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Burning Jealousy
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Help! Indie Historical Romance-Heroine almost burned alive as child. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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message 1: by Jenni (last edited Oct 12, 2017 02:48PM) (new)

Jenni J. (jsjacobs44) | 4 comments I'm not sure when this book was published but it was , I think, around 2010-2014, by either Liquid Silver publishing or New Concepts publishing (maybe?). Yes, I've searched their websites and still can't find it. I believe that it had Jealous in the title, but maybe not.
Plot: so the young heroine was a really beautiful child and her brother, when young was super protective of her. But there was a fire and it was believed that she died. Her maid though made it out barely alive with her and took her to her parents house where she was raised as a commoner (she was actually the daughter of a Lord or something). She grows up and applies to be the governess to two kids of the guy who lives right beside her now grown brother. She falls in love with her employer and it is found out that she is the sister they thought was dead and that the mother (or maybe step mother?) actually started the fire to kill her because the daughter was always the center of attention and I think the wife also killed the dad.

I've been looking for months for this book and would LOVE some help!! The cover I believe is of a lady with a field of flowers or large house her and it has lots of yellow on it I believe unless it's been re released and renamed since it was older. Please help!
Thank you!!!!

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Kris | 33468 comments Mod
Jenni, does the heroine realize she's from a wealthy family while growing up? Who raised her brother and is he wealthy?

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Jenni J. (jsjacobs44) | 4 comments The heroine does not realize that she's wealthy, she is raised by the family of the nanny who saved her from the fire that almost killed her when she was little.
The brother is wealthy and is raised by the mother (or step mother). He is still distraught over his sisters death but very happy over finding her when it is realized that she is, in fact, the daughter that was thought to be dead.

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Jenni J. (jsjacobs44) | 4 comments YAY! I finally found it within my external hard-drive. It's the book Burning Jealousy by Saydee Bennett. I highly suggest this book though I don't know if it's still being published anywhere.

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Kris | 33468 comments Mod
Great! Thanks for the update, Jenni.

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