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message 1: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Many Christians are afraid of the muslim threat - especially in Germany, where over a million refugees from Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan have stranded, many of them muslims. After playing sports with many of these refugees and getting to know them, they started to ask about our Christian faith and why we invested our time in them. We started a Bible study group, because the Quran asks muslims to study the holy scriptures, which include the 5 books of Moses and the 4 gospels as well as the psalms. It is a wonderful experience to talk to these people about Jesus, because they are deeply faithful - much more religious than your average German. And since they also believe in the God of Abraham, we pray with them and found that that's no problem.
Naturally, the people who come to our group are open minded and often have doubts about their faith, because of the terrible things the IS has done in their home countries. And yet it took me by surprise that we could pray together! Whenever I tell people in church about that, they shy away from the thought.
So I'd like to know how it is in other countries, other denominations and churches. Would you pray with a muslim?

message 2: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments I would pray for a Muslim to trust alone in Jesus Christ for their salvation. The "Jesus" they believe in is not the same Jesus as is revealed in Bible.

message 3: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Yes, that's absolutely true. To them, Jesus is a great prophet, but they cannot understand the riddle of the cross.
But doesn't it show our respect for their faith in Jesus' Father if we pray with them?

message 4: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments It depends on who you're praying to. Many feel (as do I) that it is untrue that Allah and Yahweh are the same God. It all boils down to Jesus Christ, who is Immanuel ("God with us"). If they don't believe in the whole gospel, they believe in none of it.

Showing compassion is VERY important (bravo for that!), but I advise caution about who you're praying to. The real God won't allow any other gods before Him.

message 5: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments From what I have learned lately, Allah is simply a translation for the word "God", and not the name of a deity. As for caution - I will always pray to my saviour, no matter who the people around me pray to.
I believe that the people we have met here are on a spiritual journey. It is true that they do not believe the whole gospel - yet - but if I do not respect the faith they already have, they will not want to travel with me.

message 6: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments I agree, Annette. But equal respect isn't the same as equal truth. All of us should be proclaiming the gospel to a lost world. I commend you for engaging non-followers of Christ. May God greatly bless your efforts!

message 7: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Thank you! We'll meet again tomorrow, so if you have a minute to pray for us - I do so wish they will find the truth!

message 8: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments Count on my prayers!

message 9: by Lewis (new)

Lewis McIntyre | 4 comments I have prayed with my Muslim friend Bilal and his Saudi wife Sadia, Christian grace before our dinner, holding hands... though not with her, not in her Saudi tradition. And I observed him make his evening prayer before dinner. I pointed the direction to north so he could orient his prayer rug to Mecca. And we have had many enjoyable discussions about the similarities, and differences, in our two faiths.

Considering that many Christians have problems just making the sign of the cross in public among non-Christians, I have to admire the faith of one who prays publicly as he does.

message 10: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Our Christian Jesus is blasphemous to them. The Quran says that associating anything with allah (or giving him a son) is a hellworthy unforgivable sin.

Love them as people, converse with them as religious journeyers and scholars, but always remember that they are in a brutally violent barbaric Cult founded on lust and pride.

Allah is indeed their demon moon god. Best not to pray to him. ( I suggest reading the Quran and discussing it with them - many parts of it embarrasses and confuses them. Stuff they seldom contemplate)

message 11: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Rod, I am familiar with the things you state, but there's one thing I'd like to add: Muslims are as diverse in their faith as Christians are. There are people who really believe in the God of Abraham and are filled with the deepest respect for Jesus as a great prophet. And there are those who will spit in your face if you say the name of Jesus aloud - and anything inbetween.
The greatest problem for them is that they are required to read the Quran in Arabic - no matter whether they speak Arabic or not. So most muslims are dependent on what their Imam tells them - and you know how desastrous that is. Just look at some of the stuff that is preached in Christian churches and you think: If people would read the Bible they would KNOW this guy is fooling them. That's the reason why ridiculous teachings can gain such power over muslims. Many of them are forbidden to question their Imam.
And there are Muslims who became Christians because of the things written about Jesus in the Quran!

message 12: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments I hear what Annette is saying. Rod also. Complicating the matter is that Muslims are ruled more by the Hadith than the Quran. This allows the Imam's to teach pretty much anything they like.

message 13: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments We have a young muslim living with us. He loves God and strives with all his heart to do what is right. But he cannot accept Jesus, because Jesus's suffering on the cross is so shameful! No God in his right mind would allow that. Last year I talked to him about Mary and how Joseph treated her. "Why didn't Joseph separate from Mary? He should have killed her, because she shamed him. That's our law." I said "Yes, it was the Jews law as well. But God told him to be merciful with her. And his reason was love." It stunned him. It also stunned him that we opened our house to him, our family, for no other reason than love. I know he is completely torn between what he learned as a child and what he is faced with now. It is such a big step for him to turn to Christ. Never before did I understand how big that step is for a muslim. Most of them know that they will no longer have a family if they convert. They will be persecuted by their own friends. I talked to one young man who had to flee Iran because his own father had found out that he turned Christian and wanted to kill him. It's crazy.

message 14: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments The book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" by the recently deceased Nabeel Qureshi is one of the best books I've ever read. Would your young roommate consider reading it?

message 15: by Robert (new)

Robert Core | 1864 comments Annette - God bless your mission! It isn't important to win religious debates (although I admit to dueling my hardest), only to plant the seed of Jesus' reality into the mind of the potential convert. The Lord will take it from there if the individual is meant to enter the fold. What is more important for you is to remain firm that Christianity, as our Faith demands, is the ONLY true way, truth, and life. Other faiths may give their flocks some earthly comfort, but there is only ONE God - that of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

message 16: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle Yes, comically- Muslims are as illiterate and non-theological about the Quran as most church goers are about the Bible. But it seems the hardcore Imam's always win. I never see two Muslims argue the way I see endless Christians slapping each other theologically.

The Hadiths are indeed cherry picked.

Always remember: allah locks up His sexual Houris in paradise. Why? The Quran doesn't say. This is the very heart of allah and Islam and Muhammad. Makes me curious why Islam even has women followers.

message 17: by Rod (new)

Rod Horncastle The secret is: to keep talking as friends.

message 18: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Wade wrote: "The book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" by the recently deceased Nabeel Qureshi is one of the best books I've ever read. Would your young roommate consider reading it?"

He might. I'd have to ask him. He's not much of a reader, but I think he might go for it. I know he is following religious discussions on the internet. I could give it to him for Christmas.

message 19: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments Rod, I think the reason muslims don't discuss religion so much is because of this "eat or die" attitude of the Imams. When we started out our Bible study group, all of them would sit there and listen - very attentively - to what my husband was telling them. For almost a year we encouraged them to ask questions or discuss things or contradict us before they finally started doing it. Now we sometimes sit there in the midst of 6-8 guys all talking at once in Farsi and wonder if they are still friends. It took forever for them to build up the trust to actually state their beliefs. We have both muslim and Christian refugees coming to the group, which is quite amazing in itself.

message 20: by Annette (new)

Annette Spratte (lenneaenne) | 30 comments And yes, you have to stay friends. That's the most important thing. Because Christianity isn't so much a religion. It's the personal relationship with a living God.

message 21: by Wade (new)

Wade J. | 177 comments Annette .. quick note ... the "Seeking" book is also on MP3, which is how I read the book. It's narrated by Nabeel himself (God rest his soul).

Another thing to remember is that while it's true that not all Muslims believe in the radicalization taught by several Imams, Islam itself is NOT a religion of peace. Let me repeat. Not all Muslims believe in jihad, but their religion most assuredly does. Therefore, those who are peace-minded are very open to the gospel, even if it's reluctantly.

Keep up the good work in serving our Father!

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