old to understand why her family harbored a deep-roated hate for the monarchs.

being an only child, she had trouble making friends, though she truly wanted to. the children only took a look at her dirt-covered face, and then turned away. she would come home and cry to her father and mother, because why were the other children not playing with her? it was when she was seven years old that she realized that the other children wouldn't play with her because she was poor. that was when she became the blue jay. she would sneak out in the dead of the night, and break into houses, grabbing whatever she found, and then run back home and store her new treasures under her bed.

when she was nine, her father was killed, after he was accused of stealing jewels from a wealthier woman. maxine knew that she stole the jewels from the woman, but she was too afraid to admit it, and because of that, her father died. her innocence died right along with him. she continued to grow, past her awkward stages of puberty, to a sixteen year old thief.

being sixteen brought on new perspectives on life. she hated the monarchs far more than she had when she was a child, and began going against the law; these were the first stages of her rebellion. it all became a blur to her. others joined and left her rebellion, until it became a tidal wave of people that wanted to overthrow the monarchs. she knew what needed to be done. first, they had to be trained. weaponry. then, they needed to know the inner workings of the castle.

five years later, she has gained some strong allies, and is a force to be reckoned with.

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...oooOOO | Basic Characteristics | OOOooo...

Name | Alpheus Oliver Jameson
Nicknames | Alfie, Ollie
Aliases | I don't have any... *looks away*

Age | 22

Gender | Male
Pronouns | He, him

Sexual Orientation | Pansexual
Relationship Status | Single

Allegiance | Rebels
Occupation | The Right Hand
Hobbies | Talking, sometimes reading- he can be a flirt

...oooOOO | Appearance | OOOooo...
Description | Alpheus has a headful of dark brown hair, normally ranging from halfway down his neck to the top of his neck. He has a pair of crystal blue eyes that are almost always dull and without enthusiasm. He has a rather pale complexion compared to most rebels, as he does do more tactics, advising and emotional support than actual on the field work. He is 5'11", about the average height for most males, if not a little tall. He weighs about 150 pounds, a little heavy and a little lighter than most people at the same time. He normally wears the colours white, black, blue and some varying shades of those colours. His appearance makes him seem non-threatening and a total idiot, but really, he is a genius, although some would say criminal. The fact that he is mute only leads people to believe that he is non-threatening and the weakest link of the rebels.

Image |

Face Claim | Robbie Amell
Height | 5'11"

...oooOOO | Personality | OOOooo...
Alfie is mute. That's right, he can't talk. That brings him difficulties, like when people think that they can challenge his position just because he can't talk back. He is rather fluent in sign language and good at listening to French, English, Latin, and even a little bit of Russian and Italian. He has a rather childlike personality, of course besides his almost constant desire to commit suicide. He likes to play small games and pranks, but he always makes sure that they do no harm. He sets his past aside, he isn't proud of it, but he does use the negativity into positivity, hoping he can help more people end up better than him. He has a little happy-go-lucky aura, despite his total lack of naivety. He is slightly better with children than most other people, as he understands their "language". He has a little bit of a charming side, sometimes showing through, but normally only when he's drunk after a depressing day that it shows through. He can be a little bit of a flirt when that happens. He often thinks like a criminal, especially in the way he plans things and considers problems. He is horrible at Smalltalk but is great for emotional support when not under crisis. He has PTSD, but only because when he was younger, his mother was killed, then his father became drunk and abusive, and he had very traumatizing moments that he often flashes back to. He loves chocolate, it is one of his favourite foods, especially chocolate covered strawberries and dark chocolate in general. He always wanted a pet but was too lazy to ever get one, and he barely had time to take care of one anyway. He is quite careful with his words, not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings.

...oooOOO | History | OOOooo...
Alpheus was born as a result of a lonely Duke and a petty thief's affair. Once the duke found out that the affair had produced a child, he was disgusted and he and his family paid the thief a large sum of money to hide that, not wanting to contaminate their family's name and blood. The petty thief, Victoria, her name was, had politely declined the money, not wanting to take bribes. She started to raise the little boy, Alpheus, she had named him, Alfie for short. She loved him so much, and when she discovered that he couldn't speak when he was about one. Victoria met another guy, he was a merchant and his name was George. George and Victoria got married when Alfie was three, after having been together for a year. Alfie spent a lot of time with his parents, as they brought him to their gardening shop/florist shop which they started together and worked there together almost every day. When he turned four, his mother was killed by some bandits who she stole from two years ago and had been hired by the duke to kill her, with him being a tyrant and all, and of course, he murdered those bandits afterwards. Alfie's adoptive father George started to go slightly insane, getting drunk almost every night in a tavern near their house. He would come back and beat Alfie, whipping him and beating him crazy. Somehow, George just couldn't get out of the fact that Victoria had died and acted like he was pretty much addicted to alcohol. Alfie would find himself under his own bed, cowering in fear, almost every night. The worst thing was, he couldn't tell his father anything, he couldn't talk for himself, stand up for himself. At least until he found out about the Rebels. He headed to them for sanctuary, and now, three years later, he is part of a brave force, even though he still feels lonely on the inside, he ignores it and does his best to help their forces.

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...oooOOO | Basic Characteristics | OOOooo...

Name | Unorlox Venit
Aliases | Royal Tutor

Age | 60

Gender | Male
Pronouns | He/him

Sexual Orientation | Hetrosexual
Relationship Status | Single and not looking for partner

Allegiance | To the royal family, particularly the children
Occupation | Tutor
Hobbies | Reading books and planting flowers

...oooOOO | Appearance | OOOooo...
Image | description/
Face Claim | Joseph Fane
Height | 180 Cm

...oooOOO | Personality | OOOooo...
A calm and kind person, he simply wants the best for the children he has taught for the past 2 decades. He is a scholar of almost every science and loves to talk about and teach them, he also teaches the art of sword fighting, a skill he is quite good at. He is mostly peaceful and simply wants to continue teaching and study.

...oooOOO | History | OOOooo...
Unorlox was born to a minor noble family, and lived a quite nice life. With the extra time he had he read up and practised, as a 7th son not much responsibility was placed on him and as such he spent most of his time reading, learning and practising. That changed when war broke out and he was sent to the army to help the family reputation, there he went through hell, the only thing that gave him solace was his ability to constantly practise, through this he quickly started to raise through the ranks and did quite well in the army, however his true passion was still in learning and the sciences, and eventually he got his wish, as a reward for saving the kings life in battle he got to become the royal tutor, a job he greatly enjoys and still does

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C H O I M I N H A / also known as the crown princess
↪ allied to the crown
↪ resembles han seungyeon of kara
↪ 26 years / female / she/her/hers

sexuality / is into anyone, as long as she likes them
↪ do bother she's single but kind of busy to mingle
↪ hobbies include embroidery, horse riding, harp playing

as the crown princess of her kingdom, minha has a reputation for being strict, detached and maybe utterly terrifying. her duties come first, after all, and a proud, dignified princess screams "strong" more so than a soft, weak-willed one. she always seems quite put together and knows what she's doing — after all, she's diligent and hardworking, always writing away in her study. sure, she would become a fair ruler with a strong sense of justice, but her inability to express emotions might get in the way somehow.

being raised with the expectation of being a future ruler to a kingdom does not a healthy child raise. as one would expect, the importance of duty and family has been ingrained in her since the beginning, as well as the importance of never fucking up. of course, this has set some unrealistic expectations on herself by herself, but hey, what did you expect? honestly — she's just tired of everything now. being the crown princess loses its charms the moment you realise you'll never have a real childhood, or a proper relationship with your family — or with anyone, really. she just wants the whole rebel business to stop so she can take a break.

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