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message 1: by Gordon (last edited Oct 11, 2017 02:53PM) (new)

Gordon (skiiltan) | 2936 comments It won't let me post in the other place. Can I continue here?

After Tim...

Well, all this really told me was how much I love Closer. And I'd have given 5 points to The Eternal if someone had nominated it.

Passover - 5
Love Will Tear Us Apart - 4
Decades - 3
A Means To An End - 2
Atmosphere - 1

Atmosphere - 31
Shadowplay - 23
Love Will Tear Us Apart - 18
Twenty Four Hours - 22
Transmission - 12
Decades - 24
Colony (Peel)
Passover - 8
She's Lost Control - 21
Disorder - 9
New Dawn Fades - 15
Isolation - 6
Atrocity Exhibition - 9
A Means To An End - 7

message 2: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1445 comments I'll just post the link to the playlist here in case anyone hasn't voted yet. Voting closes tonight remember. Amazon have now deleted everyone's names so I don't know who nommed what song, the winners will need to step forward once the voting has closed to claim their prizes.

message 3: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5607 comments Mine is Love Will Tear Us Apart, but it's not looking likely a winner!

message 4: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 8586 comments Atmosphere is mine, Decades is tech, Atrocity I think is Brass, Shadowplay possibly Foe? Can't remember the rest

message 5: by Sera69 (last edited Oct 12, 2017 04:24AM) (new)

Sera69 | 1564 comments I'm in the running

Atmosphere - T. Franklin
Shadowplay - TheFoe
Love Will Tear Us Apart - theDuke
Twenty Four Hours - Gordon D
Transmission - Johnny Bee
Decades - Tech
Colony (Peel) - Notre_Shuggie
Passover - Sussex
She's Lost Control - Sera69
Disorder - Helen t'Melon
Glass - Val H
New Dawn Fades - Travel Fan (Gemma)
Isolation - Lez
Atrocity Exhibition - Brass
A Means To An End - SJ Brooke

message 6: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1445 comments There we go - we made it to the finishing line.

The winner this week, with a bit of a landslide, Atmosphere, Tim's nomination. Way behind in second place is Decades nommed by Tech, and just missing out on the silver is TheFoe's Shadowplay,

A couple of nil pointers there but we'll put that down the chaos of the last few days.

Next one coming up soon.

message 7: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6437 comments good stuff tim and foe. truly an extraordinary outfit, both their albums were monumental classics - was lucky enough to see them support the buzzcocks at the apollo - intense and powerful performance, at the end of which curtis appeared to 'lose control', them come to, leaving the stage mid-song never to return. of course, recently i learned that this was during a period when his epilepsy was poorly managed, and that he actually had a seizure that night!

message 8: by TheFoe (new)

TheFoe | 1996 comments Will get around to buying their albums one day, got their greatest hits but heard songs in this playlist that makes me want to explore more. Nice one tech, and deserved winner imo Tim. :-)

message 9: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 8586 comments A very strong field, so thanks to all who voted.

message 10: by Sj (new)

Sj Brooke | 2082 comments Yep congrats Tim and well done all for compiling a brilliant/sad playlist!
R.I.P. Ian Curtis

message 11: by suzysunshine7 (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14592 comments Damn! - I completely missed out on this in all of the Amazon upheaval ;o<

I came across Ian Curtis's Memorial Stone whilst taking a wander around Macclesfield Cemetery on Blue Badge Walk. It is a very small Curb stone amongst so many others that line the Path that takes you to the Chapel Of Remembrance, rather than being a Grave with a large Gravestone on it - and has sadly had to be replaced several times as a few obsessed (Fans?!) have actually had the sheer nerve and complete lack of respect towards both Ian and his family to prise loose the previous ones and then steal them!

According to the Guide who showed us around, it is not uncommon to come across very young Fans who have travelled halfway around the world just to visit this tiny Memorial. And because they tend to speak no English they often just unroll battered and travel-worn posters of Ian Curtis or sing a few lines to 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' to get directed to the spot they are searching for - which is rather appropriate as that was also what was chosen as his epitaph by his family as well ...


R.I.P. Ian Curtis ... x

message 12: by Sj (new)

Sj Brooke | 2082 comments awww Suzy...out of interest which JD track would you have nommed?

message 13: by suzysunshine7 (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14592 comments Hmmm? ... when I like so many I often find it extremely hard to try to put them into a favourites order for voting. I think perhaps I would probably have gone with 'Atmosphere'? - or 'Love Will Tear Apart'? - but then again? ... ! ;o>

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