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message 1: by Maggie (last edited Oct 11, 2017 03:24PM) (new)

Maggie Haallo again!

If you have been wondering; yes, we are still having a G-N/Manga of the month. The rules are the same as for the book suggestions; you can suggest anything you'd like to read this month with all the rest of the team. If your suggestion is too explicit (18+) it'll be discarded. If you are not sure, you can suggest it and I will see it with you, as well as with the opinion from the others.

Have fun with this, and again; thank you all <3

Goal; hitting at least 7 suggestions! :)

G-N = Graphic Novel

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie I'll be first; I honestly want to suggest Vampire Knight Vampire Knight, Vol. 1 (Vampire Knight, #1) by Matsuri Hino
I've heard a lot of great things from it and I recently got (i dunno if it's the whole series or not) like 18 volumes of it so, I really want to get started haha!
Can't wait for your suggestions :3

message 4: by Maggie (new)

Maggie omg I'm so happy you suggested Wolf Children, it sounds like such a wonderful manga :3 I hope people will want to read that one

message 5: by BookAngels (new)

BookAngels (book_angels) I really want to read a manga so excited for this! I don’t know any to suggest any sadly guess I’ll have to rely on you all to pick a great one for us to read :)))

message 6: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Update: The Suggestions will be closed on the 25th of October for the poll :) Thank you

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