Should Veronica Have Not Killed Tris?

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message 1: by becca (new)

becca | 14 comments Comment what you think!!

message 2: by Bubbles (new)

Bubbles (divergentbubble) | 7 comments I mean, I seriously miss Tris. I wish Veronica could have done something different with the ending. I cried so much. Although I feel like this way the ending was really emotional and memorable.

message 3: by Mikahla (new)

Mikahla | 1 comments NO. She should have had tris live and not die

message 4: by Gabby (new)

Gabby (gabby24) | 2 comments Tris deserves to live.

message 5: by Jahnavi (last edited Jul 21, 2019 09:49PM) (new)

Jahnavi | 2 comments Mikahla wrote: "NO. She should have had tris live and not die"

If you say so. Why don't you post an alternate ending where tris doesn't die but remains a hero? That would quench all our thirsts.

message 6: by Roni (new)

Roni | 6 comments I think Tris should live.

message 7: by Abby (new)

Abby (abby_kronenberg) | 1 comments As much as I wish she lived and got her happy ending, I see why Veronica decided to kill her. It makes the ending so much more powerful and memorable. It makes the readers remember the series more and makes these books stick out in your heart. It also really added to Tobias’s character development. I really couldn’t imagine the series ending any other way at this point.

Keira The Superpig Tris needed to stay alive. SHE IS THE MAIN CHARACTER!

message 9: by Fandom (new)

Fandom Queen | 3 comments I honestly believe that Tris should not have died. She was the main character and a good one, although I dont have evidence to back this up, that is still my opinion.

message 10: by Deepika (new)

Deepika Tris shouldn't have died! She is the main character!

message 11: by Nolita (new)

Nolita Sapraliyeva | 5 comments Tris shouldn't have died.
She's the main character and she saved everyone.
I was mostly heartbroken by Tobias .

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